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🖤Disney villains legacy challenge🖤

So I decided to make a Disney villains legacy challenge since there’s already a Disney princess one. If you don’t know how the legacy challenges go its simple you just follow the rules for each character, you start with generation 1 and then their child will be generation two (the next villain)
If you have any questions about this challenge don’t be afraid to ask them
Here are the rules:

Gen 1:evil queen
This story begins as a YA
*Must have the jealous and evil trait
*must despise atleast one sim (this could be Snow White)
*have a maximum of 3 kids
*can only marry once all kids were born and is an adult
* must have atleast 5 mirrors in the house

Gen 2: maleficent
This story begins when she’s a Child
*optional: kill atleast one sim through a fire (you can do more if you wish)
*never get invited any where
*only have three friends
*meet your future lover in the park or forest
*have two kids

Gen 3: lady tremaine
This story begins when she’s an YA
*have two accidental kids with different baby daddy’s
*adopt one kid
*never marry
*be nice to her two kids and cruel to the other one (adopted)
*live in a mansion
*be a criminal as your job

Gen 4: Ursula
This story begins when she’s a teen
*must have the kleptomaniac trait
*runs away from home
*must have a pool bigger than her house
*try to steal someone’s husband
*has two kids

Gen 5: cruella de vil
This story begins as a child
*your mother didn’t let you outside very much as a child
*must have the hot-headed trait
*optional:open your own clothing store
*you would always be flirty but never end up with anyone
*have a minimum of 2 kids,never marry
*optional:have plenty of dalmations

Gen 6: mother gothel
This story starts as a child
*your mother always made you and your sibling/siblings do all her work
*you had to take care of yourself all your life
*when an adult, adopt a child, never let them out of the house except for school
*live in a small-spaced tower
*nearly an elder, have a kid and don’t marry

Gen 7: wicked witch
This story starts as a teen
*after your mother passed away, you were left with your little sibling alone
*live in a very green house with your sibling until they are a teen
*must have the family oriented trait
*keeps looking for “the one”
*If gets rejected she starts despising them
*marry someone with a green feature e.g skin,hair,eyes
*have kids

Gen 8: queen of hearts
This story begins as a toddler
*your siblings hated you and you hated your siblings
*you were always different to your siblings in some way
*as a YA you always hated kids
*once you find a lover,get married straight away
*after your marriage,your very bossy and angry all the time
*you always make your husband do everything in the house
*he adopts a kid and you straight away divorce
*optional: become a celebrity afterwards

Hope you enjoy this challenge and let me know if there’s some female villains I’ve missed 😊☺️

Also feel free to post and update us on your legacy

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