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Legacy Island 3 Hidden Island Spoilers

Hi, Not sure where to put this, but I have a question about the custom world Legacy Island 3, has anyone found all the hidden islands there and can anyone give me spoilers to find them. I really would like to find them all.


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,392 Member
    Hi :)
    They're the standards IP hidden islands. The mermaid island, finding the maps, diver's reward... top resort. All those. :)
  • carlystur03carlystur03 Posts: 427 Member
    SimsVIP has a guide for those islands if you google SimsVIP Island Paradise Guide. I'm sure you can find it. :smile:
  • christinarikechristinarike Posts: 7 New Member
    Does finding them all unlock the grand explorer lifetime wish?
  • EA_JozEA_Joz Posts: 3,164 EA Moderator
    Hello everyone! Please remember that necroposting is against the forum rules. Please make sure you take a look at our rules and guidelines:

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