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Would you buy the Sims 5 if it came out in 2020?


  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 479 Member
    If the base game is great.
    Just let Sims 4 end already,EA...end Sims 4 in 2020 and give us Sims 5. I'll be glad to buy Sims 5 if the base game includes multi-purpose lots(not like the pathetic joke you call Generic lots), pets,apartments and a GOOD community area(not just ❤️❤️❤️❤️ bars/lounges/nightclubs)...I'm talking about police departmets,fire departments,arcades,communty centers,libraries,eateries,etc. The sims in Sims 5 should eat quickly,just like the sims on Sims 1 did,and there should be cars,CAW and a horoscope in there,too,as well as basements,pools,toddlers home-schooling and ghosts. If CAW isn't put in,then at least allow us to change the names of the default worlds..if we can change lot names,then we should be allowed to change the boring world names as well.Speaking of worlds,Sims 5 should have worlds that don't have so many bodies of waters in them/be a world bordering the ocean. Sims 5 should at least have 1 or 2 different worlds that have hardly any water them.

    As for the CAS.we should be able to choose from making humans or non-humans(anthro animals,vampires,aliens,robots,cyborgs,etc),and we should be able to give our sims personalities that work.

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  • frog211frog211 Posts: 110 Member
    When it goes on sale or the price is reduced.
    perhaps, but only if its cheap enough
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 536 Member
    If the base game is great.
    But to be honest, I'll probably wait until several expansions are released so I can buy them in a bundle (if the game is any good).
    I didn't get Sims 3 until the Sims 4 came out and I didn't get Sims 4 until vampires and toddlers came out, so I will probably wait a little while before I buy a Sims 5 game.

  • JennyNoelleJennyNoelle Posts: 21 Member
    When it goes on sale or the price is reduced.
    Maybe, but only once it goes on sale.

    I like The Sims 4, and hope it goes on for longer.
    There's still so much more to be added: more supernaturals (witches, werewolves, fairies, mermaids, etc.), more vacation game packs (including a tropical world), a university or education pack, horses and farm animals, a create-a-world tool of some kind...
    I just don't see it ending anytime soon.
  • Reallysoawkward23Reallysoawkward23 Posts: 159 Member
    If the base game is great.
    I’m not really ready for sims 5 because I’m still enjoying 4 and wanting more content. I hate the idea of getting a new game while the old one still feels fresh. Honestly when 4 came out, I was ready bc 3 was laggy and frustrating for me. That said, if the base game for 5 is amazing, I’ll buy it. But that would mean it would have to be a significant improvement over what we have now, and I don’t see that happening. The move from 1 to 2 to 3 felt monumental. What can they do to make the switch from 4 to 5 feel the same way?
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,338 Member
    If the base game is great.
    What can they do to make the switch from 4 to 5 feel the same way?

    If they can pull off height sliders and gradual aging, that would do it for me. :D

    Or if the base game had cats+dogs and/or weather for the first time
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  • catitude5catitude5 Posts: 2,536 Member
    If the base game is great.
    It would depend on if it was better than sims 4. If it's the same or worse, why bother?
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,841 Member
    Heck yeah!
    all I can say is even if I said in the poll that I would buy the sims5 all we can do at this stage is wait and see and be on the lookout for the 2019 ea play and 2019 g3 to see if they will announce the sims5
    If you went the sims5 to remain offline feel free to sign this petition please note that it is also to keep the gallery

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  • mikamika Posts: 1,672 Member
    If the base game is great.
    Only if the base game has significantly more content than the Sims 4 did. I dont think there will be a Sims 5 in 2020 considering TS4 is still incomplete and missing content TS3 had when it ended
  • CheetahAlyssaCheetahAlyssa Posts: 345 Member
    If the base game is great.
    I would probably watch some simmers play it first, and then buy it if it seems worth my money. I'm still not super satisfied with the Sims 4 right now though, so I have low expectations.
    A Part Of The Journey Is The End
  • TropicanaCatTropicanaCat Posts: 93 Member
    If the base game is great.
    It depends what the base game would be like, I felt Sims 4 launched incredibly bare bones, and I tired of it quickly. Sims 4 has added a few things that I like, but the game still feels fairly shallow. Sims 5 would need to have more content from the start and be more engaging. I would like a more in depth personality traits for my Sims, traits that actually make me feel like I'm playing different Sims. I would like Sims 5 to include some of the great changes that game in 2, 3 and 4, and just build on it. Sims 4 was the first Sims game I held off on buying and playing. My hope is that they take all of the negative feedback 4 has gotten and avoid recreating those portions of the game.
  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 327 Member
    If the base game is great.
    I usually buy new versions of sims games when they come out, normally a month or so after release.

    If the base game was getting incredible reviews, if I loved the graphics, if the gameplay looked amazing, and if the content At Launch was enough to keep me busy for several months, then I'd go ahead and get it.

    Otherwise, I'd keep playing sims 4, and wait until I see a few expansion packs or patches come out with things I cared about.
  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 327 Member
    If the base game is great.
    > @Lady_Ballora said:
    > As for the CAS.we should be able to choose from making humans or non-humans(anthro animals,vampires,aliens,robots,cyborgs,etc),and we should be able to give our sims personalities that work.

    I'd love to have supernatural sims at launch. Vamps, werewolves (or other werecreatures), aliens, robots, witches, etc would be a great way to keep early gameplay fresh and fun without having to wait years to spice up towns.
  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,602 Member
    If the base game is great.

    If we get 4 EP's by then, We would most likely have all we want in Sims 4. Hoping for 4 New Worlds. That's a long time. I can see them announcing Sims 5 after Christmas in 2020, or after Christmas 2019. I like more than one game to hang out in.

    Get Famous was a disappointment when I saw the title. But it was something about *Get Famous* that made you want that EP anyway. Maybe the furniture. But when I got Get Famous I loved it, it's such a fun EP. So my trust is back in EA/Maxis. So The end of 2020 would be right on time for me.
    If they have come up with something great to make the world of simmers happy, why hold back?
    Regretting not buying all the Sims 3 packs when they were on sale. :s
    (Q) Which pack do I regret most buying?
    (A) Sims 4 base game.
  • purisu02purisu02 Posts: 21 Member
    I have to check out TS5 official trailer before I decide. Has it released yet?
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,670 Member
    Heck No!
    purisu02 wrote: »
    I have to check out TS5 official trailer before I decide. Has it released yet?

    No. TS5 likely won't come out until 2022. We're still a ways off.
  • CorenrenCorenren Posts: 592 Member
    When it goes on sale or the price is reduced.
    I am still enjoying the sims 4. If the sims 5 came out I would definitely wait until it came one sale to purchase, possibly even longer than that.
  • SAEldarinSAEldarin Posts: 395 Member
    Heck No!
    I voted "Heck No!" because I do not want to "start over" with a deprived base game yet again. I considered voting "if the base game were great," but what really are the odds of that? I've been playing since TS2 and each time it's been the same thing -- I dare not hope that TS5 would actually start with any semblance of cohesion (there's always some important aspect of the game missing that we wait years on and then only after spending so much more money).

    Now, if TS5's base game were an actual "base" -- with every life and educational stage (don't they usually go hand-in-hand anyway???), Seasons, believable transportation, careers, fleshed-out relationships, etc. -- I'd happily spend money on game packs and expansions that take The Sims to a new level we never get to experience. Really, you aren't "guaranteeing" success of a game by repeating the former development model. I think people expect more these days, yet The Sims is a unique franchise, so players might be limited in looking elsewhere for a similar experience. Still, a tight, cohesive base game would only enhance a variety of expansions and packs that, in theory at least, have a chance to set TS5 apart from its predecessors.

  • ZelexPower2PCZelexPower2PC Posts: 24 Member
    When it goes on sale or the price is reduced.
    Maybe. But I most likely won't get it because there is not enough time in a day and I just like Sims 3 and Sims 4. And spent too much time on them. Plus I would wait for all or most the packs for Sims 5 to come out to determine if I would ever buy it.
  • Bubben1177Bubben1177 Posts: 1 New Member
    Heck yeah!
    Probably, because i thought to myself when the sims 4 came out like"i won't buy it, i am happy with TS3". A few days after it came out i bought because it looked like so much fun. I have a feeling the same thing will happen with TS5, if it is not TOOO expensive of course :)
  • Bagoas77Bagoas77 Posts: 3,064 Member
    If the base game is great.
    Ts4 was disappointing and not really enjoyable for me. I definitely won't be pre-ordering or paying full price (thank you ts4 for breaking me from that habit), but I look forward to eventually seeing if ts5 will capture my interest like ts2 and ts3 did.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,555 Member
    Well it's not coming out in 2020 but if it did.. No!
    I want University, Swimmable Beaches, Witches and other Supernaturals/Lifestates. I want a Farm pack that while not confirmed was polled about. I want more activities and hobbies for my sims. I want more romance and options for that also. I want some things never before done for the current series also. I'm not even sure what I want will fit into the "at least" time frame we have been assured of by SimGuruGrant.
    So no I'd have to wait it out if it were released at that time and hold a grudge for awhile before caving in maybe.. maybe not.
    Good thing that's not gonna happen.
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 3,206 Member
    Not right away, I've already sunk a lot of money into S4 between buying all the DLC and a new desktop computer to handle it all. I haven't fully played every aspect of this iteration yet, I'm in no rush to plunk down more cash on a new one.
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 88,483 Member
    Heck yeah!
    Some of you are looking forward to the next series of the Sims and some of you are playing the Sims 4 and hoping that it will be complete before the Sims 5 is put out on the shelves.
    There is a lot of speculation on when the Sims 5 will be announced and when it will come out but the consensus seems to point towards sometime in 2020.
    I am curious if people will buy it when it comes out or hold back or forego it altogether and stick to Sims iteration that makes them happy.


    I really wish that they would release Sims 5 in 2020 and still release Sims 4 Packs for 3 years out. I"d buy the Sims 5 and it's pack and the Sims 4 packs.

  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 6,053 Member
    If the base game is great.
    If the game looks fun then I would absolutely buy it. Typically even the bad Maxis games have some redeeming qualities that make them playable for at least enough time for me to put it down and not feel ripped off.
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