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Just out of curiosity, what are the ages of all the Simmers out there?

divanthesimmerdivanthesimmer Posts: 1,194 Member
edited January 2019 in The Sims (2000)
PLEASE NOTE: I started this thread first, but I created an exact one again in the TS4 section. More people voted and commented there, so rather visit that one instead. Here it is: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/954037/just-out-of-curiosity-what-are-the-ages-of-all-the-simmers-out-there/p1

Just out of curiosity, what are the ages of all the Simmers out there? 85 votes

13-19 Years of Age
mariajane216dobber321YuriTheCreatorCatsRuleMindsimscreateCheetahAlyssatwincentaurssaysay_playssims 8 votes
20-39 Years of Age
auroraael14Bluefairy286Emily4331Isb917WillowG145LamiriaMagdaleenaJessabeansmoltazia3fansforeverScarbo27DarkLady2788albertabrncakuheikomatsuAlwe1507Cary1213Babykittyjadekittymeowboredbeauty111vickyloo 60 votes
40-59 Years of Age
pisceschick75Rflong7dimp10lisamwittmcruddBloosmooAnmirlaFairyGodMotherduhboy2u2GorgeoiousKathykinsEricasFreePlayBessieboo 13 votes
GageaSimsister2004Jendowoz0612Destin2016 4 votes
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  • BessiebooBessieboo Posts: 197 Member
    40-59 Years of Age
    I'm almost 50. I first played the Nintendo D's version with my daughter and when she got the sims 2 for PC I used to design houses for her and that's when I became hooked. I used to like to design houses on squared paper so it was amazing to seem in 3D and come to life.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,013 Member
    edited January 2019
    20-39 Years of Age
    I'm almost 30 and have been playing the game since the first game. You're never too old for Sims! :)
  • pisceschick75pisceschick75 Posts: 479 Member
    40-59 Years of Age
    I am in that yellow age bracket...my username can give you a clue as to how old I am. I will celebrate a birthday next month. Anyway, my sister-in-law introduced me to the original game in 2000...and I haven't looked back. Although...I did stop at TS3...I did try TS4...not my cup of tea.
    Is there a support group for Simming Addiction? I think I need it... :p
  • MindsimscreateMindsimscreate Posts: 414 Member
    13-19 Years of Age
    I’m young, yes, but have been playing sims for a year now and absolutely love it!! I am addicted to sims and play 4-5 hours a week whereas most kids my age play fortnite non-stop
  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    Well I’m 12.
  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    I’ve played the sims 4 for 2 years now.
  • Scarbo27Scarbo27 Posts: 125 Member
    edited February 2019
    20-39 Years of Age
    I'm 26. I've been playing since I was 11 when my childhood best friend first showed me the game disc of the Sims 1 in 2003, I fell in love instantly with the game. I still remember how much fun I had playing Makin' Magic and Hot Date with her after school, those 2 expansion packs still have a special place in my heart.

    She moved on to other simulation games but I couldn't, I spent my pocket money to buy all the packs except Seasons (I couldn't find any copy in retail at the time) for the Sims 2, I remember the excitement I felt for every single pack that I bought on my own at 13, 14 y.o. after saving enough money to buy one.
  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,352 Member
    40-59 Years of Age
    I'm not surprised by the answers, given when Sims came out. I just turned 40 a week ago. I've been playing Sims since 2000, though I really started with SimCity in the early 90's.
  • Nukagirl26Nukagirl26 Posts: 1 New Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    I'm 27 and I think I had my sims 4 for only maybe I think a year or two..my sister played it first..and I use to scuff at her about it jokingly lol..now I stay on the hunt for playstore sales on packs!!
  • miandallasmiandallas Posts: 22 Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    I'm 34... I started playing The Sims in 2001, but I've been playing SimCity long before then... I think I've played every iteration except for the Sims 3 & 4 console versions...
  • tarcottitarcotti Posts: 20 Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    33! Almost 34...Played the first sims when it came out in 2001 and kept getting the expansion packs for birthdays. I played a little of Sim city on facebook when that was around. I haven't played current versions of the Sims, I'm wondering if they are just as fun as the old ones.
  • AnnieMarieAnnieMarie Posts: 5 New Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    28 here. I've been playing since I was a kid.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 1,698 Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    27. Been playing for years. Started with TS2 and console (no wait, it was the Urbz first) and TS3 on my laptop.
  • twincentaurstwincentaurs Posts: 4 New Member
    13-19 Years of Age
    I'm 19, have been playing the various sims games since I was around 10.
  • damselstonedamselstone Posts: 21 Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    This is an interesting poll. I'm 27 and have been playing since TS1 came out (can't remember if I got it in 2000 or 2001...), but yeah I've pretty much been hooked since then. I'm still playing TS3 regularly.
  • saysay_playssimssaysay_playssims Posts: 7 New Member
    13-19 Years of Age
    Just turned 18 last month. This year I decided to play the Sims 4 after watching YouTube videos of people playing it, and I thought it would be fun (I was NEVER the gamer type before). I was not wrong! It's so addicting. Glad I purchased it 😊
  • daisy1989daisy1989 Posts: 85 Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    I'm 30 and have been playing ever since I got The Sims: Unleashed for Christmas :) I used to love playing the various Sims PS2 games as well
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  • amberlunezamberlunez Posts: 10 New Member
    20-39 Years of Age
    I'm turning 28 this year and have been playing sims since the original! my favorite will always be ts3 but each generation has a special place in my heart.
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