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What do I do to Save my Children and Babies?

Hi Simmers and Sims team,
I love the cute toddlers and Babies in Sims freeplay but sometimes I am really ill I can't take care of them 24/ 7 if they cry to long I may loose them and I love every sim baby I created at level 34 it took allot of work.

Could you add a Daycare for free at no cost with no crafting?

And a toggle switch that prevents babies and toddlers being taking away from a Social worker?

If I get ill to much then I can't play the game and I don't want to loose my hard work also being vip 3.

Can you do something to prevent ill users not to loose there families etc.?


I love sim babies for one fact you can walk away from the game sims freeplay you can't.
Mix these two games in one and you will have a winner of a game!


  • EnderGamer87EnderGamer87 Posts: 243 Member
    Sims can only die of old age in freeplay after completeing Life Dreams and Legacies at level 26. No other deaths in the game, so you don't have to worry. There was a daycare live event about 2 years ago to build one on a house lot for roleplay purposes.
  • EnderGamer87EnderGamer87 Posts: 243 Member
    There is no Social Worker to take babies or Toddlers away either so nothing to worry about.
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