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How Did YOU Discover The Sims Franchise?


  • jaletu2005jaletu2005 Posts: 584 Member
    I read an article in a PC magazine about the fun new game called The Sims. I was really taken with the idea of being able to help pixel people live their lives. Then I found the Prima Guide. I was so hooked! Got a new computer and found a copy of Sims 1 on sale at Kmart (year 2000). 20 years of simming! I still can't believe it's been that long. And I'm not even thinking of stopping.
  • Slayer_RoseSlayer_Rose Posts: 56 Member
    Through a friend
    my friend had it and then i became addicted to it!
  • sikasika18sikasika18 Posts: 261 Member
    I have 5 sisters so getting expensive gaming related stuff never happened in my family, I had to work for stuff like that always but one day mother came home with an awful looking old pc and it had a game installed by the previous owner and it was the sims basegame. Mother kept that pc on a desk inside a closet and I loved to sit there and build whatever my imagination could come up with.
    It is my most precious gaming related/sims related memory and I think that's why I'll always value the sims 1 the most ♡
  • GroovyTurtlezGroovyTurtlez Posts: 36 Member
    Through a a family member
    my cousin showed me the game and really enjoyed it so I convinced my dad to buy it for me, then my step-sister snitched about there being woohoo andddd then my parents took it away from me :// BUT that was 10 years ago so now I can enjoy the sims to my hearts content c:
  • miandallasmiandallas Posts: 22 Member
    Through a a family member
    My youngest sister started playing the Sims 1 just before I graduated high school -- I was a fan of the SimCity franchise, and I thought the idea of the Sims looked so fun!
  • Dukemon11Dukemon11 Posts: 51 Member
    edited April 2019
    Through a friend
    Long ago.^^ Usually, I was visiting a primary school friend and very often he played on PC games. In regular I only watched, if we do not played with the N64. And there he was playing The Sims. Very soon I wanted that game, too. I went to my parents and next time we were shopping at
    at wholesale trade there were alot The Sims packages. The Sims Vacation was just available. My parents were willing buy Vacation, because it was cheaper. So I had an expansion pack. Very useless without the basegame. xD
    So my went to my near next door neighbour friend and asked for his The Sims Deluxe copy. The other friend had at first the base game and later the Sims Deluxe. But I had only some expansion packs. It was cheaper to my parents. xD
    I lent out my Expansion Packs. I got their base games.
  • MortimerGothMortimerGoth Posts: 54 Member
    Through a friend
    I heard some friends at school talk about the Sims (PC version). I got the PS2 version first, and enjoyed it. I then got the PC version (Double Deluxe) and some expansion packs - I was hooked. I also spent a lot of time on the old Sims UK forums, sharing stories and pictures.
  • _starfrog_starfrog Posts: 80 Member
    Through a a family member
    my cousin got The Sims for christmas in the year 2000, when it first came out! honestly, we played it all day. then all week... then for the next 19 years
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  • LissyK9LissyK9 Posts: 184 Member
    Through a friend
    I was still a small child when the sims 1 came out, but I remember seeing the kids of some family friends playing it. I really wanted it, but my parents wouldn't let me get it, (they're super conservative, I love them to death but I've gone off the deep end since then, at least according to them :p) so I had to wait until I graduated from high school and had my own laptop, and I bought the sims 3 plus pets the weekend I graduated. :p I kept track of the sims games throughout all of those years.
  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 421 Member
    Before there was the Sims, there was SimCity. I played SimCity and I was excited about playing a game that was all about the people who lived in SimCity.
  • vampiresocksvampiresocks Posts: 4 New Member
    Through a friend
    I think someone told me and my sister about The Sims 3 (the mobile version) so we got our mom to get it on her phone. I was a little too young though so when my Sim self died I was so terrified that I didn't play another Sims game for another 4 years. Then I got the Sims 3 and was so addicted that I played even when I had a concussion.
  • buffyballoonbuffyballoon Posts: 65 Member
    Through a a family member
    My dad brought the Sims 1 home one night and I was obsessed!!! I loved creating characters and stories. It was also really fun because my sisters would play it with me too :)

  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 4,512 Member
    Through the internet
    I just saw a YouTube video and was all like, "What is this mysterious being?". I looked it up and now I'm hooked!
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  • dimp10dimp10 Posts: 148 Member

    I loved Sim City on Super NES and I only got a computer back in 1994 just so I could play the sequel, Sim City 2000. :smile: I bought ALL of the Maxis "Sims" games released in the 90s after that.

    One day I was walking through Best Buy and saw a title called "The Sims by Maxis" on the shelf with some people on the cover. I didn't even see what the game was about other than it was a Sim game with people. I just picked it up and bought it and haven't looked back!
  • tarcottitarcotti Posts: 20 Member
    Through a friend
    A friend had The Sims on their PC back in 2000. Once you bought the expansions you could just give a friend the disc right below that so I just borrowed it for a while. Then eventually my parents got me the expansions and I played them a lot. So many hours in this game over the years haha.
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 858 Member
    In the good old times when major news came from magazines. Haha. I read a preview of this game that Will Wright was about to launch that was a life simulation. I already was a player of city simulation SimCity and I thought how great! I had to wait a bit after launching for it to be selling in my country though. But actually never thought it would become the beautiful monster that it is now :)
  • CaityTrinaCaityTrina Posts: 555 Member
    Through a a family member
    My parents bought sims 1 for the pc when I was around 6 or 7.
  • GorgeoiousGorgeoious Posts: 96 Member
    My daughter got me playing. We both still play. She's still into ts3. I couldn't wait to get ts4.
  • Teena94Teena94 Posts: 65 Member
    Through a a family member
    My brother had it back in around '04/'05! This was way back in Sims 1 days, but I used to watch him play all the time, I loved just watching xD We had the Sims Unleashed too. I just loved everything about it. It was so nice to have a chill game where you could play your life out. I've been a simmer ever since!
  • YuriTheCreatorYuriTheCreator Posts: 60 Member
    Through the internet
    When Minecraft was in it's peak around 7 years ago, I watched many youtubers who played both The Sims 3 and Minecraft. One of them I do remember was IHasCupquake.

    Her Island Paradise series is what made me beg my dad for TS3.
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  • FiFi Posts: 5 New Member
    Through a a family member
    My big sis had bought the sims 1 base-game and I rarely got to play it. Not so long after that I also found out some friends had it and got to play it a bit more while i was over at their houses, and that was also when I first learned about expansionpacks.
  • StutumStutum Posts: 713 Member
    edited June 2019
    First I read about it in a magazine which covered new and upcoming games, quite some time before it's release. Then, shortly after release I had totally forgotten about it when I saw it on the shelf in my local video game store back then. I bought it with no hesitation. :)

    EDIT: Whoops, didn't realize how old this thread was. Sorry!
  • TotallyABrobotTotallyABrobot Posts: 112 Member
    My dad and older brother were playing TS1, and naturally, I was curious. However, I did skip TS3.
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  • jooxisjooxis Posts: 503 Member
    I saw a review of Sims 1 in a computer game magazine back when it was about to release. Couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
  • AnnieMarieAnnieMarie Posts: 5 New Member
    I saw a commercial for it on TV and I begged my mom for the game. I also remember seeing an advertisement for it in one of my old computer game cases.
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