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How Did YOU Discover The Sims Franchise?



  • SintheaSinthea Posts: 29 Member
    The disks for The Sims and Simcity came with our first desktop computer when I was a kid. They were our family's very first computer games.
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  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 231 Member
    I've read an article in a women magazine about the sims2. I was amazed and wanted to play it, but I had to save for a new laptop because the old one couldn't handle that game. But in between I had played the original Sims. When I finally had enough money for a new laptop, I was really happy to play it. I still remember my first toddler in this game: Little Mandy was really charming to everyone and she had always climbed out of the crib.
  • sherrylynn8779sherrylynn8779 Posts: 2,101 Member
    Mine is sorta funny in a sad kind of way. My then fiance and I were shopping and he said he wanted the game. I said, well if you want to get the game I get a real engagement ring. So, he bought the game and the ring. Later, we didn't marry, but I had his child. Here I am many years later still playing and still enjoying the franchise.
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  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 700 Member
    Through a a family member
    I was 5 when I saw my brother and sister play The Sims 1. I wanted to play too and that's how it all started. They stopped playing but I have played every iteration since then. I'm 22 now.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,613 Member
    by renting the sims1 at my local videogame store
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  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,622 Member
    I found it by a store selling Sims 1 and I wished I had a computer to get it. When I got my first computer that was the first game I bought and I loved it.
  • kendoboykendoboy Posts: 2 New Member
    Through a a family member
    I got Sims 1 as a bday present. XX years later, Origin Premier told me that Sims 4 comes with the membership. Oh, and the packs are 50% off, enjoy!
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 243 Member
    edited June 19
    An ad in a kid's magazine around the time of Sims 2 if I recall. It was a bit expensive, so I bought SimCity 4 instead; at a discount store for around $10. Ironically, a couple of years back, I had to rebuy it on Origin as I misplaced the jewel case that had the code (which ironically, I found last month!) I didn't actually get into The Sims until I bought TS3 in 2018, and TS4 some months later.

    It's a funny thing I have SC4; as when I finally got TS2 here locally in Jan., I learned I could use SC4 to make my own worlds. On my desktop, the TS3 world creator crashes (an error code pointed to my RAM being on the way out), but SC4 runs really well.
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  • BethSims4BethSims4 Posts: 41 Member
    Through the internet
    I can't remember but for The Sims 2 Pets on the Nintendo DS, my cousins got the game so I decided to get one too. And then I think I found out about The Sims 4 on YouTube.
  • amp107amp107 Posts: 34 Member
    Through a a family member
    I was very young when I started playing The Sims so I don’t remember exactly how I found out about it, but I believe it started with my sister playing the game at our cousins house and then begging our mom for it. We were never allowed to have the original expansion pack due to the heart shaped hot tub and the activities therein :D
  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 315 Member
    Through a a family member
    My dad played sims 3
    and my mum played the original sims 1
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,057 Member
    edited June 21
    Through a a family member
    When Sim City 1 originally came our I played it a lot. My dad knew how much I loved Sim City 1. When Sims 1 came out he played it and recommended it to me. I have loved the franchise since. Though Sims 4 is the only one I use CC and mods for.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,748 Member
    Doing a economics paper in grad school on an American owned public stock company. Can't remember why I picked EA, but in doing the research came upon a new game concept they were working on, a people simulator later known as 'The Sims'. Continued following that even after paper was done via the gaming press. Looked intriguing, so got it on release day. Been simming ever since.
  • DarkLady2788DarkLady2788 Posts: 126 Member
    Through a friend
    One of my best friends. She wasn’t old enough to buy it for herself as she is two years younger than me lol. So I bought it for her and the rest is history 😊😊
  • ManakoHimeManakoHime Posts: 265 Member
    Through a friend
    Was at a sleep over at my friends place (lived next door to each other) and she showed my TS1 and had to get it for myself, loved it since then xx
  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,116 Member
    I saw the first iteration of The Sims at the store as an adult. I bought it since I am a PC gamer.
  • skybird14skybird14 Posts: 5 New Member
    I discovered The Sims when my parents bought a new PC and it came bundled with some games which included The Sims 1. At the time my sister and I weren't really allowed to play computer games because my parents felt that they could be too violent so a 'virtual dolls house' was the ideal sort of game.
  • yellowduckyyellowducky Posts: 12 New Member
    Well I seen the Sims 1 and I bought it and it was good for only building houses and having a baby was the most exciting thing about the sims 1 than in school I got The Sims 2 pencil case with rubber and a pencil and Looked @ the back and seen you can grow up into an adult.so me and my friend use to play 1hr a day and The EA had their own website/forum. Then a few years later the sims 3 was the best for its graphics..after that I stopped playing and now the Sims 4 is out I really want to get back playing it again and learn how to "make" sims. Im very good @ stories just not into Modding the game yet. The SIms 5 is coming out 2021 so Im just going to buy loads of XP till than.
  • canitbemancanitbeman Posts: 351 Member
    edited June 30
    I first saw The Sims 1 in the computer section at Sam's Club in 2000 when I was 10. I had to beg my Mom to get it.
  • TLC4theworld77TLC4theworld77 Posts: 75 Member
    wow ... This question really takes me back. I seen a commercial on T.V. for the Sims 1. I was looking forward to game day release. Since I am old school I was that person waiting for the midnight release. Fell in love with the game and have been playing it ever since.
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