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Steampunk Towers Stories

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Welcome to Steampunk Towers Stories!

This is my first time posting a thread and bit nervous as I'm a recent new member and new to all this :DI do hope within time you will come to like them. I will learn as I go, any tips to get seen by others are more than welcome o:)<3

Before we begin we first need to get the boring bit out of the way the bits about me:

We'll stick to my username Orchidah :). I was told on a forum that I'm a lonely person for role playing the sims, but that's not the case, I do have a real life family too and a job lol! I've been playing The Sims from the very first addition and never stopped! I like to bring character imagination in with each sim I make to suit each building I create (Building Creation will be a thread on its own). If you are into following stories follow my threads. I upload images with short descriptions sometimes with a bit of a longer tag, enough information to get to know the characters and their situations. I do have a few stories on going, as time goes by you'll get to know them too.

Introducing my 2 main playing sims, Maddox Kroupa & Ximenia Cuevas, childhood best friends till this day. Love was found thanks to Science! Must've been the Chemistry in the air ;)


Chaos broke loose on their home planet and gave them no choice but to flee!

It was the longest six minutes of their lives, as missile batteries on the surface struggled to find a firing solution on the tiny craft. As it made a power dive towards the planet Xepacca, engines strained to follow Maddox's control commands as it dodged missile after missile. Maddox was sweating bullets, but he was thankful that those missiles were designed to track slow moving capital ships not fast moving ones like theirs. They barely breached the atmosphere when flak guns tore up the skies around them. He punched the accelerator and dove for the hard deck where the fearsome guns could not track them. A shell detonated close to one of the inertia engines, making it rupture violently, causing the ship to fall into an uncontrolled spin. Maddox, trying to switch over to manual steering, nearly ripped the controls from the steering column as he tried to force the ship toward the horizon. Even with all his might he couldn't. "Brace for impact!" He yelled at Ximenia, as the smoking craft plummeted towards the surface. - Sweet Ximenia, Maddox's childhood best friend, up until this faitful day!- Ximenia held on to Maddox so tight, that she would leave marks around his muscular and toned arms. They barely survived the crash! Plundering hurt out of the ship they find their way to helping hands, with information shared they now find themselves in Steampunk Valley a desolate town surrounding deprived and rustic buildings, a small town within the Dunes of the Oasis Springs. They just had a feeling that this could be it for them, this could be their new beginnings, to a fresh new start and chance at living. With the help of a simvilian they've found themselves the perfect home, Steampunk Towers!

Very first #selfie taken on the first day after they've been through the worst time of their life facing near death, they were able to break a smile, moving into Steampunk Towers
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