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How to adopt wild horses

OksnevadOksnevad Posts: 2 New Member
edited January 2019 in Expansion Packs
I really wanting to adopt the a wild horse, not just cheating my way to it.. because of the skulle journal in riding. I litterly tried everything! Im best friends with all of the wild horses, riding skill is 10. Won several competitions.. i watched them 100 times, but they wont let me near them. They wont sniff my hand, they wont let me feed them or pet them. I tried with Apples, biscuts and carrots, im loosing my mind over this😩😂 can anyone help??

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  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,912 Member
    edited January 2019
    Hi @Oksnevad I have adopted horses and unicorns and not had this happen. After the first couple, I may have cheated on relationship or simply added them to household because I can be impatient and may not have been up to the challenge any longer :D but I have done it legitimately, also, and never had the situation where I couldn't advance in my interactions with the horses. So, I went looking for other problems people have had and found only information from many years ago where this did occur. What I didn't find was a definitive answer. Some mentioned that there was actually a space or terrain problem interfering with the horse being able to interact with the sim, as in there was no flat area large enough near the horse where the interactions could take place. Some mentioned that they did better if they interacted with the horse in an area of the world that was not a lot.

    So, starting with what those things bring to mind, here are a few things to look at:

    (1) Since all the discussions were years ago, I wondered if it was fixed in a patch. While I think it's unlikely your game isn't patched beyond that point, what is your patch level?

    (2) What world are you playing in? Is the ground in the area flat or hilly/uneven? Is it on a lot, and if so, is it large and does it offer a lot of room to move around?

    (3) Not related to what I found, but how many sims - humanoid and also pets are in your household? If your household is full, you wouldn't be able to add the horse, at least not without a mod. (This probably isn't the issue - or at least not the only issue - because I think it would only interfere with the adoption not with being able to do other interactions with them.)

    (4) Also not related to above, but speaking of mods, do you use either mods that affect game play or custom content, and if so, what are you using? I personally probably won't know if those things are affecting your experience, but someone else here probably does.
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