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i have a question to ask about sims3 EP Limited edition

Wyx2830Wyx2830 Posts: 85 Member
edited January 31 in Expansion Packs
i wanna know how much the EP limited edition of the Sims3, i heard about the Limited Edition have some official objects only the limited version can have them,
Some situation i purchased it but just got only three edition(Show time/University and Seasons)
i really want to collect all of the limited edition EP! Or upgrade standard to limited edition

★last additional:the most better way is Once you have the anyone of the eleven Limited edition Expansion pack,they can through the origin access free to upgrade all standard version left(no matter is Basic or Premier) to limited edition anytime!this the simply best way to collect it done!nothing else!of course this actually prepare for Who can't collect complete players Wishes★
if this avaliable,please send a sims4 news to announce sims3 decade celebration year!
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