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How often do you save during gameplay?


  • IchooserockIchooserock Posts: 8 New Member
    I have a cat so I save everytime I walk away from my computer for even a second, I never know when she is going to jump on my computer and delete everything or just shut it off)
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 35,794 Member
    All the time
    Constantly. I'll save after job promotions, traveling, redecorating, etc. Probably about ever 15-20 minutes while playing. I'll save, then delete the previous save.
  • Rae357Rae357 Posts: 922 Member
    I try to remember to save more, but usually forget. I try using my sims coming home from work as a reminder to save. I've had a few crashes where I lost a lot so.
  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 81,553 Member
    After Each Major Event
    Usually when they're sleeping but like every 2 nights or so. Or before I want to do something crazy. XD
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  • StormsviewStormsview Posts: 2,603 Member
    I only save before it is time to exit

    For the last 2 years, maybe one crashes/freezes, maybe 2 but I only remember 1 where I had to restart, but now with Get Famous, I save when they advance because I want to save their progress. I also save My builds if I have worked a lot and or have many programs open. Oh, yea the birth and aging up of cute baby kids and teens. Just in case of a crash I do not want to lose them.

    Sometimes I do not want to save like if I forgot and left the game running in the background for like hours and their needs are low I just log without saving.
    Saving takes time out of my game and I am lazy, mostly I rather take the risk. So saves when I quit playing.
    I think people that play legacies or just play one family save more
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    edited December 2018
    All the time
    Several times during gameplay; after aging up, reaching aspiration milestones, skill level increases, home from work/school (especially after a promotion), before fixing electronics if their handiness is low, same for cooking, after making new friends or lovers, after a marriage, after finding an expensive collectible or landing an expensive fish, after unlocking hidden areas, after a confirmed pregnancy and births, doing upgrades, several times during a new build or remodel, after deleting townies, after a new Sim I've created loads into their new lot, when completing a collection and for many, many more reasons.

    Yeah, I got burned a few times in the past when my toaster of a laptop crashed and I'd forgotten to save after these things and lost a lot of valuable gameplay, so I'm a bit paranoid and probably save more than necessary now. My new gaming desktop hasn't crashed at all. But it did freeze once when my Sim was taking photographs. I've read that's a bug though. *shrugs* :p

    Just like you, I save if I need to leave my computer while the game is running for the same reason. I have several cats that love to jump up on my desk/keyboard. o.O It's okay when I'm at my desk when they do that because I can nudge them over if they start laying on my keyboard or push them down when their tail starts hitting my mouse wheel/keys when they're feeling frisky and waving it around a lot. lol

    They love to lay between my keyboard and the monitor and sleep, especially one particular cat. As long as he doesn't get up to clean himself or just sit there and stare at me until I pet him and block my view, I don't mind. :)
  • SimsFinest1SimsFinest1 Posts: 326 Member
    All the time
    I save all the time. Doesnt take much for something catastrophic to happen and I need a redo!
  • jupkmnjupkmn Posts: 98 Member
    All the time
    All the time and double save before exiting the game.
  • MonaveilMonaveil Posts: 652 Member
    edited December 2018
    All the time
    I save all the time. I save before my Sim leaves their home lot to attend social events in case something goes wrong. I save the game again when my Sim returns home from an event if it went well. I also save when a Sim completes an aspiration or a collection, and when they max a skill. When I'm building, remodeling, or editing a lot then I save every few minutes.
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,825 Member
    edited December 2018
    All the time
    As a genera rule I save every sim night once all my sims have gone to bed. I got into the habit while playing Sims 3 when the game would randomly freeze up on me without warning and it’s carried over to Sims 4. It’s saved me on many occasions.

    I will also save before going into CAS to give makeovers after a sim had aged up. And occasionally before traveling because before I removed most of my cc and mods I’d occasionally get stuck on loading screens. It hasn’t happened in several months now but it’s another habit now and I figure it’s always better to save then to not to.
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  • x_Always_Heart_xx_Always_Heart_x Posts: 567 Member
    Depends on what I’m doing in game.

    If I’m playing a save, I save after one sim day or after a major event.

    If I’m building, especially with big lots, I save every 5-10 mins.

    The other day I was building a celebrity mansion and I guess the pc couldn’t handle the house bc it decided to shut down and restart :#

    I lost the entire house and had to redo it.
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 849 Member
    edited December 2018
    All the time
    After my last crash of TS2 UC, I save when I switch lots, after a YA graduates University (the game forces you to save once they leave the dorm after the 72 hour period after graduation), or I have to end a session early and won't be back for over an hour. If I leave for just a few minutes up to 1 hour, I usually just pause the game.
  • Lexera1000Lexera1000 Posts: 22 Member
    All the time
    I save all the time and I've multiple saving for every game.

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  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 5,405 Member
    All the time
    After my time spent with TS3, I've learned to save a lot. I save every Sim morning for sure. Before and after birthdays. Before and after CAS. Before traveling. Promotions, etc. All the Time.
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  • TLM08TLM08 Posts: 105 Member
    After Each Major Event
    I save after every major event, except the other night, I forgot and then of course my game froze and I lost like 6 hrs of progress. I had to just close the game I was so bummed. I couldn't even, because one of my girls aged into a YA and she was gorgeous, when I went back in to replay her aging up, she didn't age the same..ugh so frustrating. Moral to the story, save all the time.
  • February11February11 Posts: 12,636 Member
    I only save before it is time to exit
    Only when I exit, unless I'm building something then I save at every crucial stage - just in case!
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 5,404 Member
    edited December 2018
    When I got the game it never crashed so I gave up my frequent TS2 saving habits. Now I have experienced some crashes and I'm trying to learn to save a bit more often. I could have picked "After Each Major Event" but I feel like I have some room to improve. I remember to save when in buildmode, but livemode is trickier.
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  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 851 Member
    All the time
    As a former Sims 3 player with lots of crashes, I save a lot.
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  • pinneduphairpinneduphair Posts: 918 Member
    I probably should save more often. I used to do it frequently when I was having issues with my computer, but now that that's been sorted out, I just forget to do it.
  • CaffeinatedRachelCaffeinatedRachel Posts: 45 Member
    After Each Major Event
    I'll save after a major event because that's usually the reminder I need. Too often I won't remember the last time I saved and that's always the time the game seems to want to crash :s
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,090 Member
    All the time
    If I'm building every 10 minutes if I'm in live mode not as often.
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  • WynterlyWynterly Posts: 232 Member
    I only save before it is time to exit
    I've had my game crash like 2 or 3 times before, but I'm just too lazy to remember to save until I quit e.e
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  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,949 Member
    After Each Major Event
    I chose this one because I try to save fairly often, after changing outfits, when moving on to another family, or when my sim has accomplished something or another. I keep more than one save per game, and try to alternate.
  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,696 Member
    All the time
    I save every time my sims go to sleep. I also save if something is accomplished eg skill level or job promotions.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 28,436 Member
    After Each Major Event
    I play for a few minutes and then do a "Save As …" renaming the save slightly. Normally it's adding a letter and/or number behind the surname of the household. After that I save any time one of my Sims accomplishes something. Sometimes it's as simple as a toddler achieving the Potty Skill from their first try to major things like a job promotion, job loss, celebrity star gained, reputation gained, et al. Things I've worked hard for my Sims to achieve, so that's not lost to a computer crash, or game crash or other such nonsense. (I've learned the hard way, you see.)
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