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Question about the Tomb of the First Emperor

JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 21,538 Member
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Yesterday I was exploring this tomb (the one under the terra cotta army) and I sort of got stuck and didn't know what to do next and well, to cut a long story short (ahem, it was late and I was weak), I went into building mode to take a quick peek around. And then I noticed this room:


But..., I don't quite understand how she'd ever be able to get there? It's black in playing mode obviously because she hasn't entered it yet. I see no ways to enter it though. Is it an error? A room that was accidently left by the creators? Or is there actually a way to get there? As you can see there is a toggle attached to it (the green arrow, coming from a tile in one of the other chambers).


  • TreyNutzTreyNutz Posts: 5,780 Member
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    I just played that tomb yesterday, lol. Didn't get to that room; haven't seen it before. It might be something leftover which was never incorporated into the tomb puzzles. I've seen other remnants in other tombs. I'll have to check that out if I can find a save of my sim in China.

    edit: I found an old save and loaded it up to take a look at that tomb. All the step-on pressure plates in that room link to other plates on the floor above which are part of an elaborate puzzle (with a simple solution). I don't know anything about constructing tomb puzzles, but maybe linking everything the way they did was how they got that puzzle to work the way it does? Or maybe it's there as a way to test/troubleshoot things? Dunno, really, but it's not a place your sim can get to normally and is not a part of solving the tomb.
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  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 21,538 Member
    @TreyNutz Ok, thanks! I won’t bother with it then and start focusing on finding my way to the proper room then. I think I’ve missed a closed door and a keystone somewhere (I do have the keystone already, just need to find the door I need it for).
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