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Sims 4 Suleiman(harem) challenge

boskos456boskos456 Posts: 66 Member
I had the inspiration from the Suleiman series and the describtion of the assylum- and brothel challenge. [I don't know whether any Hungarians have ever made a challenge, but here is mine😁.]

The challenge

You start the challenge as a y.a. male (you can be a female if you want to) and at least 2 concubines.
Only you can have a job and you can't control your concubines, you can give them 3 tasks per a day but that's it. (Travelling to a lot doesn't count as a task if they travel with you or with the "bodyguard" [see in updates]. After reaching the lot, then comes the 3 task rule) The only case you can give them another one is when a fire starts in your house so they won't burn to death, unless if they're about to get punished but I'll talk about it later.
  • The odalisques can only leave the lot with your company; for example when you go on date with them or when you go out for some treasure hunting or when you visit a special lot. While going out, if one of your concubines flirts with someone from the other gender, that "ungrateful one" have to be punished. Punishments are mentioned below. And, you have to get revenge: by murdering the the romantic interest of your concubine.
  • Oh, did I mention you have to have woohoo at least 2-3 times a week? And I guess it is obvious that you have to spend your evening with all of them at least once if you know what I mean ;) Otherwise, what's the point of having a harem?
  • You are allowed to have affairs outside your household. You can even make them to your newcomers but only when the romance bar is at 70% or higher and after you "inaugurated" all of your concubines in your household.
  • If any of your concubines fight you back(=throws drinks at you, slaps you, literally fights you and defeats you in a fight) you have to punish them by: forbiding them to eat/sleep/isolating them in a jail for a day, aging them to the next life state or killing them in ANY WAY YOU WANT.
    I think the jail or death is more relevant in this case. >:)
  • The jail: can have a low priced/uncomfortable/no comfort boosted bench, a shower or a toilet but can't have both. If you're soft-hearted, the jail can have a table with only one piece of food or a plate of spoiled food.
    U can also place an easel/woodwork table/instrument so they won't just do nothing there

Your concubines have to have at least 2 of their traits generated. If you roll the same number twice, you have to add the other option of that number:
  1. Romantic/cheerful
  2. Gloomy/jealous
  3. Good/family orientated
  4. Snob/materialistic/lazy
  5. Mean/evil/hot headed
  6. Self assured/active
  7. Foodie/neat
Their aspiration must be Soulmate or Succesful lineage.
  • You can divorce whenever you want but you can't remarry your ex spouse.
Your traits can be anything but IF YOU WANT TO roll at least twice...
  1. Romantic/Good
  2. Slob/lazy
  3. Jealous/hot headed
  4. Good/family orientated
  5. Self assured/active
  6. Bookworm/ambitious
You can resurrect anyone, except those who were punished, they can only be ghosts or released to the afterlife. Ghosts can be controlled: you can give them tasks all day long 😁 (they'll act as a sort of "genies" so they are not concubines anymore; unless U resurrect them)
  • You can only help the child of your gender in his homework. However, all of your children can have a job, romantic interest(s), concubine(s=girlfriend/boyfriend; they have to be added to the household) and can even marry but can't move away from you.
    Kids can be fully controlled. If you want to get rid of a child who's not from your gender, you can do that by: making them "genies" or simply killing them off, marrying them to another household and moving them out (in this order, U can get their spouses' fortune ;) ), banishing them, neglecting them thus getting them taken away.
    Of course you can keep them :) , I'm just saying what are you allowed to do with them.
  • Money, promotion and skill cheats are not allowed. (I don't take the last one that seriously, but pls try not to cheat)
    But you can add newcomers through the full cast cheat (Ctrl+Shift+C; testingcheats true; cas.fulleditmode) which is also the way you can keep females "ageless" if you don't want to turn aging off.
  • Life span can be as long as you want, you can even turn off aging which is more than highly suggested but in this case, you have to have a birthday in the calendar or after celebrate one in every 20th week.
    Since it is based on the Suleiman series, only males can age, this case remains if your sultan is a woman. In this case, if your sex slave gets old (not through punishment) they can get younger with perk potions or if they give you a child from your gender or if they already did, then after a good woohoo. Youth can even be the reward after they have maxed a skill.
    If you die, the main concubine takes over and she'll have to resurrect you. If she did, she can have 5 tasks per day.

The goal of the challenge is to complete the Serial romantic and the Mansion baron aspiration, master charisma skill, reach level 5 in the fitness skill, to own 4 concubines, have the romance bar in pink with them (they have to be your girlfriends or boyfriends in the case of sultanas), getting married with one of them and to have at least one teen or y.a. son (child of your gender)

Seasons update:
All men and children must have a birthday. Females can't have one. This is the easiest way to turn aging off but keeping the males get older.
If you can afford and you'd like to, you can buy Patchy but he can't be added to the household.

Get to work update:
You and some of your newcomers can be aliens. If you're playing with a sultana, you should be an alien that is able to impregnate males.

Get together update:
You should place a dance floor.
-Harder: Your concubines must reach level 3 in dancing, your future spouse must master it.

Jungle adventure update:
Your future spouse must master the culture skill. Come on, the selvadoradian dance looks so good for this :wink:

City living update:
This should be obvious but you can't live in an apartment. A penthouse is okay.

Vampire update:
You and ONE of your concubines can be a vampire. The vampire concubine must become a vampire as a reward. This concubine have to be ''the one''=your future spouse.
(Newcomer townies of course can be aliens and vampires, in the latter case you have to make them human unless she is ''the one'')

Vintage glamour update:
You can have a butler but the butler can't be the member of your household. You can have an affair with the butler.
Same rule for maids and nannies.

Cats and dogs update:
You can have a pet. That's it xD
No, that's not it. Your concubines can leave the house with the "pet bodyguard" but still can't have more than 3 tasks.

Get famous update:
(by the end of the challenge) You must buy a vault!
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  • boskos456boskos456 Posts: 66 Member
    Have fun :)
  • caitosauruscaitosaurus Posts: 8 New Member
    Gosh, I'm a sucker for edgy challenges like this. Should be a blast. xD
  • boskos456boskos456 Posts: 66 Member
    Gosh, I'm a sucker for edgy challenges like this. Should be a blast. xD

    Thanks. Glad U like it. 😁
  • boskos456boskos456 Posts: 66 Member
    Sry for the continuous editing and updating. Just tryin' to make this more eye friendly the rules more clear. o:)
  • badxwolfxrisingbadxwolfxrising Posts: 68 Member
    I'd love to see a let's play on this challenge. There are concepts that sound neat to me but I just lack the focus for and this is one of them. I need it as a Sim comic or movie lol.
  • Deadtech5Deadtech5 Posts: 150 Member
    SO I'm interested in doing this challenge and I just want to clarify, my concubines have to have 2 of those generated traits? and i have to roll a dice twice to decide their trait?
  • boskos456boskos456 Posts: 66 Member
    edited February 21
    Deadtech5 wrote: »
    SO I'm interested in doing this challenge and I just want to clarify, my concubines have to have 2 of those generated traits? and i have to roll a dice twice to decide their trait?

    Sry for the late reply. Yes, two traits of your concubines have to be randomised with a dice/google's random number generator. :)
    Btw love the Han Solo gif :3
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