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Silva's CC hunt

SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 441 Member
I've noticed some loosening on the rules regarding talking about CC, so I think I give this a go since the community in Finland is rather quiet (nearly dead). I still love the game and have some huge projects with it, and I'd need some help finding some stuff, mostly build/buy mode items at the moment. To give you an idea what I'm thinking see HERE. I'm trying to build a Finnish world to play and to write a story in.

Have you happened to find:

Anything related to Finland, Nordics or Fennoscandia (or Scandinavia, which Finland isn't part of but has much in common) (Fences, windows, trims, doors, roofs, fireplaces, furniture except for IKEA stuff...)

Mushrooms! I've seen so many perfect mushrooms like chanterelle and boletus and some shrooms that grow on trees for TS2 and TS4, but not to TS3! Why is that? :o Some neat Skyrim conversions I have found...

Forest berry plants

Realistic northern hemisphere trees and other plants, a juniper that grows straight up, apple tree (found one perfect with red apples Strawberry Acres via MinaSims)

90´s stuff (a mood ring! I've seen one somewhere once)

Hay pole! Basic, single hay pole

Sauna items (yeah no mud baths in sauna) (Found 1, 2)

Saw or planed log wall (log wood that is not round :D )

Pirttipöytä! (Found one in this set with no details)

Knitting items

A mangle (This one in the picture would be the ultimate goal and perfection :D)

Wall piece to fit besides the stairs that goes above the stairs, not under (open space under the stairs, but wall in the place of railings. I'm still looking for a picture, my explanation isn't great 😅)

Bunnies and guinea pigs (found hares here and here)

Räsymatto Lots of these with many colours! Recycled canvas made in to a carpet


Jäälyhty, ice lantern

Snow slide and plastic sledges (ie not that wooden Santas sleigh) and anything related to snow. (Found snow shovel here)

Piianpeili, "maiden's mirror" I've had this in maybe TS2 ages ago...

To be updated o:)

Thank you! <3
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