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Simlish Fair Stories

lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
I've decided to start a thread linking my stories here on the forum to my blog. I won't try to repost the stories I've shared elsewhere on the forum, but I'll give links to where they can be found on my blog.

Any new updates I add will be posted both here and on my blog. I'm hoping this thread will make it easier for readers to find any of my stories they're interested in reading, whether past or current.

This first post gives links to the stories I've been working on. Some story lines have several chapters while others have only a few right now. And I'm still updating several. All these TOCs can also be found on my blog, along with a few other topics.

Notice that the tables of contents on the blog are arranged with older updates on the bottom of the page, while newer links are given towards the top. Most updates are numbered to help with this sorting order.

Stories and Adventures
Challenges and Experiments
  • Bridgeport: 112 Day Challenge and beyond
  • Côtes d'Ambonnay: Medieval families moved here from Mysterious Island, and are just settling in
  • Mountain Lake: Charlie's family moved from here to Legacy Island III while the Clue House sims relocated to a new Mountain Lake save and are just getting started
  • Mysterious Island: Medieval families moved from here to Côtes d'Ambonnay
  • Sunlit Tides: Bucket Listers
  • Twinbrook: a focus on pets
  • World Travelers: a new story line taking place on Mysterious Island

Regular Game Play
The Pixie Well (General game play and tidbits of this-and-that)

Edited to update blog post links.
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  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
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    Right now, I've been playing an older household in Sunlit Tides. Most of this game play started back in 2015, so I'm doing catch up on relocating the updates to my blog. Anyway, I'll start posting these updates here.

    To begin with, here are the stats for the two sims from Sunlit Tides. I call them my Bucket Listers. ;)

    Keaunu Keilani
    Age: Elder
    Occult: Human
    Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Loves to Swim, Adventurous, Savvy Sculptor, Easily Impressed, Brooding
    Zodiac: Pisces
    Lifetime Wish: Private Museum
    Career History: Sculptor
    Companion: Maria Ernest

    Maria Ernest
    Age: Elder
    Occult: Human
    Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Loves to Swim, Adventurous, Angler, Gatherer, Unflirty
    Zodiac: Taurus
    Lifetime Wish: Great Explorer
    Career History: Angler
    Companion: Keaunu Keilani
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  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
    0-Introduction. Sunlit Tides

    My household in Sunlit Tides is made up of two premade sims: Keaunu Keilani and Maria Ernest. They are best friends now and have moved in together. Why should they be alone just because they're older? I changed a couple of their traits and gave them lifetime wishes that would fit in with traveling. Keaunu and Maria are going to see the world before they enter the ghost phase of life.


    Besides their Lifetime Wishes, Keaunu and Maria each have a Bucket List to accomplish during the sunset years of their lives. They've vowed to support each other in their Bucket activities, and will join the other in completing these "to-do" wishes whenever possible.




    Keaunu's Bucket List
    • Befriend a mermaid.
    • Learn to meditate, Sim Fu style.
    • Kiss a girl while on a gondola ride.
    • Drink champagne in a hot air balloon.
    • Visit a famous museum in France.
    • Spar with a worthy opponent.
    • Serenade a girl on the violin.
    • Find underwater treasure while deep sea diving.
    • Own every kind of cut gem there is.
    • Win a fight with a mummy.


    Maria's Bucket List
    • Catch a crocodile.
    • Sail a famous river in Egypt.
    • Make nectar from grapes grown in France.
    • Ride a roller coaster.
    • Attend a masquerade ball.
    • Catch a will-o-the-wisp.
    • Build a koi pond.
    • Skydive in a special chamber.
    • Explore an underwater cave.
    • Fight a shark.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,478 Member
    @lanlyn This is a great idea! I keep meaning to read your stories, and have visited your blog on a few occasions, but I will definitely read them now because I feel more comfortable leaving comments here on the forum. Looking forward to it :)
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
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    @Mikezumi Thanks for taking a peek at my new thread! I'm doing blog work tonight and should have a few more updates posted here in the next couple of hours, including some screenshots of @CravenLestat's Ship Island and his Ruins Tomb. I put both of them in Sunlit Tides--the Island a couple of years ago and the Ruins just recently. Keaunu and Maria visited each lot. :)

    Sunlit Tides is one of my stories that I need to get uploaded to the blog site. It's a little tedious to transfer these old posts, but kind of relaxing too. I thought this would be a simple project to work on as I get back into Simming again. ;)
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    01-01. Meeting the Bucket Listers

    I checked in on my household in Sunlit Tides. Keaunu and Maria wanted to enjoy their amazing home world of Sunlit Tides before starting any travels.

    Rise and shine! The sun will be up soon.

    Wouldn't you love to taste Flame Fruit pancakes?

    The moon sinks below the horizon while ...

    ... the sun rises to take her place.

    Have you noticed that I love sunrises and sunsets?

    Bicycling is good for the body and the soul!

    A quick dip in the ocean. Look at the grin on Keaunu's face.

    In Sunlit Tides, Life's a beach ...

    ... and then you skate!


    Keaunu Keilani in Sunlit Tides is brooding in a public bathroom, poor guy. He's contemplating the Hollowness of Life and remembering lost love. Get your thoughts out of the toilet, Keaunu, and step outside to smell the hibiscus!


    Look at Maria! She has the whole ocean to play in, but she's ticked off because her friend took the exact spot SHE was heading for! Only a sim!


    Keaunu and Maria just puttered around the house today. But they also got a couple of new outfits each.

    Gardening hobby and Sculpting career.

    Senior Fitness

    Enjoying the Ocean Together
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    01-02. The Dutchess Island Resort

    I placed @CravenLestat's pirate ship Dutchess Island in my Sunlit Tides game. I'm going to turn it into a resort. I have a successful mermaid island resort in Roaring Heights, so the ship island should work nicely. Another fantasy resort!

    Here are a few pics of the build right after being placed. The sun was just rising when I went into the game.




    The waters in ST are fairly shallow, so I hope there are no boat routing issues. My ST household doesn't have a boat right now, but they were able to take a taxi over to the island.

    There's just not anything for them to interact with yet. It'll take me some time to make the resort. The game has it "closed" right now.


    I'll share a few pics of what I've done so far.

    The basement with the gym area, a small VIP bedroom, bathroom, and the Tower RH rug room. I decided to use it instead of the replacement doors.

    One side of the top floor is the dining Room with the main buffet tables. I love those windows looking out over the sea. I need to add a public speaker in here for music. The other side of the ship will be the wedding chapel.

    Two more tables outside for the kids and those wanting Dim Sum. I still have a lot to do outdoors. I've put in the pool and spa already. And I'm trying to keep all of CravenLestat 's clutter decor because it's so fun and unique. But I do have to move some of it to make way for things--like the pool.
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    01-03. A Night at The Dutchess

    Keaunu and Maria arrived at the newly opened resort around 8:30 Saturday morning. They hadn't bought a boat yet, so took a taxi, which deposited them on the beach with no mishap.

    They were ready to try out everything The Dutchess had to offer.

    The staff were just emerging from the "tower." (located below ground!)

    Check-in is quick and easy, with affordable prices for everyone's budget. The resort offers a top level computer for guests, a TV and a bookcase with the latest bestsellers.

    The main floor is open, but consists of three areas: the entrance and stairwell, the lobby, and the lounge.

    The bar in the lounge opens every evening at 5:00, but guests are welcome to use the tables for dining anytime.

    During the day, you can try our specialty drinks at the pool bar. Friendly service with a smile.

    Grab a quick meal at the snack stand if you'd like a change from the dining room buffet.

    An open spa is available under a gazebo.

    The sauna offers several relaxing and rejuvenating treatments.

    If you're brave (or think you are!), try the fire walks. One is hot, the other scalding.

    Dutchess Island is accessible from all sides. Any type of boat can be accommodated.

    But watch out for the weather! Even paradise will have a little "hail" sometimes.

    Some folks don't even need boats!

    It's always nice to have the sunshine back again.

    After an active day, the dining room provides socializing as well as nourishment.

    Or maybe you'd like to try your luck with the aliens. Just climb to the top deck and use the nautical telescope to search the stars.

    (I had to remove one set of stairs here because sims couldn't access the doors under them. I tried everything I could think of, but no go. I really loved how that pair of stairs looked too! This was the only issue I had with the lot.)

    The hot tub is open day or night, with the perfect temperature you expect in a hot tub.

    The lounge employs the best mixologists in Sunlit Tides.

    The waters around Dutchess Island are always calm, even for midnight sailing.

    And did someone ask about fishing? Well, if it's in the ocean, you can catch it from Dutchess Island--whether from boat or land.

    The Dutchess provides a convenient gym for those who can't go a day without exercise. And for those who don't exercise, please feel free to use the rocking chairs instead. We make no judgments here!

    You're sure to enjoy a good night's rest (and room service!) in the main tower rooms. (Keaunu and Maria stayed in the tower this time so they could make sure everything went ok with that. Next time, they'll try the VIP room.)

    On Dutchess Island, the house does NOT always win!

    And don't forget our wedding chapel! It's a favorite for any wedding venue--informal to formal.

    Nothing says I Love You like a stay at The Dutchess!

    After a day with us, we guarantee you'll be back! ...And remember to tell everyone about The Dutchess!

    Fairy-Man Daniel Pleasant recommends The Dutchess for romantic getaways.
    "I stayed at The Dutchess and will do it again! It's perfect for when you REALLY need to get away! 5 Stars!"
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    01-04. Romance and Other Traumas

    Daniel Pleasant rushed away from the island just as ...

    ... Mary Sue (his new wife) arrived in a taxi. No joke! She just wandered around the resort. I think she was looking for him!

    Apparently romance was in the air. Even this young man, Twikki Wahine, was thinking about love!

    The All-in-One toilet was broken, but the maintenance workers just kept mopping up--avoiding repairs and trying to look busy.

    When this worker realized the other guy had beat him to the mopping this time, he became a little dramatic! He'd have to be the one to fix the toilet now. He finally gave in and got out his hammer.

    That night, we had a little issue with the sleeping arrangements. Keaunu and Maria are best friends, but have no romance between them. That was their agreement when they moved in together to share expenses. Well, the VIP room has only one bed. They'd have to share!

    Keaunu wasn't so sure about getting in bed with Maria. I think maybe he'd been a bachelor way too long!
    Keaunu: Can I go sleep in the tower?
    Me: No you may not! Get in bed. It's late.

    Keaunu: I don't know. I might disturb her.
    Me: She's already asleep. She's fine.
    Keaunu: Maybe we should talk about this.

    Me: Maria, do you mind if Keaunu sleeps in the same bed with you?
    Maria: Of course not! We're friends.
    Me: See there, Keaunu?
    Keaunu: I should probably go back to the rocking chair.
    Me: Oh, no you don't! ...I'm going to resetsim your little behind! Then teleport you back here!

    And I did just that. But Keaunu acted so pitiful.
    Keaunu: Oh!! I think I'm having a heart attack! Resets, teleporting, strange beds! This is all too stressful!
    Me: Get in the freakin' bed, Keaunu! Now!! Or I'll teleport you all the way to Lunar Lakes!

    Finally he crept into bed and didn't move a muscle most of the night. But ...

    ... some strange man stared through the wall at them while they slept.

    The next morning, after Maria got up, Keaunu was still sound asleep. Housekeeping came in to clean and make the bed, then heckled Keaunu for wearing PJs during the day!

    After breakfast, I decided Keaunu needed to get used to physical contact with Maria. She asked him to slow dance, and he seemed fine with that.

    But he was much more comfortable just fishing together.

    Although, he didn't mind Maria playing footsies with him in the boat.

    Me: What do you think, Keaunu? Want to be more than friends with Maria?
    Keaunu: She is kind of cute with her new tan.
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    01-05. Jungle Ruins: Part 1

    This story line features CravenLestat's Jungle Ruins community lot.

    Early one morning after breakfast, Keaunu and Maria started talking. They weren't getting any younger--well, ok, so they'd eaten a few Life Fruits, but those hardly counted. The point was, the two were anxious to tackle their Bucket Lists. It was a beautiful day in Sunlit Tides. No better time than now to start their quests!

    Maria: Why don't we begin by exploring that beach cave everyone's talking about? I heard they finally got the door unsealed, but the city council is telling folks to stay clear. What do you think?

    Keaunu: Those danger warnings are nonsense. The Power People just want all the treasures for themselves! I say we beat them to the punch! You game, girl?

    Maria: Always! Let me pack some food, and then I'm good to go.
    Keaunu: And I'll get our first aid kit ready. ... Yahoo!

    Keaunu and Maria bicycled down the road to a hidden beach area. The ruins were just as intriguing as they anticipated. The place wasn't completed deserted either. A few brave souls had come out to take a look.

    But Maria and Keaunu were the first to step through the entrance. There were a few torches set up, but the room was dark and mysterious. Had this been an ancient temple once long ago?

    The first thing Maria wanted to check out was the strange well. She dove in without a thought to what lay below. Lucky for her, she came up with a nice collection of loot. Keaunu also found some loot in a nearby chest.

    After climbing down the ladder to an underground level, Maria worked at clearing a doorway while Keaunu practiced meditating. Maria knew he was just brooding, but she never corrected him about that.

    Excited to see what she could find in this new crypt area, Maria triggered a fire trap set in the floor!

    But her dear friend was prepared and pulled out the fire extinguisher he'd packed.

    Maria was saved from certain death, but she needed to cool down and wash off. She headed back upstairs for another dip in the well.

    By that time, Keaunu was hacking away at another blocked door. While a local teen sat at a nearby table and watched what they were doing, Maria took a break to eat and recover her strength.

    She needed it because as Keaunu ate his own dinner, Maria triggered yet another floor trap! This time it was electrical. Back to the well to heal her poor, tortured body!

    Meanwhile, long-buried crypt ants found their picnic, so they packed all their food away.

    This level offered a comfortable bed--perfect for a much-needed nap. So they didn't have to use sleeping bags.

    When they woke up, Keaunu and Maria tried to disarm the traps, but they couldn't figure out how to turn them off, even after listening to Logic podcasts on their MultiTabs.

    Giving up on the traps, the pair climbed down to the next level. Maria found a hidden switch and turned it. She didn't realize that it opened a mummy's sarcophagus!

    The Ancient Guardian fell instantly in love with Maria, but he still had a job to do--guard the crypt's treasure!

    Maria wasted no time. Catching the mummy by surprise, she lunged first!

    The battle was fierce!

    The outcome uncertain.

    But in the end, Maria prevailed ... this time.

    She watched in shock as the mummy disappeared into a whirlwind of dust.

    Maria wondered sadly if this romantic mummy had sacrificed himself to let her win. She would never know.
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    01-06. Jungle Ruins: Part 2

    The second dungeon level down tested Keaunu's and Maria's strength and courage over and over again. While they rejoiced in all the amazing treasure troves they discovered, each new gain unleashed more terror. Three more mummies rose from their sarcophagi to fight with the adventurers!

    Whatever god this ancient statue represented was serious about defending his bounty! Keaunu believed the rock god looked like a dwarf from that long-lost race. Personally, Maria thought it was just a run of the mill gnome.

    Dwarf, gnome, or ancient alien, he meant business! His mummy henchmen were tough warriors.

    Maria lost her second battle with one mummy who wasn't so kind to her. She fell into a deep sleep.

    After each victory, the mummies returned to their own slumber.

    Keaunu lost fights with two mummies. One was a thin, wiry fellow.

    And the other was a hefty strongman!

    Keaunu also collapsed in unconsciousness after each lost battle.

    There was a second hallway leading off from the lowest level's rock god chamber. Maria had been wanting to investigate this last crypt room from the first moment she entered the ruins.

    Now with the crypt's treasures pillaged, both Maria and Keaunu spent a few moments trying their luck with the magic well they found there. Never one prospered!

    The well just wasn't going to give up its mysteries for them. They'd have to test the waters another day.

    Maria did manage to catch a couple of fish from the well though.

    She donated a tuna to the well's display stand nearby--in memory of the Romantic Mummy.

    By then, Keaunu and Maria discovered that small excavation sites had materialized inside the tomb. They dug through the muck to find more treasure!

    And excavation mounds had appeared outside the crypt as well. The two were really racking in the loot!

    Exhausted, Maria and Keaunu took a moment to sit by the fire pit and roast marshmallows. They talked about their adventures and what they should do with the treasure they'd found.

    They happened to see a few pieces of ore lying near the ruins and decided they should collect the stones before they left the area.

    Content with all their prizes, they bicycled home.

    Keaunu: We didn't get anything marked off on our Bucket Lists, but I think we made a good start on them.
    Maria: It was a valuable experience ... and a lot of fun too!

    That night, they arranged for another addition to their house. Keaunu needed a room to house his relics, and they would need space for their Bucket List projects too.

    One more floor was added above the main area of the house with stairs leading up from the utility room.

    Keaunu set out all their treasures. He had enough relics to put him half-way to his Lifetime Wish goal of §20,000!

    They also added two decks to the new upstairs level. One in front ...

    ... and one in back. After a few more trips abroad, they would add more luxuries.

    Footnote: Neither Keaunu or Maria got cursed by the mummies! So all's well that ends well.
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  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,592 Member
    I think I am the only simmer that knows what blue lettering is on a post ...It was a link people :rage:

    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

  • PeachesnDucksPeachesnDucks Posts: 1,537 Member
    Hi @lanlyn ! So happy to see you simming and posting again. I have this thread bookmarked and will be following. The Bucket Listers theme is really cool, I love the idea. The mummy scene was intense and glad they made it out ok in the end. Keaunu and Maria are really cute. :smile:
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
    @CravenLestat Thanks for reading my posts! I appreciate that you go out of your way to show support for other people's efforts and that you contribute to the community in so many ways yourself. <3

    @PeachesnDucks Hi back at ya! Glad to see you on the forum and in this thread. Thank you so much for checking out my updates and giving feedback. I'm happy you enjoy my goofy stories! :)
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 9,094 Member
    @lanlyn Found you. :)
    I really do need to send some of my sims to ST. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love your elder couple and admire their bucket lists. They are adorable together and yes, being older doesn't mean you have to be alone.
    I do love the resort with craven's ship. I made it a casino in my MH save. :) It really is a versatile build for sims to have fun at. Love the chapel. Will we see a wedding with your awesome couple? Oh...well, you kinda answered part of the question. I guess only time will tell. :) It is funny he didn't want to get in bed with her and gave you such a hard time.
    Looks like the tomb has some exciting things to find and do. Glad Maria was able to beat the mummy. oh dear, more mummies, but, more treasure too! Glad they had fun and no curses!
    Look forward to more of their adventures as they work on their bucket lists.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,478 Member
    @lanlyn Yep being alone when old is too sad! I am glad you have put Keaunu and Maria together :) Sunlit Tides is a beautiful world :) Love the bucket list idea!
    Their Sunlit Tides house is lovely! Beautiful pics :)
    Craven's pirate ship fits in perfectly and makes lovely resort :)
    That poor child rowing in the hail!
    I would want to stay there! :)
    What a fiasco with Keaunu and the sleeping arrangements! I forgot to buy a new bed after putting in Sleep Freedom and there was lots of foot stomping with Ian and Paul before I realized my mistake :#
    Of course they should be more than friends!
    They look so excited at the prospect of exploring the beach cave :)
    It fits in beautifully on the beach :)
    Poor Maria is copping all the traps! At least Keaunu was there for her :)
    A picnic! How cute! Not sure about the ants though ;)
    Hearts with the mummy! :D Glad she kicked his linen wrapped butt! :D
    That's a lot of mummies! My sims would be sent packing because I would be too afraid!
    They took their share of beatings :(
    Looks like they hit the jackpot with all excavation mounds and tomb treasures :)
    At that rate it won't take long for Keaunu to get his LTW :)
    Glad neither got cursed! Love the extensions to the house :)
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,668 Member
    I think I am the only simmer that knows what blue lettering is on a post ...It was a link people :rage:


    I worked it out - and used them - don't worry. I have plundered your studio and left a few more recs.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,668 Member
    Found you. Hooray!!!

    @lanlyn your bucket listers are living in the house I've got Heather and her family living in. But you'd not recognise their house as being it's original self I've altered it so much. :) I love the alterations you did to it. So much more like a well planned house than what I came up with.

    I think your list of challenges for each of your sims should make for an interesting game. I hope they can achieve all of them. I wish I came up with that sort of thing at the start of a game - I tend to be a blank page and think of interesting things to do as I go along - hence my plans are constantly changing. I will be waiting with anticipation to see someone catch that will-o-the-wisp.

    I love your sunrise and sunset pictures. I tend to enjoy trying to get them too.

    I love getting my sims to sculpt and am most impressed with your restraint in limiting Maria to just one square mat for her garden. I have tried to do that sort of thing in the past but so far have always failed miserably. My life is a constant battle between lag caused by too many harvestables growing and having a sufficiently large garden to make me feel it's worthwhile having it at all. I am improving though. I recently added a basement garden to one of my Lucky Palms households and was delighted when it didn't cover more than about half of the lot. I did wonder though if I could resist what I know will be the future strong temptation to expand it.

    Thank you for the link to @CravelLestat Pirate Ship. I just downloaded it and then got led astray and downloaded his Baskin Robbins, McDonalds and Pizza Hut too. Thanks @CravenLestat. You got some Recs from me too.

    You're doing a great job with the decor of the Pirate Ship.

    Fun time poor Keaunu had trying to sleep and get to know Maria a little better.

    So I got @CravenLestat Jungle Ruins community lot too now. thanks for the link.

    I must admit I was a bit disappointed, but not surprised, that neither of them got cursed by the mummy. It isn't easy to get cursed but fun to get cured if it happens. Although the first time I had a sim get cursed she died as I had no idea what to do or how to cure her. When she became a ghost I abandoned the game as I didn't know much about ghosts then either. Needless to say it all happened a long time before I ventured onto the forums.

    I have so much more fun with this game now and have thoroughly enjoyed your story so far.

  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
    edited December 2018
    @meerkattime Thank you for all the wonderful feedback! I really appreciate it. ...It's funny how sims can whip fire extinguishers out their pockets! ...Maria and Keaunu only had 3 pts in Athletics and 1 in Martial Arts, so they're not tough enough to win against mummies. I was surprised that Maria won that first time! ...Maria must have been flattered a little over the mummy's attraction. But she has the Unflirty trait, so it's going to take some special effort to impress her into a romance. ;)

    @bekkasan I'm glad you found my thread. I put links to the updates in the "What Happened" thread--and there's a link in my signature too in case you lose me! :D ...Thank you so much for the great comments. Very kind. ...I started playing Keaunu and Maria because I wanted to experience a different age level besides younger sims. I have a few elderly households and I think they're fun. ...I remember your casino. I did a search and found a couple of your posts about it. Very cool. Great job on that. I agree, @CravenLestat's Dutchess build is very versatile.

    @Mikezumi Thanks for all the nice comments. I appreciate the time you take to read everyone's stories and give feedback. ...Yes, sims can get kind of particular about their sleeping arrangements! ...Maria kept walking off and would trigger the traps before I could stop her. :s ...Both Keaunu and Maria were carrying Death Flowers. Maybe that helped them not be cursed. I don't know. At any rate, they wouldn't have died. I had wanted to buy them mummy snacks to distract the mummies from attacking, but those have to be bought in Egypt.

    @Karritz Thanks for checking out my new thread! ...I understand about renovating houses. I'm always adding rooms to mine too--up, down, sideways! :# ...I tried to think of some bucket list items that weren't too difficult. Some will take time though. I'll probably have to add a CC Epic Spawner to Sunlit Tides to get a chance at a will-o-the-wisp. The mod I have still keeps their appearances rare, but at least they show up now and then. ...Unless I have a gardening sim, I try to keep my gardens small because of the time it takes to care for the plants. Using the water pump helps a lot though--and the green dragon. Of course, for bigger gardens, the professional gardeners are indispensable! ...I was also afraid that one of the two would get cursed, but they made it though ok. My sims all carry Death Flowers. The flowers should keep them from dying even if they do succumb to the curse. Then again, I haven't worked a couple of the mummy cures yet, so I would try those before letting a sim die. ...There was a lot about the game I didn't know when I first started playing. I made several mistakes back then!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,478 Member
    Sunset Valley

    My all time favourite SV house! :)
    Laurel looks cute with her makeover although I don't mind her normal ears :)
    Although I don't care for IFs, Gleason is a great name! Luis looks like a cutie :)
    I remember years ago I had a save that took an hour to load but it was to be expected since I was on my 15th generation and the townies had been breeding like rabbits courtesy of Nraas SP.
    I doubt I would have had the strength to wait two (or more) hours just to save families!
    That is frightening! I have never seen a toddler do that!! :scream:
    Glad you saved them previously!
    I removed the enclosed garden the very first time I played that house, saved it to the library, and have used the same house in dozens of saves :)
    I like what you did with the garden :)
    I also removed the small pool at the front door.
    Luis is adorable in his walker :)
    Daddy daycare! :D
    I couldn't do it! I can barely cope with my own toddlers!
    Fun seeing SV townies! It takes me back to my early days of simming where I would keep SV townies in their original state.
    The playpen is a good idea!
    At least you got Luis potty trained! :)
    Although I remove SV townies in new saves, I generally leave the ghosts. I am glad you are saving Opal :)
    I can't say I have ever seen Opal in human form!
    Awwww bedtime story for a tired little ghost :)
    What a lovely way to end her night of haunting :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 14,457 Member
    Good idea you have here with posting the links to your other stories and challenges. I've go this bookmarked so that I can keep up with this... :)

    Love the "Bucket List" story so far... :)
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
    edited December 2018
    @Mikezumi Thank you for reading my Sunset Valley updates! I haven't gotten very far with the family. ...I was determined not to lose my sims in that old Riverview save. Even though I put my little creations through some tough challenges at times, I get very close to them--and protective! ...I really like the design of that SV house. Unique, open and roomy. ...This save is the first time I've braved doing the day care career. It's certainly hectic! ...I thought Quin (Nurturing) and Laurel (Good) would want to help little Opal. :)

    @lisasc360 Thanks so much for checking out my thread. I decided to try a Bucket List challenge just to add some variety to this couple's story. ;)
  • cocococo Posts: 2,699 Member
    @lanlyn I'm always amazed at how well your blog is organised when you have so many stories and challenges going on. I suspect that you have very good memory too because there's no way that I would be able to keep track :lol:. A while ago I was reading some of your older posts on your blog but I must have stopped at some point. I will bookmark this page so I can always use it as a guide :smile:

    You don't see people playing with elders very much which is a shame, so I really like your Bucket Listers. They have a lot to see and do! Both of them have great lists. What a great idea! I should do something like this in my own game because I always stick to the same kind of realistic life game play and I've never even played a single supernatural :open_mouth:

    I wonder if flame fruit would be hot or spicy-hot... either way I'm not sure if I'd want it on my pancakes. Sunlit Tides has beautiful pink sunrises. Keaunu and Maria need to stay active if they want to complete their lists. Lol Maria you're on a beach but you're determined to walk the exact same path that Keaunu is taking. I like the new outfits.

    I always thought Craven's ship was a spectacular build. The resort decorations look very nice. The windows overlooking the water would be a nice spot to sit and eat. Everything looks like luxury but I'm not sure why the attendant at the snack stand is wearing a riding helmet lol. The gazebo and spa area is pretty, I bet it would look nice at night too. Seems like there's lots to do on the island. So the rug is a replacement for accommodation? Rabbit holes rugs is one thing I have never tried using before. The wedding chapel is casual but still very elegant at the same time. I'm sold, how much are air fares there :lol:

    Daniel Pleasant must be up to no good running away from his wife like that. Oh you got Maria and Keaunu in the same bed together. For some sims it's the last thing they want to do lol. At first I thought they were a couple until I read Keaunu's bucket list being full of wishes to kiss and serenade girls then I wasn't so sure haha. Maria doesn't seem to mind having more physical contact with him.

    They seem excited to explore the cave. Maria is brave for diving into a green well. Oh no fire! That's why it's always good to have a partner around. That teen could help remove the rubble with Keaunu instead of sitting around lol. Aww poor Maria. Ahh there's a mummy behind you! Oh not the reaction I was expecting. Maria kicked his butt!

    Three more mummies! I wonder if they fell in love with Maria too. Oh no I hope she wasn't hurt in the fight. Keaunu is unlucky too. Those mummies are tough. It seems that Maria really did feel something for that first mummy, maybe a mix of love and sympathy. They both did well to find all that loot. They will need lots of shelves to store all the artifacts and gems.

    Loved it :smile:
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,239 Member
    @coco Wow! Thank you so much for all the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my elderly household. :) ...I thought bucket lists would add a little spice to my game play without getting me too involved in a huge story line. One of my mistakes in playing Sims is when I try to tell a story that isn't easily done within the confines of the game. And I'm reluctant to add more CC or poses to help because that would complicate things way too much for me. As you happened to notice, my mind is super detailed-oriented, and I can get overwhelmed with my own organization and micro-management! ...I love the versatility of rabbit hole replacement doors and rugs. Real space savers.

    ...I think of Flame Fruit dishes as comfort food, like cinnamon apple bread pudding drenched with brandy sauce.
    Apple Crisp Bread Pudding

    ...Daniel Pleasant was one of the sims in Sims 2 that made me mad. Don Lothario was the other one, of course. I broke up the Pleasants and gave Mary Sue a more faithful husband. Daniel was left on his own for a long time before I took pity on him and matched him up with someone suitable--another cheater! :D ...I'm going to sell some of those collectibles, but I don't need to now. I did learn my lesson, though, about keeping too much loot, in Sims or in RPG games! :#
  • cocococo Posts: 2,699 Member
    @lanlyn You're welcome. There was a lot for me to comment about, sorry it ended up looking like an essay :lol: I might try the bucket list idea (if you don't mind) one day if I get bored with family play in Sunset Valley and Appaloosa Plains. You have a great imagination to be able to tell your stories. If I have a scene in mind I don't mind downloading a bit of cc to make it work. The only thing I hesitate to do is downloading lots of unusable clutter.

    Yum that bread pudding sounds so good! It doesn't seem all that hard so maybe I will make it :smile:

    I loved playing the Pleasant twins back in TS2. I can't remember if I ever broke up Daniel and Mary Sue's marriage. The game probably did it by itself. Sounds like Daniel got what was coming to him in your game :lol:

    Lol I have the same problem with collecting stuff and not throwing it away. If my memory serves me right you also play Skyrim? I've recently started playing it and my #1 problem is not having enough space in my inventory. I think I'm slightly better in TS3, but most stuff I just put in the chest from WA and forget about it :lol:
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