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Friday Highlight January 18th - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 446 EA Community Manager
Sul sul!!
How was your week Simmers? :)

The Sims Alexa Skill released this week, so I know some of you have been playing trivia and listening to more The Sims music than usual ;) We also announced that The Sims 4 Get Famous will arrive to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 12, and on the forums, we welcomed a new member to the team: @EA_Rtas - his intro post is here if you want to know more about him!

All in all, my week was quite busy! So allow me to illustrate this week's Friday Highlight with a screenshot I find very relaxing. It reminds me of Summer holidays, sun and calm.

The Palm Oasis, by @mcrudd - Available for download here, she is getting ready to celebre 600 Gallery followers!

Now that we all are in a relaxed weekend mood, or thinking that I may have lost my mind a bit, let's get started with what you really came here for!
  • Continuing with the Summer theme - you can find several astonishing houses by visiting this thread by @KateEmerald : 'Kate Emerald's showcase | Creative builds without CC'. In case a relaxing park was not enough, I'm sure your Sims wouldn't mind spending their holidays in one of these lots ;)
  • And while you are placing new lots, you might want to check @QueenofMyshuno's topic, where she asks us all 'How do you use your neighborhoods?'. I was unaware so many neighbourhood overhauls happened in your games! :smiley:
  • Let's now move to The Sims 3! Remember blueprints? They can help build faster - same idea than with styled rooms. I always wondered how much you used this feature for your day to day building - never too late to find out! @emorrill asks us all in a poll with a simple and to the point title: 'Blueprints'.
  • 'But Mai, is it all about build mode today?', Mai is telepathic now! ;) Don't close the page yet! For all of you Live Mode lovers, @Beardedgeek opened a discussion to share their tendency to restart the game very often. And they are not alone! A condition that will be called 'restartitis' from now on. Check out the topic here: 'I hate suffering from restartitis'. Feels familiar?
  • And last but not least... let me redirect your attention to a discussion which, while not new, totally deserves a visit as well: 'Last Sim you created', by @take0nme! Opened long time ago, this topic invites you to share a picture of the last Sim you created, and it contains a big collection of Sims that are a great show of the creativity of this community!

This is all from me as a wrap up for this week!

Happy simming weekend!

PS. @EA_Rtas, yes, I'm talking to you @EA_Rtas - no matter how many tags you get in this topic @EA_Rtas, you are not allowed to answer this thread until you choose a new avatar! >:)


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