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Mods by bienchen83/sims4me at Deichschaf Sims - Alphabetical List

83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
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With more than 250 mods kindly hosted by Deichschaf Sims now, I decided to publish this list here to make it easier for you to find them. You can also post questions, bug reports or suggestions, if you wish. Happy Simming!
simposium wrote: »
there is a search for each mod table, so you need not to scroll through long tables. The search field is at the right top of the tables:



You can check for latest updates here: https://www.deichschafblog.de/s4/bienchens-mods-updates/
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Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

My TS4 mods


  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    AlwaysDetermineBabyGender (GetToWorkMods): Determine baby gender is always available, not only for Sims in the Doctor Career.
    AmazingBirth (GetToWorkMods): Sims that have recently given birth can enthuse about the event. The male parent can do the same.
    AmazingPromotion (GetToWorkMods): Sims can congratulate others on their promotion, brag about their own promotion, talk or complain about work. Sims will get to know the carreer of the other sims if the talk or complain about work.
    AncientJoyBlessing_clapdisabled (JungleMods): Deactivates the neverending clapping that occurs when one of your Sims received the ancient joy blessing.
    AngryWalkstyleLater (MiscMods): Sims will only use the angry walkstyle when they are very angry.
    AquariumTweaks (MiscMods): Adds more choices to add fish to aquariums. You can buy any fish you desire from those aquariums that can stock 6 fishes.
    AskToLeaveOverhaul (MiscMods): Sims will be more polite when they ask other Sims to leave the lot. Also makes the interaction available in more situations (unfortunately not for caregivers/parents from other households).
    AutonomousBoyGirlFriend (MiscMods): Sims will auotonomously ask other sims to become their boyfriend/girlfriend.
    AutonomousEspressoBar (GetTogetherMods): Sims will autonomously use the espresso bar on community lots (retail, park, museum, pool, library, artscenter, spa, chalet gardens) if a barista is present.
    AutonomousFirstKiss (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    AutonomousShareBigNews (MiscMods): Makes share big news an autonomous interaction. Sims will be able to share big news if they have the positive moodlet from learning about a pregnancy. Works best in coordination with my familymatters-Mod.
    AutonomousSlippySlideTweak (SeasonsMods): Sims will only use the slippy slide autonomously if it is hot outside.
    AutoWeddingRing (MiscMods): Sims will autonomously receive wedding rings after marriage (or vow renewal). Female Sims will autonomously receive engagement rings.
    AwayActions (MiscMods): Adds the following away actions: Singing, baking, DJ, dancing, pipe organ, bowling, parenting, climbing, skating and all Toddler Skills. Also adds an option to do homework from off lot. Added pet training and vet skill. Sims will also fulfil their daily task if the are told to level a skill that is crucial for their job (like writing for writers, all instruments + singing and comedy for the entertainer career, mixing + baking + cooking and gourmet cooking for the culinary career ...).

    BanquetTableTuning (FoodRelatedMods): Adds new menues to the existing banquet tables: Brunch, Gourmet and Spooky. Added functionality to festival banquet tables.
    BarflyKaraoke (CityLivingMods): Sims will autonomously sing karaoke at regular bars.
    BartendingBuffFix (MiscMods): Changes the confident bartending buffs to inspired buffs.
    BearPhaseTweak (ParentingMods): Sims will wear a pirate or princess costume instead of the bear costume when they are in the bear childhood phase. Also, the sad moodlet for not wearing their costume is gone and they will no longer feel the need to change into their bear suit while sleeping.
    BetrothedOutfits (MiscMods): Adds more outfits that bride and groom can autonomously change into at weddings.
    BetterAtWorkActions (MiscMods): Sims will autonously use the toilet and eat eat work even if these needs are not desperately in the red. They´ll also socialise a bit an gain some energy during their breaks. Enhances the chances of Sims actually eating their sack lunch at work.
    BetterBread (FoodRelatedMods): Bread sticks, bread and bagels will now actually fill your Sims' hunger bar.
    BlossomFestival (CityLivingMods): Townie outfit fix: Sims will wear formal wear at the blossom festival except for the crazy teen who will wear party wear. No more randomly generated clothes at the festival (except for the festival shirts). Vers. 2: Adds a new dress code for the Romance festival. Sims will wear light colours (white, pink, blue and yellow) and prefer floral patterns. With version 3 visitors of the romance festival will also wear the romantic costumes from the Get Famous Expansion.
    BuyBooksEverywhere (MiscMods): Books can now also be bought at Community Lots (e. g. the library).
    BuyMore_Phone (SeasonsMods): Enhances the buy gift option of your sims phone to include all fruits, vegetables and herbs, several fishes, spice, flowers, insects, honey and the wellness treat.
    BuyPetTreat (Cats&DogsMods): Sims can buy pet treats from their computers (in the medicine sub menu) with this mod.

    CarryUmbrellaFix (SeasonsMods): Adds additional tests to prevent Sims from using umbrellas indoors. Sims will not (autonomously) use umbrellas in light rain or during a storm. They will get wet less fast in light rain. They will get less strong negative moodlets from getting wet and no water will drop from their clothes when they are wet.
    ChildDollhouseStory (MiscMods): Sims with level seven creativity can write a doll house story at the PC with any positive doll house moodlet.
    CityLifeIceSnacker (CityLivingMods): Your game will randomly create townies walking around with a bowl of ice cream in SanMyshuno.
    ClingyChildhoodPhaseTweak (ParentingMods): Kids in the clingy childhood phase will not get stressed from being near brothers, sisters, grandparents or close friends.
    ClinicOutfitOverhaul (GetToWorkMods): Gives the Sims in the Doctor carreer a less colourful(/-blind) style, but only works for newly generated/promoted colleagues/sims. Extended to child patients.
    ClubDancerTweak (MiscMods): Fixes the club visitors clothing bug and prevents ghosts and elders from showing up at clubs.
    CoffeeAndSnack_Destroy (CityLivingMods): Coffee and muffins left in the open world by careless San Myshuno townies can now be destroyed by a simple mouse click.
    CongratulateMore (MiscMods): Sims will be able to congratulate other Sims which recently had their birthday, engagement or wedding.
    CraftsalesTableFix (CityLivingMods): Fixes the bug that when selling goods at the craftsalestable, they do not disappear from the table. More customers will come to buy at the craftsalestable and they will actually do so, even at the painting craftsales table.
    CriminalCareerFix (GetToWorkMods): Tweaks the criminal career to make it easier to detect a criminal. The criminal can now be identified by special idle animations he/she performs. Also, no more hidden decoy Sim will be created that lead to false convictions (and afterwards fill your save with unneeded, ugly Sims).
    CrossGender (MiscMods): Disables the autonomous use of some CAS items for the other gender. Thus affects weird party, job and townie outfits. You can still disable filters to use these items on the other gender.
    CureSickness (ParentingMods): Sims with level 3 in parenting can examine and cure sick sims (teen and older).
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    DancingTweak (MiscMods): Tunes down autonomous dancing.
    DeathOfSimReactionTweak[/b] (MiscMods): Sims will react to the death of acquaintances, not so close relatives, disliked Sims, ... less strong as they do without this mod. The moodlets are shortened and less strong.
    DeathPenalty (GetToWorkMods): Tired of former criminals crowding your neighbourhoods without even being able to change them in CAS? With this mod criminals will turn into ghosts after convicted and thus are left to culling.
    DeepConversation (MiscMods): Gives priority to the deep conversation in the pie menu (as it is needed for all successful dates) and gives the outcome "know random trait" more ofter for the discuss interests and always for the deep conversation.
    DestroyObjectCheat (MiscMods): Restores the destroy object cheat: Sims can destroy objects by shift clicking on them.
    DivorceAffectsChildrenMore (MiscMods): Prolongs the negative moodlet Sim kids will receive from watching their parents divorce.
    DogWalkersInOtherWorlds (Cats&DogsMods): Same as the petsinotherworlds, but restricted to dog walkers only (no strays).

    EatAtDiningTable (FoodRelatedMods): Sims will prefere dining tables above bars or desks when consuming something.
    ElderTweak (MiscMods): Deactivated the autonomous random idles elder Sims frequently do.
    ElderWalkstyleDisabled (MiscMods): Elder Sims will walk just like adults.
    ExtendenInvitationsOverhaul (MiscMods): Addition to my invitationsoverhaul mod. Tunes down different invitations in various ways. Father winter and the flower bunny will no longer be stalking your sims. Ghosts will be less likely to call. Sims will get less phone calls when on vacation or when they are very tired or filthy.

    FamilyMatters (MiscMods): Adds a positive moodlet from sharing big news not only to the father of the child, but also to other siblings.
    FasterCooking (FoodRelatedMods): Tunes down the passive cooking interactions and thus makes cooking faster.
    FishingAndCookingBuffsFix (MiscMods): Alters the confident buffs connected to successfull fishing and cooking to focused for fishing and inspired for cooking.
    FleamarketVendor (CityLivingMods): Flea market vendors will wear their everyday outfit instead of the outfit EA chose. Fixes the EA-bug of not appearing flea market vendors. Only unplayed households can be flea market vendors, so that your played Sims´ inventory will no longer miracoulously fill with collection items.
    FoodFestival (CityLivingMods): Townie Outfit Fix: Sims will wear party wear at the foods festival. No more randomly generated clothes at the festival (except for the festival shirts).
    FreezingSimsDontTurnBlue (SeasonsMods): Disables (only) the visual blue effect on Sims that are freezing cold.
    FriendlyCoworksAndClassmates (MiscMods): Socializing with co-workers and classmates will result in a higher relationship boost with this mod.
    Fridge_MoreSnacks (FoodRelatedMods): Adds more choices of premade foods to frides (pretzel, peanut butter jelly sandwich, meat and cheese platter, ...). Addon as a separate package: Flat fee for EA snacks as well.

    GardeningFix (MiscMods): Contains 5 different, freely combinable mods to give your gardening Sims more to do again: watering, fertilizing, evoling, infestation and weeds.
    GardeningFunForNatureLovers (MiscMods): Gardening ist fun for natrue loving sims as well as for sims with the super green thumb.
    GetFamousWalkbysFix (GetFamousMods): Fixes the random outfits of townie walkbys introduced with Get Famous.
    GrannysSuperSoup (ParentingMods): Minestrone requires level 5 of parenting skill and cures your Sims from illness or pimples.

    HarvestNoGroupInteraction (GetTogetherMods): Group members of a gardening group will no longer harvest autonomously.
    HasToPeeWalkstyleForChildOnly (MiscMods): Enables the hastopee walkstyle only for children who really badly have to pee. Adults will run if they are in need.
    HiddenPetSocialNuker (Cats&DogsMods): Hot fix for the bug that Sims want to pet their Sims several times in a row.
    HighchairTweak (MiscMods): Sims will only choose to autonomously put a toddler out of the highchair if the toddler already has the hidden 'left behind in highchair' buff. This should make it easier for your toddler to finish their meal before they are taken out by the next fool.
    HikingIncreasesHerbalism (OutdoorRetreatMods): If your Sims go hiking in Granite Falls, they increase their herbalism skill.
    HolidayTraditionWalkby_Fix (SeasonsMods): Townie Outfit Fix. Fixes the weird outfits (especially hats and glasses) Sim walkbys wear on holidays as festive or formal clothing.
    HospitalCareerFix (GetToWorkMods): Repairs the deliver baby task in the doctor career.

    IcecreamDeco (FoodRelatedMods): Ice cream will be decorated (garnish/topping) by default. Especially useful for restaurants.
    ImmediateDecoOptionsForUnownedLots (SeasonsMods): Sims will be able to use the immediate deco toggle options on lots they don't own, too.
    ImmediateThermostatUse (SeasonsMods): All thermostat interactions have immediate effect with this mod and can be done by children and toddlers as well. If you use version 2, the thermostat will still work if your power is turned off because your Sims haven't paid the bills.
    InsiderBuffFix (GetTogetherMods): The negative buffs insiders get from not having a group meeting will be instantly removed by starting one.
    InvitationsOverhaul (MiscMods): Enhances the lot types to which your Sims can be autonomously invited to by other Sims
    InviteGuestTweak (MiscMods): Sims can now invite relatives, neighbours and colleagues to partys even if the don't know them (yet or any more due to relationship culling).

    JungleBuyOverhaul (JungleMods): Sims can buy antidotes, the flower of death, the waterfall in a bottle and all the other useful jungle adventure stuff via the drop down menu where they can also buy tents, lamps and other stuff for camping.
    JustFriendsTweak (MiscMods): Sims can ask to be just friends after breaking up a relationship or divorce. This will fix the negative relationship. The can no longer ask to be just friends without breaking up first.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
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    LampFestival (CityLivingMods): Townie outfit fix: Dark siders will wear party wear at the lamp festival, Light siders will wear formal wear. No more randomly generated clothes at the festival (except for the festival shirts).
    LandlordTextFix (CityLivingMods): The landlord will no longer tell your Sims to not call him when he´s not needed when he actually was.
    Laundry_BuffsAndSoloIdlesFix (LaundryDayMods): Tunes down some of the laundry buffs as well as the disturbing solo idle animations.
    LaundryDryFaster (LaundryDayMods): Laundry on the clothesline will dry faster with this mod.
    Leafpile_Destroy (SeasonsMods): Allows you to destroy leaf piles with several clicks. As each leave pile consist of several parts, you have to click several times before the leafpile will vanish completely.
    Leafpile_NoFreshnessDecay (SeasonsMods): Leaf piles will not decay in freshness.
    LessAutonomousBath (MiscMods): Sims will prefer the shower over taking a bath in most cases. The bubble bath will only be chosen autonomously by kids, goofballs, childish an pregnant Sims. The special baths that came with Spa Day are reserved to be autonomously chosen at the relaxation center and will no longer be chosen by your party guests an other visitors.
    LessAutonomousBedNaps (MiscMods): Sims will only choose to nap in a bed autonomously if they are not really tired.
    LessAutonomousCheckOnToddler (MiscMods): Makes Sims check on toddlers less.
    LessAutonomousComputer (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    LessAutonomousEspressoDrinking (GetTogetherMods): Sims will order less espresso at Coffee Shops. NPC guests will gain less weight from the foods. The espressomashine will get dirty less often and is more likely to get cleaned.
    LessAutonomousPlayInRain (SeasonsMods): Only Sims with the following traits will play in rain autonomously: toddler, child, childisch, goofball, insane, rain lovers.
    LessBarNights (GetTogetherMods): Disables the following bar nights: alien, bear, ghost and knight night.
    LessBrainFreezeAndDislikeFood (FoodRelatedMods): The brain freeze and dislike food animations will happen less often.
    LessCelebReact (GetFamousMods): Tunes down the reaction to celebs a bit. Especially DJs will no longer constantly forget about their task. When a star starts posing, they will still cheer a bit, but will go back to duty quickly.
    LessElderExhaustion (MiscMods): Elder Sims will be able to do a bit more sports before they get exhausted.
    LessEldersAtLounge (MiscMods): There are less elders showing up at the lounge with this mod.
    LessFilthyDogWalkers (Cats&DogsMods): Dog walkbys will be covered in mud less often.
    LessGardeningInfection (MiscMods): Bug infestation of your plants is reduced with this mod.
    LessGardeningMoistureDecay (MiscMods): Plants will need only need half as much watering.
    LessGardeningWeeds (MiscMods): Weeds spawn more slowly with this mod.
    LessJealous (MiscMods): Tweaks the behaviour of jealous sims.
    LessLonglivingActiveSims (MiscMods): Active and long living Sims will not live that much longer than other Sims.
    LessNPCGrilling (MiscMods): Reduces autonomous npc grilling in the open areas of a neighbourhood as on of the main factors of your Sims getting fat while you´re playing other households.
    LessNPCMarkestallOrders (CityLivingMods): Sims will order food at market stalls less often.
    LessPetBushExplore (Cats&DogsMods): Pets will explore bushes less often with this mod.
    LessRainMoreSun (SeasonsMods): Tweaks the EA weather just a bit so that rain will be less likely and sunny days a little more likely.
    LessRandomBarflys (MiscMods): The game will no longer generate various townies every time you visit the bar.
    LessSickness (GetToWorkMods): Sims are getting ill less frequently. After having cured an illness with medicine, they'll be immune for some time.
    LessStinkyGreenHygiene (MiscMods): The stinky green hygiene effects will only be visible if Sims or Pets are extremely dirty.
    LessThinkOfFamilyMembers (ParentingMods): Sims will no longer be obsessed with thinking of their family members.
    LessWatchToddler (MiscMods): Sims will less often use the watch toddler interaction.
    LiveDraggableBassinet (MiscMods): Makes the bassinet draggable in live mode so you can keep your baby near your Sims without having to enter build mode. The optional 2nd package includes texture overrides for the 4 bassinet colours.
    LottraitEffectsHider (CityLivingMods): Hides the disturbing visible effects of all lot traits. Version 2 also changes some of he buffs to happy (child play and fast internet) and fixes the annoyant convival lot buff.
    LoveEmailTweak (MiscMods): If your Sims send a love email, there is now a chance that your crush will invite you for a date as a reaction.

    MistletoeKissInWinterOnly (SeasonsMods): Enables the mistletoe kiss only in the winter season.
    MoreAskWhatHappened (MiscMods): Sims will be able to ask other Sims what happend after some events (like cheating, divorce, negative pregnancy test ...).
    MoreChildrenAtParks (MiscMods): Parks will be visited by random toddlers with this mod. During school hours and at nights, there will be no children at the park. Teens will mainly use parks in the evening. Version 2 will only use existing toddlers, no NPC-toddlers will be generated if you do not have enough. Version 3 differs from version 2 in that toddlers will only show up at parks with the Child’s Play lot trait.
    MoreDeathSurprise (MiscMods): Well treated sims have a chance of not dying of old age even when their live bar is full.
    MoreDonate (MiscMods): Sims can donate larger sums to charity (10.000, 25.000 and 50.000).
    MoreEfficientPetBrushing (Cats&DogsMods): Tweaks the brush pet interaction so that it will take longer, but fill your pet's hygiene need.
    MoreEffectiveSkillBookLearning (MiscMods): Book learning for the skills herbalism and baking will be faster than usual. You can request more skills to be added. I thought those two to bei the most tedious to learn from just doing practise.
    MoreFoodAtBar (FoodRelatedMods): Adds more foods to order at bars on community lots.
    MoreFoodAtCafe (FoodRelatedMods): Adds more cakes, bagels and stuff to order at coffee shop venues.
    MoreGrandMeals (SeasonsMods): Changes some of the top level food dishes (e.g. Winter Cake and Crownroast) to grand meals so that your Sims will have more choices when fulfilling that holiday tradition.
    MoreGroceryShopping (CityLivingMods): Adds some vegetables, herbs et al. EA forgot to add to the grocery stand.
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    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    NakedFootFountain (MiscMods): Sims will put off their footwear when playing in a fountain.
    NatureWalkForEveryone (SeasonsMods): Sims who aren't in the gardening career can also do nature walks.
    NerdFestival (CityLivingMods): Townie outfit fix: Weird outfit fix for the Geek Con (no general clothing changes). With version 2 the Cosplayers will also wear costumes from the Get Famous Expansion.
    NoAgingAtBirthdayPartyInvites (MiscMods): Sims will no longer age autonomously when they invite you to their birthday party.
    NoAlienMoodGlow (GetToWorkMods): Disables the alien glow, only the visible effect (see my secret alien mod for further remedies).
    NoAutonomousHomeworkAndJournal (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    NoAutonomousJogging (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    NoAutonomousMakeMess (ParentingMods): Self explaining.
    NoAutonomousMakeIcecreamOnResidentialLots (FoodRelatedMods): Sims will no longer autonomously make ice cream on residential lots instead of cooking a proper meal.
    NoAutonomousMakePopcornOnResidentialLots (FoodRelatedMods): Sims will no longer autonomously use the popcorn machine on residential lots instead of cooking a proper meal.
    NoAutonomousMouldClay (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    NoAutonomousPeeInBush (OutdoorRetreatMods): Self explaining.
    NoAutonomousSingingSelfpractise (CityLivingMods): Disables autonomous singing self practise.
    NoAutonomousSwipe (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    NoAutonomousToiletPlaying (ParentingMods): Stopps toddlers from playing autonomously in toilets.
    NoAutonomousUseBoxOfDecorations (SeasonsMods): Self explaining.
    NoAutonomousWashDishAfterEating (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    NoBabyEyeGlow (MiscMods): Removes the creepy glow on baby eyes.
    NoCallToAction_PrePerformanceObjects (GetFamousMods): Disables the highlights around styling objects when working as an actor.
    NoCelebrityWalkstyle (GetFamousMods): Disables the celebrity walkstyle.
    NoChaletGardenGhosts (GetTogetherMods): Deactivates the Chalet Gardens ghost couple.
    NoColdSitOnPoolEdge (SeasonsMods): Sims will no longer sit on the pool edge when it's cold.
    NoCurryContestShirt (CityLivingMods): Self explaining.
    NoDJBoothVfx (OutdoorRetreatMods): Gets rid of the visual effects when Sims interact with the DJ-booth.
    NoEasyLabour (GetToWorkMods): Sims will no longer refill all their motives when giving birth in hospital.
    NoExtraMoneyOnPromotion (MiscMods): Sims will not be granted an extra simoleon bonus when promoted. Higher wages should be enough.
    NoFakeVampire (VampireMods): Townie outfit fix. Sims and vampires strolling through your neighbourhoods at night will wear their own outfits instead of randomly generated so-called "vampire styled" ones.
    NoFameShine (GetFamousMods): Completely deactives the fame shine.
    NoFestival_CallToAction (GetToWorkMods): Deletes the orange highlights around computers, curry and punch fountains at festivals.
    NoFestivalTeaGlow (CityLivingMods): Sims will no longer glow after drinking festival teas.
    NoGhostFix (MiscMods): Fixes several situations in which ghosts should not contact you (for instance family gifts from died relatives). To disable phone calls by ghosts please use my extendedinvitations mod.
    NoGhostPets (Cats&DogsMods): Disables the ghost pets that appear near the lighthouse.
    NoHolidayGhostWalkbys (SeasonsMods): Ghosts will no longer stroll through your neighbourhoods on holidays with the mourning tradition.
    NoHolidayGoalCompleteInteraction (SeasonsMods): Disables the self interaction that is forced on your Sims each time a holiday goal is compleated.
    NoHolidayOutcomeNotification (SeasonsMods): Nukes the text messages who inform you about the outcome of a holiday.
    NoHolidaySingingSocial (SeasonsMods): Deactivates the holiday singing social as Sims always randomly choose a song which doesn't fit the holiday theme.
    NoMuralDecay (CityLivingMods): Murals do not decay.
    NoMusicNotsForEarbuds (MiscMods): No more musical notes (visual effects) while listening to ear buds.
    NoPatientVisibleEffect (GetToWorkMods): Patients at hospitals will no longer show the ugly blue/red heart above their heads that ruins screenshots
    NoPetEyeglow (Cats&DogsMods): Removes the glow from pet eyes.
    NoPlayFromInventoryExceptToddlers (MiscMods): Only toddlers will play autonomously with toys placed in their inventory with this mod.
    NoRandomPetClothing (Cats&DogsMods): Disables the majority of pet clothing for random. Addon version: Disables the remaining pet clothing for random.
    NormalHugIsNoCrassAct (MiscMods): Unflirty Sims will react completely normal to the friendly hug interaction. It´s no romance interaction after all!
    NoSicklyGrocery (MiscMods): If you buy grocery it will no longer be of sickly quality.
    NoToddlerGrowingSoFastBuff (MiscMods): Disables the broken buff where Sims will continuously be happy because a toddler has reached level 3 or 5 of a skill, where there is no such reason.
    NoUmbrellasForToddlers (SeasonsMods): Self explaining.
    NorthEuropeLeafTweak (SeasonsMods): Alters the Windenbourg weather to allow for leaves on the ground from the beginning of fall.
    NoTextMessagesForFixedBadRelationships (ParentingMods): Disables the dull and ever repeating text messages on your pinboard received after helping someone fix a bad relationships.
    NoUncomfortableWakeBuff (MiscMods): Nukes the uncomfortable buff Sims get from waking up in a cheap bed.
    NoUninvitedNeighbourHangout (CityLivingMods): Sims with the traits insane or goofball will not longer autonomously intrude on your Sims.
    NoVisualPersonalRaincloudCurse (JungleMods): Disables the visual personal raincloud that derives from some curses.
    NoVisualPersonalSunBlessing (JungleMods): There will be no visible sun over your Sim's head when he has been blessed in the jungle.

    OpenCapsuleFromInventory (MiscMods): The capsules containing MySims figures can now be extracted directly from the inventory without having to wait for your Sim just like fossils, seed packages and such.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
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    edited December 2018
    PaintingBuffsFix (MiscMods): Changes the confident painting buffs to inspired buffs.
    PartyAspirationFix (MiscMods): All kinds of parties count towards the party aspiration goals.
    PartyToddlers (MiscMods): Fixes the party outfits of toddlers at the black and white and costume party. Version 1: For players who do not own the Toddler Stuff Pack. Version 2: For players who own the Toddler Stuff Pack. Version 3: Same as version 2, but all Sims wear black at the black and white party and there are funeral themed interactions. Version 4 adds the Get Famous Costumes as party costumes, otherwise it is the same as version 3.
    PatientsSit (GetToWorkMods): Patients will sit down while waiting to be checked in. This is a very small and simple mod by choice. If you´re looking for a more in depth-overhaul of the Doctor career, be sure to check out coolspearls Mod over at Naughty Sims Asylum.
    PBoxUpdated_UseMoreFreshIngredients (FoodRelatedMods): A while ago plasticbox at MTS did a fabulous mod for more fresh ingredients to be used for the larger food sizes. I completely redid that mod and wanted to share here for he doe not update anymore. Version 2 makes ingredients a requirement for cooking instead of a mere option. There is a separate package for the minestrone, don’t install that if you have my Granny’s super soup mod.
    PetAnxiousBuffFix (Cats&DogsMods): Hotfix for the bug that pets that ate the wellness treat or got a preventative shot get an anxious moodlet over and over agein. Pets that already show that bug can be cured by another wellness-treat or a preventative shot.
    PetInHeatTweak (Cats&DogsMods): Pets in heat will be less of a nuisance with this mod.
    PetWalkbysInOtherWorlds (Cats&DogsMods): Strays and dog walkers will be generated as walkbys in other worlds as well (not only Brindleton Bay).
    Photoframe_Family1t (MiscMods): Adds a smple framed, one-tiled, self-configuarable family photo to buy mode. The frame colours are matching those of my photoframetweak.
    PhotoframeTweak (MiscMods): Adds more recolor choices to photo frames. Get to work ist required for the large and medium sized photo frames (These are compiled in 4 separate packages.)
    PimplesMod (ParentingMods): If your Sims stand in front of the sink in the morning, they might notice something odd: pimples! Teenagers (and on rare occasions older Sims as well) can get pimples with this mod. They are assigned a hidden moodlet which will last for a maximum of 24 hours. The time can be reduced if you do anti-stress activities (like yoga, shower). Sims will get pimples randomly, and based on their traits they will either be less ore more prone to get pimples. Some Sims might even suffer from severe acne, while Sims with the reward trait "great kisser" will never get acne, so buy this reward trait if you want to spare some Sims.
    Also based on their traits (and some randomness), Sims will get a 2 hour lasting embarrassed moodlet when they notice the pimples. Other Sims will not be affected by pimples that much.
    Your Sims can get rid of their pimples by taking medicine, herbal remedies (deodorant) or a cup of green tea resp. Lemon Honey Ginger tea. Their parents might also chose to share detoxation secrets with them or help them to relax (the latter interaction will only remove the embarassed moodlet, though).
    Sims who are relaxed and well kept will not get pimples. So share relaxing techniques will also help your Sims to provide for not getting pimples.
    PlantsGoDormantInWinterOnly (SeasonsMods): Similar to the Sims 2 style, plants will only go dormant in winter with this mod, so your Sims can harvest from spring to autumn.
    PlayCardsTweak (MiscMods): Sims will no longer play cards autonomous on residential lots.
    PregnantSimsCanDoMore (MiscMods): Pregnant Sims can do yoga and use the sauna with this mod.
    PregnantWalkstyleLater (MiscMods): Disables the pregnant walk style for the second trimester.
    PrivacyTweak (MiscMods): Close friends and relatives share bathrooms without ado.

    RealIcecreamAtSeasonsMarketstalls (SeasonsMods): Sims can now order ordinary ice cream at Seasons market stalls (Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack required).
    RealVampireCure (VampireMods): The vampire cure will now properly heal your vampires so they revert to quite normal Sims even if the had fulfilled a vampire aspiration before seeking cure.
    RestaurantBakeFix (FoodRelatedMods): Sims will order all Get to Work baking goods autonomously at restaurants with this mod.
    RestaurantGuestOverhaul (FoodRelatedMods): Modifies the guests that dine at a restaurant. You will now see familys with two kids, parents with their grown up offspring and friends dining together. There will be less celebrities.
    RestaurantIceFix (FoodRelatedMods): Sims will order ice cream autonomously at restaurants with this mod.
    RestaurantSitTweak (FoodRelatedMods): Less waking around in restaurants.
    RocketScienceBookLearningTweak (MiscMods): Sims can now reach the 10th level of rocketscience from reading the advanced skill book.
    RoleOutfitDisabled_ByChoice (MiscMods): There are several packages that let you disable several role/job outfits by choice (e. g. maid, mailman, director, librarian, butler, nanny, ...). Just install what you want.

    SadMourning (MiscMods): Only sad Sims can autonomously mourn at tombstones with this mod. Restores the option to mourn at gravestones even if the stored sim has been sent to the netherworld. Performing the special Day of the Death interaction on tombstones fulfils the remembrance holiday goal.
    SecretAlien (GetToWorkMods): Aliens don't get alien mood buffs anymore so they are no loner exposed by their strong moods.
    ShareDeathThoughs (MiscMods): Sims can share melancholical thoughts with others after they witnessed someone die and thus give the target sim a sad moodlet as well.
    ShorterDogWalks (Cats&DogsMods): Taking your dog for a walk will take less longer with this mod.
    SiblingCareTweaks (MiscMods): Teens and kids will gain character values when performing certain interactions with their younger siblings (mainly babys). Based on character and a good deal of randomness, Sims will not get positve or negative moodlets from interacting with a baby.
    SimpleFlirtIsNoCrassAct (MiscMods): Simple Flirt, compliment appearance and exchange numbers interactions will not be considered a crass act by unflirty Sims anymore. Other romance socials still will.
    SimsVomitMore (MiscMods): Self explaining.
    SingInShowerNoGroupInteraction (GetTogetherMods): Sims will no longer sing in showers as a group interaction.
    SkillDayTweak (SeasonsMods): This small mod replaces the surprise battle royale and prank holiday by the surprise skill holiday.
    SleepyWalkstyleReduced (MiscMods): Sims will only walk sleepy if they are extremely tired.
    SomeCatAndDogStraysInOtherWorlds (SeasonsMods): A small mod which replaces the scouting and leaf playing sims and some others by stray cats and dogs so you will see some stray cats an dogs strolling through all neighbourhoods.
    StrayCatsAndDogsInCityLifeWorld (Cats&DogsMods): Some of the homeless Sim walkbys in San Myshuno are replaced by stray cats and dogs with this mod.
    StormMoodletTweak (SeasonsMods): With this mod, not all sims will get a stressed/sad moodlet while inside during a thunderstorm. For instance, most children and toddlers will fear thunderstorms, but wild toddlers or loud children (childhood phase) won't. On the contrary, only few adults will fear thunderstorms - there are exeptions for e. g. squeamisch sims, Sims who hate rain or wind, though.
    StrayTweak (Cats&DogsMods): Reduces the time stays walkbys will stay in a neighbourhood before leaving from 6 hours two 2 hours.
    StrongerCoffeeInActiveCareers (GetToWorkMods): Coffee will be much stronger if drunk on the Get to Work career lots so that Sims can gain enough energy for their daily tasks.
    SwimmingIsFunAndHygienic (MiscMods): Swimming enhances the motives fun and hygiene.
    SwitchToZoneAndBringHereTweak (MiscMods): Allows switching to the zone of another sims in more situations. Also adds icons to the swith to zone and bring here from zone interactions so that they cannot be so easily confoundet.

    TeenHangoutOverhaul (MiscMods): If you give the near good school lot trait to a bar, library, club, pool, lounge, forest park, cafe, natural pool, karaoke bar or arts center, a lot more teens will visit that lot. There’s a separate package for bar. If you also have my lessbarnights mod, please delete that package file as the two are not compatible.
    TemperatureAthleticOutfitFix (SeasonsMods): Athletic wear will keep your Sims warm when it's cold outside, because they are doing workout or have just done. Also for career and situation outfit category.
    ThermostatOutfitTweak (SeasonsMods): When the thermostat is on, Sims will change from their coldweather outfits to everyday inside. When its hot outside and the thermostat is cooling, sims change from hotweather outfit to everyday when inside. Sims will also change from hot weather outfit into their everyday outfit when feeling chilled outside. Sims will now also change from coldweather wear to everyday if they enter a room with a lit fireplace.
    ThirstTweak (MiscMods): Sims will be less thirsty. Only plant Sims will take glasses of water from the sink. Only Sims with maxed mixology skill will autonomously start crafting drinks at the bar.
    ThirsttweakFestivalTea (CityLivingMods): When your Sims drink festival tea, they will get an energy boost which helps them to stay longer at the festival.
    ToddlerStrangerFix (MiscMods): Fixes a bug where Sims would not be able to talk to a toddler whom they don't know yet (and the other way round).
    TouristOverhaul (CityLivingMods): Prevents townies in San Myshuno from wearing the tourist outfit. They´ll wear their everyday outfit instead. Version2 leaves the tourist outfit, but disables the hideous socks and hats.
    TownieOverhaul (MiscMods): Small overhaul of townies. Changes for instance the hotdog, clown and city live out of home townies to more normal townies / your own Sims. Also changes the household templates for single moms to families with mum, dad, a teen and a child.
    TownieOverhaul_LessFame (MiscMods): With this mod, celebrities will no longer invade all lots in your neighbourhoods. The mod also reduces the generation of new townies significantly. The only Sims that will be generated are those with special traits or careers required. There is a separate package for the Jungle natives. As soon as you install that package, no further natives will be created. For reduced celebrities in restaurants please download my restaurantguestoverhaul mod. Important note: This mod is not compatible with my small townieoverhaul mod.
    TunedDownHolidayBuffs (SeasonsMods): Reduces strenght and duration of the moodlets your Sims get after a successful holiday.

    UniformRaccoon (CityLivingMods): Townie outfit fix: I got tired of the trash panda outfit so I replaced it with kind of a punk outfit.
    UpgradeBeds[/b] (MiscMods): f your Sims have enough money to spare, they can now upgrade their cheap beds with a better matress and slatted frame to be just as good as an expensive bed - without having to put up with the looks of some of the expensive EA beds. The optional second package also reduces the chance of a monster waking up your children if they have an upgraded bed.

    VacationWedding (OutdoorRetreatMods): Sims can marry on vacation. Also fixes the bug that Sims cannot marry because of employment issues. Allows for autonomous proposals.
    Victorian_MaleHatHider (GetFamousMods): Disables the victorian costume hats for male sims.
    ViewInsectsIncreasesHerbalism (OutdoorRetreatMods): Viewing insects will give a small increase in herbalism skill.
    VisiblePoliticalPositionTrait (CityLivingMods): Makes the hidden political position trait visible for those who tend to forget their Sims political position (like me).
    VisibleWeatherTemperatureTraits (SeasonsMods): Makes the hidden temperature and weather preference traits visible.

    WalkbyRainFix (SeasonsMods): Sims walking by won't wear ridiculous outfit combinations when it's raining anymore. With version 2 Sims will actually choose boots and a raincoat.
    WatchSpeechTweak (CityLivingMods): Enhances the probabilities of Sims autonomously listening to a speech given at the podium that came with City Living. Sims will also sit while watching a speech and gain Charisma skill from it.
    WeatherRunInsideTweak (SeasonsMods): Your played sims won't run inside anymore when there is a storm on their home lot. Also, I added a test to the interactions so that Sims will not run inside when they are already inside.
    WeirdoOverhaul (CityLivingMods): Townie outfit fix: Prevents some of the weirdos in SanMyshuno (Wrestler/Hat and bathing suit combo).
    WhimOverhaul (MiscMods): This is an overhaul of the EA whim system which enhances the chances for family based whims and tunes down whims to buy new stuff. Disabled pet-related buy whims.
    WoodenInstrumentsDisabled (CityLivingMods): Disables the self made guitar and violin from being used at the performance stage.
    Post edited by 83bienchen on
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • simposiumsimposium Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi, I'm Deichschaf, the hoster of Bienchens Mods. I wanted to tell you that there is a search for each mod table, so you need not to scroll through long tables. The search field is at the right top of the tables:



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 158,460 Member
    Hello :) It is very kind of you to create these mods and to share them fellow simmers. Many simmers are very appreciative of these very helpful mods :) It is great that you have created a thread here on the forums that lists the mods that you have created and descriptions of each one. It is very helpful.
    Thankyou for all your work in creating these mods :)
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    edited December 2018
    Thank you for mentioning that, @simposium. It really should not be a problem to find the mods on your page. I've added your explanation to the first post of this thread.

    @rosemow, thanks a lot for your very nice comment.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    Todays update added a new mod and some modupdates:

    RoleOutfitDisabled_ByChoice (MiscMods): There are several packages that let you disable several role/job outfits by choice (e. g. maid, mailman, director, librarian, butler, nanny, ...). Just install what you want.

    See here for details as to the updated mods: https://www.deichschafblog.de/s4/update-22-dezember-2018/
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,951 Member

    Thank you so much for completing this list much appreciated and very helpful. I just wanted to ask if the update link you provided is where you will be listing mod updates after patches and pack releases? Also is the above list of mods compatible with the patch?
  • aelias24aelias24 Posts: 202 Member
    Any mod to force sims to change into everyday after swimming on community lots?
    Real Life Is Never As Interesting As the SimswIiJK39.jpg
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    edited December 2018

    The mods are compatible with the newest patch (most didn't need an update at all as they aren't script mods and the changes didn't interfere much with my mods this time.

    You can always check for the latest updates here:
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    @aelias24: I had tried for such a mod a while ago but it didn't work out at all as Sims will also exit the pool to sit on the pool edge, to jump into the water from the diving platform or to enter the whirlpool. The result was a real mess of Sims constantly changing in and out of their bathing suit. I gave up on that a while ago.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,951 Member
    wow @83bienchen

    thank you so much for your response during Xmas much appreciated, have a wonderful rest of the holidays :)
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    Thanks a lot, I wish you the same, @SPARKY1922.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    There's an update today.

    A new mod and 10 mod updates.

    LessCelebReact (GetFamousMods): Tunes down the reaction to celebs a bit. Especially DJs will no longer constantly forget about their task. When a star starts posing, they will still cheer a bit, but will go back to duty quickly.

    You can see the full list of updated mods here:

    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • WaytoomanyUIDsWaytoomanyUIDs Posts: 736 Member
    I just want to say your mods are awesome and I find them invaluable. Thanks very much!
    Origin/Gallery ID: WaytoomanyUIDs
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    Thanks a lot for your kind feedback, @WaytoomanyUIDs.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • pdentpdent Posts: 15 Member
    Hey! I was just wondering if you know yet if there are other mods that will need updating for the latest patch? Absolutely no rush - I just play with loads of your mods (they're amazing!) and I've updated the ones you've posted on your website and I've left the others out for now but would love to add in any of the ones that are compatible?
  • Bananas_45Bananas_45 Posts: 6,298 Member
    pdent wrote: »
    Hey! I was just wondering if you know yet if there are other mods that will need updating for the latest patch? Absolutely no rush - I just play with loads of your mods (they're amazing!) and I've updated the ones you've posted on your website and I've left the others out for now but would love to add in any of the rones that are compatible?

    There is a thread with a list of what has been updated and what needs updating here:
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    edited June 2019
    @pdent: I'm very sorry but I'm suffering from severe health issues since several months and can therefore not check any single mod of mine for compabilty. There will be more updates, but slowly.

    If it helps: Me and my three children are playing with all of my mods installed and didn't run into any issues yet except some LEs and the problem with the plasticbox ingredients mod I updated.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
  • pdentpdent Posts: 15 Member
    I'm very sorry to hear about your health. I also have severe health issues so know how hard it can be. Look after yourself, it's far more important! I'm so sorry if I came across rude.

    That's great to hear, I'll add the others in now.
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,324 Member
    You didn't come off rude at all. I'm still updating some mods for the new packs (Strangerville and Island Living for me, as I just bought Strangerville on sale) but these are all minor updates, nothing game breaking or such.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods
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