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Simlish Fair Stories


  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    @coco Yes, I've played Skyrim quite a bit. Oblivion and Morrowind too. A few other RPGs, but not in a while. Carry weight is always an issue while on a dungeon crawl, so I started using a portable storage mod in my Elder Scrolls games. It's like carrying around your own genie lamp that you can enter, drop of treasure, sleep, craft, then pop back out right where you'd been standing. :#

    This is the mod I'm using at the moment for Skyrim SE: Dwemer Storage Cube.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    I'm still working on getting my blog up to date. Today I found a few screenshots taken back in June of this year, so I added them to the blog.

    These pics were from Lost Cove.
    03-15. Random Screenshots 3

    My game crashed, so I only played a little while. I don't experience too many game issues, but every once in a while, I have trouble. I managed to save right after leaving CAS, but the game was acting glitchy. I was able to get a few outtake pics before it went south though.

    Archie Bloom, Emad Faraz's minion and Thief of Lost Cove.

    Sherry Malone, first female Farazian minion and Wonder Woman Wanna-Be.

    Just for fun, I put a new pattern by CravenLestat on an outfit that Bebhinn happened to be wearing at the time.

    What is it with all these females dip-kissing the men?

    The kiss before the last crash. They missed out on woohoo!
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    edited December 2018
    I need to add some older Lost Cove updates to my blog. These posts were shared on the forum, but I hadn't put them on the blog yet. They are the chapters leading up to the children being forced into the oubliette.

    03-16. One Day Before We Build

    I went into my Lost Cove game again and didn't have any issues. I don't know what that crashing hiccup was about! I didn't try to do any story update or building until I knew for sure that my game was stable. I just let the family do what they wanted. So here are some outtakes of their evening at home.

    Father and daughter gossiping.
    Faith: And they have to clean the toilet by hand! Can you imagine? I'm so glad I'm a genie!

    One scary lady! That face is enough to give anyone a heart attack!

    And now that she de-stressed, it's back to work for Ambitious Bebhinn.

    The kids were wanting attention. Faith asked Emad to play tag with her. All they did was walk up and down the stairs and tag each other. Paladin interrupted Bebhinn's work to ask for a bedtime story.

    She read him a Logic skill book. I guess she had that in her inventory already. Paladin's eyes were glazing over!

    Not surprisingly, he fell asleep right away. Actually, he was exhausted.

    Bebhinn loves her horses. She went outside to brush Shade.

    She bottle fed Tempest since Luna was asleep, then put her back in the stall with her mother.

    Tempest: Mama? Are you awake yet? I'm really bored.

    Tempest: Can I go outside and play? ... Mama?

    Tempest: Mama? Are you done eating now? I want to jump and race! Mama? ... Maaaamma!

    They look so innocent when they're asleep.

    I took some screenshots of the lot where I plan to build the Farazian Society Commune in Lost Cove. It's on an island just off the mainland. It's the biggest lot available, but is only 50x50.

    I'm going to set NRaas to allow more than 8 sims in the household. This will be a challenge for me. I think I'll have close to 20 sims and pets. Too many for me to control, so I won't even try! Lost Cove is sparsely populated, so it would be a good world for me to use for this experiment.

    The lot is close to the ocean, but doesn't connect to it.

    There is a beach area nearby. I might add a small beach-type lot there.

    The rest of the small island is hilly.

    But it's not too far from the rest of Lost Cove. (This world is semi-apocalyptic. That's why there are ruined buildings, bridges, and boats around about.)
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  • cocococo Posts: 2,613 Member
    @lanlyn Sorry somehow I missed your notification. Thanks for that link! I tried downloading a lot of the popular mods but it disabled the ability to get achievements on Steam so I think I'll just play the game how it is for the moment and maybe further down the track I'll delve into mods again :smile:

    I love that pattern on Bebhinn. It gets a lot of use in my game because of its versatility :smile:
    Emad I've missed you :heart: It just shows you have lots of dominant women when it comes to love :wink:

    Sounds like you had a memory spike but what caused it could have been anything :frowning:

    I have to go for a bit, but I'll edit my post once I finish reading :smile:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,819 Member
    @lanlyn I think I remember those pics of Archie and Sherry. Sherry really is channeling Wonder Woman! :)
    Bebhinn and Emad really are a lovely couple :)
    "And they have to clean the toilet by hand! Can you imagine? I'm so glad I'm a genie!" LOL
    I remember the pic of Bebhinn with the scary face very well! :D
    My eyes would glaze over if I had to read a logic book! :D
    The horses are lovely :) I don't think my sims would ever own horses if I installed Pets but I do love seeing them in other's games :)
    That is a beautiful spot for the Commune :)
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    @meerkattime Thank you for the feedback on my updates. ...Emad did play tag with Faith, but they didn't go outside, so it wasn't much of a game--just following each other up and down the stairs! ...A lot of male sims are "dip-kiss worthy," but I don't know if I'd be able to dip a 180-200 pound male in RL! :#

    @coco Thank you for commenting on my posts. :) ...I know; it's too bad that mods break the achievement badges on Steam for Skyrim SE. I also had to make a decision about what I wanted more: mods or badges. I chose mods. But I'd played the older Legendary version of Skyrim first and had already earned several badges before switching over to SE, so at least I earned some. ...I have a few favorite Sims patterns that I use a lot too.

    @Mikezumi Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it! ...Yes, these are old posts that I'd shared in the other thread. I knew that when I kept posting on the forum without also updating my blog, I'd live to regret it! Now I'm playing catch up. :s Ah well, once I get these chapters added, I'll feel ready to rescue the kiddos. ...Horses are fun to play, but they require a lot of space, much more than a dog or cat.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,819 Member
    @lanlyn Those kids must be feeling desperate by now! ;)
    Looking forward to seeing more of that story when you are ready :)
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    edited December 2018
    I've added 5 more past updates to my blog. They show stages of building the Farazian Society Commune in Lost Cove. I backdated them on the blog to the times I actually did the work so all the older chapters will appear in chronological order there.

    I'll just give links to the building posts here since they basically only show a work-in-process. I have a few more of these building updates to do.

    03-17. The Farazian Society Commune: Stage 1
    03-18. The Farazian Society Commune: Stage 2
    03-19. The Farazian Society Commune: Stage 3
    03-20. The Farazian Society Commune: Stage 4
    04-02. The Farazian Society Commune: Stage 5

    But I also plan to share several family screenshots I took while building the commune. I already shared these pics in the General Discussion forum, so you may have already seen them. But once I get all these older posts transferred to the blog, I'll be read to start new updates.
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  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    04-01. Family Outtakes While Building: 1

    The kids exercising together and a walk-by Emad sighting.

    Shade and Tempest discussing the lack of fall leaves. It's been "donkey's years" since they've seen any!

    Archie Bloom stopped by to say hi.

    Paladin seems so serious about what he's telling Bebhinn.
    Paladin: Scaring me as much as you do could stunt my growth, you know.

    Tempest and Luna frolicking together.

    Paladin volunteered to clean Shade's hooves. I rarely have to worry about the horses getting attention. The entier family loves them.

    Emad had to repair two computers in one day. Bebhinn tried to fix this one, but failed. She spends more time working in her political career so isn't as high in Handiness as Emad. Emad has already mastered his acrobatic career, but he's more content to just lounge around the house or meet up with his minions while Bebhinn prefers to "work from home" on the computers. The woman is definitely hard on the family's computers!

    Speaking of ambitious, Faith loves to rule the court. Her mother is Governor of Lost Cove and her father is the Mastermind of his own "private" society. Ruling is in her blood!

    Mom and foal napping together.

    Emad's woohoo wish.

  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    04-03. Dark Charisma

    To test out the meeting room, I dressed the family formally and brought them over to the Commune. Emad gave a practice lecture on The Power of Charisma. Bebhinn played mood music while he spoke.

    I didn't plan for Bebhinn's outfit to match the meeting hall decor. It was just a happy coincidence!

    The kids were a little restless at first, so I set them up in a NRaas Animator "sit and breath" loop.

    Emad: My children, let me tell you a secret! You can have everything you want in life by following one simple rule--the Golden Rule. And do you know what that Magic Rule says?

    Emad: Why, it simply states: Give people what they want and they'll return the favor 100 fold!

    Emad: A smile, a pat on the back ... a kiss ... only small steps to grander things. Oh yes, my young believers, the secret is revealed! Learn the Charismatic Art of the Golden Hustle and the world will be yours for the taking!

    Emad: Do you have a question, Paladin my Son?
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,217 Member
    @lanlyn Love seeing pics from Lost Cove. Hope those kids are not getting all froggy down in those water logged underground chambers! :tongue:
    I like his thief outfit very much! The pattern looks great on her outfit.
    I do remember those stories from the other thread. It is always nice to see them again. :)
    Love the family pictures and seeing the beautiful horses playing around.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,819 Member
    Lovely seeing your pics again :)
    Emad is extremely charismatic!
    I always enjoying seeing this family :)
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  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    @bekkasan Thank you for the feedback. ...I should have put all these updates on my blog to begin with so I wouldn't have to play catch up now! That's ok. It's a chance for me to review the story before I finish the latest chapter. ;)

    @Mikezumi Thanks so much for the support. :blush:

    @meerkattime Thank you! I appreciate your taking time to browse this thread. :)
  • cocococo Posts: 2,613 Member
    @lanlyn Sorry time got away from me a bit. RE: Skyrim and mods. I was having a lot of fun playing it on Saturday just travelling from town to town and completing side quests. If I could have one mod right now it would be something to help decorate my character's house. I spent ages putting potions on her shelves and flowers on her tables to make the place look nicer. Next time I reload the save and everything I placed has been dumped on the ground, and when I look at things it gives me the option to steal them when I'm supposed to own them in the first place :lol:

    I'm glad you haven't had any crashing problems since. I remember some of these pictures, and the toilet comment by Faith :lol:
    Cute horses. They really shine in the moonlight :smile:
    Looks like a nice and private spot for the commune.

    Adorable picture of Tempest and Luna playing together. I would have thought that Emad can just use his genie powers to fix the computers :tongue:
    Faith takes after her father but I get the feeling she would be a nicer ruler. Emad and Bebhinn look nice in their fancy clothes.

    I remember this update with Emad's lecture. Good thinking to use the animation loop. It's too hard to get sims sitting still otherwise. The Golden Rule is learning how to hustle. He's got a point there :lol:
  • AlleenmensAlleenmens Posts: 17,158 Member
    "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." :blush:
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    I've been busy with seasonal activities this past week, but I'll try to catch up with everyone's updates and comments here in Stories and Legacies. Sorry for the delay in responding!

    @coco Weird about the Skyrim potions changing ownership once they fell to the ground! :o It's so annoying that you can't decorate very well in Elder Scrolls games unless you mod or use console commands. ...Thank you so much for your feedback! Always good to see your posts.

    @Alleenmens Thank you for checking out my thread. I appreciate the interest! And I agree with your quote. :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,819 Member
    @lanlyn I am not a Christmassy person but even so it is a busy time of year for most. Wishing you and yours the very best for the festive season :) It will be just my son and I this year although I will be spending time with my sister after Christmas. My son will be going with me but he does so under duress ;) He suffers terribly from anxiety so outings are not easy for him but he's a good kid and knows that this is important to me. Although he starts out quietly, his cousins soon get him out of his shell and we all end up having a wonderful time.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    @Mikezumi We had a good Christmas. Simple, though, since no young children were with us. I hope you and your son enjoyed your time at your sister's. :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,819 Member
    @lanlyn Glad you had a good Christmas :) My brother is the only one with young children in my family and he lives in another state so we don't see them often. My boy is now 18 and my sister's girls are 17 and 20. It's today that we will be heading out to my sister's and I am sure we will have a good time once he comes out of his shell. Thanks :)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,760 Member
    edited December 2018
    Stepping into this story too now, love your pictures. That pattern looks great for the genie outfit. But then, any CravenLestat pattern looks great.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    @Mikezumi It sounds like your holidays were filled with family time. And I read in the other thread about your summer heat wave. Very different from my cold, white Christmas!

    @JoAnne65 Thanks for taking a look at this thread! And I agree that @CravenLestat makes great patterns. :)
  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,499 Member
    edited January 2019
    Yeah! I may drop by to add comments. I caught up with the Wild West at last. I got really curious why Holly was into Wiccan. Maybe it was because of her new profession? Anyway, I've just realized the story was created in 2016! :-O I love those conversations between Roy and Trav, they were very smart!

    I've bookmarked this last adventure in Sunlit Tides to check it out since I'm on vacation.

    EDIT (01/14): I've just caught up with the Bucket Listers. That tomb exploring was extremely exciting! Thanks for the footnote mentioning no one was cursed. I like how supportive both characters are.
    Post edited by thuggishsplicer on
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    edited January 2019
    @thuggishsplicer I just saw your post here. Thank you so much for reading my stories, and I appreciate your taking the time to leave feedback. :) I've been MIA on the forum for a while. Not much simming or blogging the last couple of months. Not sure how it will go in the future, but I really would like to catch up on unfinished segments of my stories at least.

    Holly got into Wiccan ideas as part of being a witch. She started working on potions and brews, and it developed from there--herbal remedies and natural concoctions. :#

    Pretty funny that Roy's horse sometimes shows more common sense and wisdom than poor Roy! :D

    I got pulled back into my Sunlit Tides story when I copied the older ST updates from the forum to my blog recently. The last 2 Ruins chapters are newer posts, 2018. The other posts were from 2016, but I edited those chapters to include the Bucket List idea. BTW, the Jungle Ruins venue was a new lot made by @CravenLestat.
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