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Is this a known glitch..? (build mode; tomb creating)

JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 21,542 Member
I'm building a tomb and obviously you need to use the ctrl-shift-left mouse click a lot to set and link objects. I notice that this frequently stops working after choosing "Add the ability to add triggers and behaviors". I can click and get options when I click on other objects, but the object I enabled this for won't work anymore (no options). Is there a faster way than closing the entire game and restart it to solve this problem :s (then it works again)?

While searching for a solution I found this page by the way and it says First things first: you can only make a tomb in a foreign country. Could that be the problem? I'm building it in Lucky Palms and it's meant to be placed in a custom world (RFlong's creating at the moment). I built one tomb before and I used a China save to do it in back then. I don't remember having this issue back then, that's for sure...


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