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Always night in worlds mod or Custom world

Hi there! I'm looking for a mod that makes the world forever night, like Forgotten Hollow.
I had tried Underworlds: Eternal Night in any World by TwistedMexi, but it's out of date and not working for the latest patches.
Either a mod or a custom world would be good. I just want a place to put some custom builds I've found, that don't look good in non-Forgotten Hollow settings, but Forgotten Hallow is just to small >.<
If anyone knows of something that can help me, please let me know! Thank you so much!!


  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 4,713 Member
    Do you have the 7/6/18 version that includes Brindleton Bay from TwistedMexi's paetron (the mod is free) or are you using the 2017 version from Mod the Sims?

    @TwistedMexican will you be doing a Get Famous update for this Mod?
  • HavenHaven Posts: 35 Member
    I was trying the mod the sims one, but then I saw the date on it, when I went back and the December(?) Update so moods needed to be updated to work
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