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The Cowboy and the Mermaid


  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight and Lorelei are up early the next morning. Dwight uses the computer to find homes that are for sell and makes a list. They head out to the first one on the list. It looks too modern for Dwight and Lorelei thinks it is not close enough to the ocean. It is scratched off the list.

    The next house meets some of the requirements for both of them. It has large rooms. It is not as close to the ocean as Lorelei would like it to be. It does have a pool. They put a question mark by it.

    They next one they look at seems perfect, large rooms, already has some kid things in the yard. They walk around the yard and it is further away from the ocean then the second one. There is still another house on the list and Dwight will go to that one alone, as Lorelei has an appointment at the spa.

    Lorelei kisses Dwight goodbye and leaves on her bike. She is meeting Pearl at the spa. She wants a deep tissue massage to help with those back aches.

    Dwight arrives at the next house. It looks like a fairly new construction. The landscaping is still in progress. It certainly looks large enough from the outside. He walks around the back and the house is practically built on the ocean.

    He sends a text to Lorelei. "Found it." He gave her the address and tells her to come as soon as she is done. In the meantime he is so sure this is the one, he calls the realtor to find out about the house. With his insurance money and Lorelei's inheritance they can easily afford the house. He tells the realtor he is pretty sure his wife will love the house, but will call him back shortly.

    Lorelei gets the text as soon as she leaves the spa. She gets on her bike and rides to the house.

    He meets her out front. "It is beautiful!" she tells him.
    "Wait til you see the back."

    "This is amazing. It's like someone built my dream house down to almost the last detail. Can we get inside?
    Dwight tells her the realtor is waiting for his call. They walk up to the house to await the realtor. They have a tour of the inside of the house and Lorelei agrees with Dwight. "It's perfect inside and out." The realtor is surprised when they tell him they are moving in tomorrow, but, he works well into the night on the paper work and makes it happen for them. He knows he is making a large percentage from this sale.

    Dwight and Lorelei take one last walk out to the back before going back home to pack. They are both happy and excited to be moving into this new home.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,410 Member
    Beautiful home!
    The Sequel: Part 4

  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,912 Member
    Wow that house is huge!! And the sims are lucky to always have money. :D :D

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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member

    @ZeeGee Thanks!

    @KevinL5275 Thank goodness for insurance settlements and inheritances!
  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 973 Member
    I recently just binged on the whole story and I gotta say I loved it. I kinda hoped they would have woohooed accidentally.. earlier.. Good story!
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member
    @queenvortex808 Thanks for reading and the comments. Much appreciated. It was a close thing as I am letting them have full autonomy except for when I need pictures or need them to earn money! :) I interrupted risky woohoo on the queue a few times to send Lorelei hunting shells or Dwight jogging.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Before too much longer Dwight, with a little help from his buddy, had everything packed up from the little house and in a moving van. As much as Lorelei loved her first little house, she didn't even look back. She is only looking forward in her life now. When they arrive at their new home, Dwight has Lorelei sit in the new rocking chair he bought the day before and delivered to the house himself. He and his friend and a few others that offered to help the couple unloaded the furniture. Lorelei directs them as to where to place the furniture and pictures. She and Dwight had spent the day before shopping at the local stores for additional furniture for their new home. Those items arrive and Lorelei directs the delivery men where to put each one of the new items.

    Dwight and Lorelei share a kiss in the foyer of their new home just after the friends and delivery men leave. By this time of the day Lorelei needs to hydrate so she went out to the pool while Dwight fixes them some supper. Dwight decides to make something special so he tries the egg rolls remembering how much Lorelei enjoyed them on their honeymoon. He had bought the recipe and thought he could make them easily.

    "I knew I should have had them send the fortune cookie making machine. We didn't have room in the little house, but, we sure do here."
    "You can always order it and have it shipped, or we can go back for a visit after the baby is born. These egg rolls are just as good as what we had on our honeymoon."
    "I'm so happy you are enjoying them."

    After supper they set outside on the pier talking about the new house and babies and love.
    "We should have a party and invite all our friends before the baby comes."
    "Are you sure that won't be too much for you? I'll help of course, but, I don't want you to do too much or get too tired."
    "I'm pregnant honey, not sick. Don't worry so much, ok?"
    "I'll try, this is all so new to me. I know what happens with pregnant mares, but this is you my love and our baby. I think it must be natural for fathers to worry. I love you and want to protect you and the baby."
    Lorelei laughs, "I'm starting to feel like a whale as this baby grows, but I sure don't want to be pregnant as long as whales or mares are!"

    As they sun sets they walk up to the pool area and decide to relax in the hot tub. Lorelei swirls her foot around. "Don't you think you are sitting just a bit too far away?"

    "Is this better, my lovely mermaid?"

    "Oh, lets see, maybe a little bit closer, my handsome cowboy!" (pregnant mermaids can woohoo in the hottub!)
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,410 Member
    Lol @the victory fist sticking out of the water! The house is lovely. Did you build that?
    The Sequel: Part 4

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member

    @ZeeGee Thanks! Yes, I did build it. :sweat_smile:
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 4,410 Member
    @bekkasan Well you did a great job! And that was a lovely update. :)
    The Sequel: Part 4

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member
    @ZeeGee Thank you very much. I kinda built my dream house!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,810 Member
    "And the most awesomely built Sims 3 house goes to..............

    @BEKKASAN ! "


    Seriously, that house is... *sigh* Heavenly! <3
    *Celebrating 30 years of QL!*
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member

    The Cowboy and the Mermaid

    Dwight and Lorelei relax in their new bedroom chatting about how to fix up the nursery and what else they need to buy. As they get drowsy they snuggle under the covers and fall asleep holding hands.

    After she makes the bed and gets dressed she realizes her belly is really starting to stretch. She can feel the little one kicking inside of her.

    She hurries down to let Dwight feel the baby kicking and Dwight is astonished at the strength of the kick. "Maybe he or she will be a place kicker?" He tells the baby how much love they have to share and he listens to see if the baby chats back. Dwight holds her in his arms. "I love you so very much." They embrace and Dwight can feel the baby inside her as he holds her so close to him. "I don't think I want to let you go. This is such an awesome sensation." The baby quietens down perhaps to sleep and Dwight reluctantly lets her go.

    They enjoy the baked angel food cake for breakfast that they got from the bistro when the server spilled their entree's.

    Lorelei puts the finishing touches on her manuscript for her book on the underwater memorial. She types "The End" and pulls the last page out of the typewriter. She is thrilled to have the book finished and her publisher will be happy as well, since they did give her an advance on the book. She looks forward to getting a printed copy in the mail and will order a stack of books to sell at the museum.

    Dwight is working on their investment portfolio. Moving funds, selling stock, buying some property. He has decided after the baby is born he wants to work for himself. He had considered going to the police department, but, decided he would prefer being his own boss. He enjoyed working with Lorelei to solve the mystery of the underwater area. He decides to open a detective agency. He is sure others in Sunlit Tides have mysteries that need solving.

    Lorelei and Dwight try out one of their new purchases. Lorelei is not thrilled about it because of the issues she has with technology, but agrees to try it. I think she liked it!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member
    edited June 2
    @emorrill Thank you! I love building houses and this one was a challenge with trying to do the house so the living space was above sea level and the lot was not level, but the house needed to be. :smile: We are just completely ignoring that they do have a basement! :lol:
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 23,504 Member
    @bekkasan Nice update from their new home :smile: Lucky they chose one with a swimming pool for Lorelei :smile:
  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 973 Member
    edited June 3
    I have to say Dwight reminds me just a little (JUST a little. Just a like a tiny crumb) of Gilbert from What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
    Post edited by queenvortex808 on
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member
    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks. Yep, always need a pool and a hot tub! :love:

    @queenvortex808 I had to go look that one up. Johnny Depp! Just a tiny bit in one of the pics I looked at. @emorrill made him and modeled him after Keith Urban who is one of my favorite country singers.
  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 973 Member
    @bekkasan I was thinking more personality-wise but yes, just a little. He reminds me of how Dwight started out in the story.
    I play on PS4! Ready Player One Forevah <3 Bunnies!
    I am the ultimate closet Pokémon fangirl
  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 973 Member
    edited June 3
    If only sims could be as handsome as Dwight in TS4.. :D
    I play on PS4! Ready Player One Forevah <3 Bunnies!
    I am the ultimate closet Pokémon fangirl
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member
    @queenvortex808 I vaguely remember the movie and actually just bookmarked a site and will try to watch it again as time permits.
    I do prefer the looks of Sims 3 to Sims 4. I've seen some nice looking sims 4 sims, but they still all look plastique.
  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 973 Member
    @bekkasan I know right! I feel like TS4 is plastic (no offense to anyone). If there is ever going to be a Sims 5 I feel like they should use a format close to TS3 sims. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the movie!
    I play on PS4! Ready Player One Forevah <3 Bunnies!
    I am the ultimate closet Pokémon fangirl
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member
    @queenvortex808 Did you ever try the sims medieval. They were awesome looking even if the game got to repetitious for me.
  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 973 Member
    @bekkasan Yes, I have once. I guess I bought it for a laptop once and only played it once. I was going to play it again but.... I don't remember what happened :|. So yes, I have. Weren't they close to TS3 sims though?
    I play on PS4! Ready Player One Forevah <3 Bunnies!
    I am the ultimate closet Pokémon fangirl
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 7,962 Member
    @queenvortex808 They had a more realistic vibe like Sims3 for sure.
  • queenvortex808queenvortex808 Posts: 973 Member
    @bekkasan That was in 2010 right? When I ordered a used one off of Amazon it had a coupon for a medieval restaurant and show place that expired in 2011. I got that last year :D
    I play on PS4! Ready Player One Forevah <3 Bunnies!
    I am the ultimate closet Pokémon fangirl
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