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How many saved games do you have?



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    SweetAndSaltySweetAndSalty Posts: 23 Member
    I have like 6 right now. I don't like to have a lot at one time because it gets kind of laggy
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,096 Member
    I have about 15, but 12 of them I store on an external hard drive.And swap them in and out when I want to play them.
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    jessica645739jessica645739 Posts: 45 Member
    Pary wrote: »
    I have 37 saves, 6 of those are with sims in gameplay, the rest are my "base" saves for edited worlds. I often make changes to worlds to my liking, such as adding and removing lots, or putting down festival lots ( without ever having played in them with sims ) and then I save that world to use as a base for future sims, so I don't have to continually re-edt worlds over and over.

    Could you explain to me how to make a ''base'' saves for edited worlds ? I like to make changes to worlds too but I always have to re-edit at each new game.
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    KarinLKarinL Posts: 3,989 Member
    I have eight saves in the "The Sims 3" folder I'm currently playing.
    I use a 'save as' and rotate through numbered saves. This way if my game corrupts, I can go back to the previous save and only lose a few hours of progress instead of losing everything. (I learned this the hard way!)

    I have twenty-odd "The Sims 3" folders stored on my computer, though. I make a new game installation for every world, with its own custom content, mods, etc. (After all, what I need for Lunar Lakes is wildly different from what I would install for, say, Dragon Valley.)

    At the end of every year, I go through my folders. I delete all the saves except for the newest two or three for each world I played that year. The saves I keep, I will also copy to an Archive folder (on a different computer).
    The Archive folder does go back to 2009 - my oldest save game I still have (and can still load) is from July 2009.

    So please forgive me if I don't know how many save games I have stored. :D
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    carlystur03carlystur03 Posts: 435 Member
    Could you explain to me how to make a ''base'' saves for edited worlds ? I like to make changes to worlds too but I always have to re-edit at each new game.

    I am not the person you asked, but I know what you do for that. You go into Edit Town mode as soon as you enter the neighborhood you want to edit. Then, make your edits. After that, do "Save As" and call it something you can remember. It'll show up in your saved games, but won't have a family attached to it. After that, you can make your household and move the household in. But when you next save that household, do another "Save As" and name it something different than your original name for the file. If you want an edited world to show up when you choose a neighborhood, you're probably going to have to go into the Create A World program and do it from there, but I don't know how to use that one.
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    EA_JozEA_Joz Posts: 3,164 EA Staff (retired)
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