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What's your favorite season in the game?



  • Springfairy556Springfairy556 Posts: 14,426 Member
    I think it does depend on the length of the season though.I have mine maxed.
  • HejixHejix Posts: 595 Member
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    @SimplyJen Thanks. Yes, teens and snow, urg. One was jumping on the trampoline in his swimsuit during the snowstorm, the other was swimming. Must be the juice or the herb... *roll eyes* But still, it annoys me all sims, adults included, would jump at the opportunity to go on the waterslide in winter. Do they want to freeze to death? Or maybe their brain is too frozen to think properly (I try to laugh, but it annoys me because it takes the immersion away. But, yeah, I can find ways around it).

    I hadn't turn the sprinklers off so my plants are still watered in winter... Okay, it's partially my fault, but still, shouldn't my plant be turned into icicles or something? Some attention to details in the game are marvellous, some others completely dismissed...

    I will look more attentively for frozen ponds...

    And my teen sim is walking barefeet because of her career clothing (that I can't change, grrr. Another unfixed ea issue). She is absent-minded, but still...

    @lisasc360 Thanks! I found you could install the lights by clicking on the front door! It was quite counter-intuitive, I looked everywhere in the catalog! But thankfully, they are really easy to install (once you know how). And you can keep it all year long? Cool! I haven't play seasons much, I'm discovering it as my family grows...

    @all Thanks for listening to my venting, lol. It prevents me from doing some rash action, like rage quitting and deleting my second-generation family. My sims thank you all!
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  • HejixHejix Posts: 595 Member
    To illustrate my point. ;)

    I make sure my plants are watered, even in winter!


    Water slide is so much fun in winter! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


    Look at me, I'm a SNOWFLAKE!


    I DARE you to build an igloo... in swimsuit!


    What a fun party! I'm all partied out!

    Played Sims 1 when I was a teen... Still playing Sims...

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  • Springfairy556Springfairy556 Posts: 14,426 Member
    That's just snow on your plants.It happens in real life to.
    Its doing what its meant to do.
  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,465 Member
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    @Hejix You should be able to change career outfit by clicking on any dresser and selecting 'Plan outfit'. Actually, you may need Ambitions to plan a career outfit. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    Drag plants indoors with the moveobjects on cheat to pull them out of dormant state but may take a day or so. There's also the store Greenhouse set, Supernatural EP planter pots, or the Into the Future EP soil rugs. Anything left outside in the winter will be covered in snow including plants.

    If the sprinkler has been upgraded to auto water then that's just what it will do... doesn't matter what season. Similar to what a real-life sprinkler with a timer might do unless it's really fancy and can read the weather.

    Sims LOVE outdoor objects (trampoline, water slide, sprinkler, etc). As you already know, weather doesn't slow them down. I'd recommend putting those items away into the Family Inventory until the weather warms up because there's no stopping them without mods. Most BG items & pack items pre-Seasons weren't changed with Seasons EP in mind. Well... except for being covered in snow.
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  • HejixHejix Posts: 595 Member
    @SimplyJen The change of outfit doesn't work for teens. It works for adults though. I should retry. I have ambitions installed.

    Yes, it seems like it was a bad design for outdoors objects. I'll put them in the inventory. Thanks!

    On a good note, I like some details such as this (the sign is frozen):


    Played Sims 1 when I was a teen... Still playing Sims...

    Learn more about my Polar Bear (Sims 4): furrysims4.home.blog

    Grisby legacy in Riverview (Sims 3): riverviewsims3.home.blog
  • SweetAndSaltySweetAndSalty Posts: 23 Member
    Definitely fall, the leaves are so pretty and I love Spooky day. Second favorite is summer because of beaches.
  • Springfairy556Springfairy556 Posts: 14,426 Member
    I miss living in the snowy areas, so I enjoy it when it snows for my sims lol.
  • cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,710 Member
    It's hard to limit to just one.

    My least favorite is spring, even with limiting the amount of rain using NRaas Tempest.

    Summer is great, especially near the coast and beaches.

    Summer evening in Laguna Coast.

    Second favorite is fall.

    Riverview in the fall.

    But my favorite is winter.

    University in the winter.
  • therealsunsetvalleytherealsunsetvalley Posts: 438 Member
    Amphora wrote: »
    You’re in a good thread to post those pretty winter pics. Lol. Although I might be attempting to turn the tide in Spring’s favor though >:) :p






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