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Alexa, Play The Sims



  • issynoonaissynoona Posts: 5 New Member
    mmh, not sure about this
  • Captain_CCaptain_C Posts: 111 Member
    It's okay to be unsure and overwhelmed! :D

    That's how the best learning is done. But I am interested why you are unsure issnoona. :open_mouth:
    Until next time!

    Take care all!

    - C

  • Search_BeyondSearch_Beyond Posts: 5 New Member
    This sounds cool lol I've already bought an Alexa for my sims :)
  • AlvareAlvare Posts: 20 Member
    I wonder if there are times Alexa will turn evil?...
  • TheLostNightshadeTheLostNightshade Posts: 33 Member
    Now all I need to do is buy some Sims merchandise, and I'll be set. (And get an Echo, of course)

    I also wonder if maybe even Cortana or Google Assistant could have a skill similar to this...
    What? You-- I-- That doesn't even make any sense! Of course, Miles and Kiki have a great sibling selfie.

    TheLostNightshade: My best fwiend.
  • alexa426alexa426 Posts: 54 Member
    wow just another thing for people to make fun of me with
  • storyystoryy Posts: 102 Member
    alexa426 wrote: »
    wow just another thing for people to make fun of me with
    :# Big mood.
    My stories will be on Twitter, @SimsStoryy! (still starting out, so it's rather bare at the moment <3)
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 82,170 Member
    Has this black screened your Echo Show when you get to the 20th question? Happened to me though she would still answer questions and I could answer. At question 23 Alexa went silent. I think the Skill Crashed.

  • Frfly072Frfly072 Posts: 9 New Member
    Can the Lin-z be friends with the very fancy toilet?
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