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Instruction manual

Do you remember the sims 1 instruction manual? I read it so many times! It was quite amusing. Back in the time where they didn't send you online to find answers yourself and tried to explain the game as best as they could, in the most entertaining way as possible. I miss that (although, not the clutter..).
ŦØŴŇ Ø₣ ŞŦŘΔŇǤ€ ŦĦƗŇǤŞ (StrangerVille):

Of Ears and Noses, a Grisby Legacy (Sims 3):


  • StutumStutum Posts: 196 Member
    I do, I used to flip through it at night before going to sleep. I miss those manuals as well, and the manual for Sims 1 was quite entertaining and fun.
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