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How Did YOU Discover The Sims Franchise?



  • AdamsEve1231AdamsEve1231 Posts: 6,018 Member
    Through a a family member
    My brother in law got me into Sims 2. He wanted to go to school for architecture and showed me all the cool things you could build in Sims. Sims 3 was the first game I bought for myself. I shortly after discovered the storytelling community. I've been writing stories since I was a kid so it was an easy way into the Sims world. I've been hooked every since. :) It's funny. I rarely build anything of my own anymore. I update premades.
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,328 Member
    edited February 10
    Through the internet
    I saw 4 on youtube, liked it, and got it on sale when it was 75% IIRC.

    Although now I think about it, my mom's stepsister and my cousin also introduced me to earlier versions of the game.
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  • ShawnedaShawneda Posts: 27 Member
    Through a a family member
    Heard about the "SIMS" years ago and dismissed it as something I didn't have time for while pursuiing my professional life goals... then my daughter introduced me to it through YouTubers and hundreds of dollars later on xBox and PC ... we're a SIMMING house now...
  • WaitWhatYTWaitWhatYT Posts: 510 Member
    edited February 10
    I saw the first sims game for PS2 in a store when I was a kid, thought "that looks weird, I want it" and asked my mom if I could buy it, and the rest was history! Me and my cousins would (somehow) turn it into a competition to see whose sims would be more successful, lmao.
  • BK747BK747 Posts: 31 Member
    Through a friend
    I was in elementary school. It was the last week of classes, so basically, the teachers just needed to keep us occupied and fill time. We had some computer time and one of my friends brought in the Sims 1 and the teacher let us load it and play. I was immediately obsessed with the game and asked my parents for it.
  • DefinitelyNotASimDefinitelyNotASim Posts: 1 New Member
    Through a a family member
    I'm late for this but oh well. I first found the sims when I was going through my mom's game boy cartridges and found The Sims 2 (where you were an undercover actress in StrangeTown if anyone was wondering), Sims Bustin' Out, and Urbz Sims In The City. I loved the wacky antics and goofiness of them. Then I got a DS and got Sims 2 Castaway, Sims 2 (this one was your player managing a hotel in StrangeTown) but all those games had a story theme to them. One day I got an x-box and found The Sims 3 and Sims 3 Pets for it and it was magical being able to live a wacky life though them. Then my mom's then boyfriend's daughter showed me The Sims 3 games she had on her laptop and it blew me away, I couldn't believe how much MORE there was to the sims with the PC version and the fact I didn't have a build/buy limit was a game-changer. So to end a long story, I eventually got a computer and the first game on it was The Sims 3 :)
  • MLadyAzzeraMLadyAzzera Posts: 1,048 Member
    I wandered in to my local game store every week to see what new releases came out, and ended up buying Sims 1 on release day by accident...here I am, still going strong 20 years later!
  • Me1620Me1620 Posts: 4,447 Member
    I have been a fan of the SimCity games since I first played it on the Super Nintendo. Twenty years ago, I was intrigued with the then new concept of following the lives of the sims that lived in the cities rather than focusing on the buildings and city services. I fell in love with The Sims and the Sims community.
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  • TWSimGamer82TWSimGamer82 Posts: 407 Member
    Just over 20 years ago, I read an article in PC Gaming World magazine that talked about a new game from the creator of Sim City, Will Wright. The article sold me on this new game and the rest was history. I walked into Best Buy and bought my copy on day one. Got home and completely fell in love with a game franchise. There's been some rough patches over the years, but I still hold The Sims franchise very close to my heart.
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 15,244 Member
    Through a a family member
    I wasn't a gamer, but my grown daughter had married a man who was and she quickly became one, too. When he was stationed in KS, she was on her own when he was deployed to Kuwait. Happily, two of his sisters were in KS and one day they introduced her to the Sims. She spent most of our phone conversations telling me all about this silly game. But, I was glad she was so very occupied by it, so that being alone wasn't as hard on her as it could have been. Then when he got back he bought her Sims2 for Christmas. My daughter wasn't interested in moving on because Makin' Magic had just come out and she wanted to fully explore that pack.

    Curiosity got the best of her and next thing I knew she was telling me all about this silly game that was by leaps and bounds improved over the original. Also telling me I had to play it. Well, the long and the short of it was, they were stationed back in CA and she lived near enough to come home to visit her parents. :) She brought their gaming laptop along, opened it up, made me sit down in front of it (she can be such a nag when she wants to be ;) ) and turned on the game. She guided me through CAS and then had me take my Sim into one of the three neighborhoods available. I was instantly hooked and have had my own version on a new gaming rig since August 2005. A second gaming rig, the one I have now is a DDR3, a step above what I had before. Still playing. I never thought I'd love a game more than Sims2, which was still my favorite the entire time I played Sims3, but now Sims4 has qualities I can't play without.
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  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,391 Member
    Through a friend
    I remember seeing it for the first time as a demo in a Radio Shack around 2000. One of my friends also got it soon after it came out. I liked what I saw in her game, and got it just as Livin Large came out back in 2001. Since then, I've been hooked. I sometimes take a break from my Sims to play other games, especially role-playing, casual and mobile games, but eventually keep coming back (usually once I get enough spare time to play).
  • SintheaSinthea Posts: 7 New Member
    When I was in elementary school we got our first home PC and it came with two games. The Sims was one of them and my mother and I became obsessed. Thus started a 20 year journey of playing off and on in wild swings when I've had a computer able to run it.
  • AyradyssAyradyss Posts: 883 Member
    It's been a little while now, but I'm pretty sure that I first learned about The Sims (original game) in a magazine article. It was most likely in PCGamer, as that was the magazine I followed most regularly back then. It sounded a little weird (So, you play these 'Sims' and you have to make them eat and use the toilet and all that?), but it also was getting some pretty good hype. And it wouldn't be the first time I'd found that something that 'looked a bit weird' at first glance turned out to be really fun and rather addictive. (I still remember when I first tried "Lemmings" -- loved that game too.)

    And I've been playing one version or the other of The Sims ever since. :smile:
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  • Janiebug1122Janiebug1122 Posts: 14 New Member
    I started playing in 2002 after finding a CDrom of it for like $5 at a store. It was a fun and interesting time-suck.

    Then my husband and I had kids and years passed before I thought of the game again. In 2011 I had an iphone, and saw Sims FreePlay in the app store and played that for a while.

    Then my kids both requested it around 2015 for their computers, and they have played ever since. I started playing again, because of them, just last year in 2019.
  • KaydinHarrillKaydinHarrill Posts: 4 New Member
    Through a a family member
    I watched my parents play it when I was growing up. But I've always loved building games and playing with life so it was a win-win for me. I've been finding out some of my friends also are Simmers.
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