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Oh That Jim

I'm playing my own Jim Pickens, if you're familiar with that notorious sim. While my Jim doesn't have a bunch of slaves locked in the basement, he does have a bunch of Baby Mamas he's been able to keep separated so far.

So far.

My Jim invited over his first Baby Mama to go skinny dipping in his pool. Now that he'd gotten her in the mood, Jim suggested they go try for a baby in the bush. What I'd forgotten was the nearest bush was in a public park where a club was right now meeting to play chess. Just so happens Jim's second Baby Mama (currently pregnant with his child) was a member of this club. Hurt and offended, the second Baby Mama slapped Jim silly and then she waddled off in a huff. There was nothing left for Jim to do but sit down for a game of chess with his first Baby Mama (who didn't seem bothered at all by the drama going on). Oh, and did I mention that since the skinny dipping Jim hadn't bothered to put on any clothes, so he's sitting there in the buff, in a public park, after being caught cheating, playing chess.


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