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Game Removing Homeless Npcs?

Hi everybody!

Im having some issues with getting my game to NOT delete sims. I like having the homeless Npcs around, since they generally arent pudding sims (at least when thr town is first generated). I ude Nraas's version of story progression and have manage the homeless turned off, but after the first day my sims friend/ pizza delivery man poofed out of existence.

My question is how can I save them from the void of deletion? If I move them into an empty house theyd lose their npc status, which is the whole reason I like them in the first place. :/


  • igazorigazor Posts: 16,279 Member
    If you are also using NRaas Overwatch, then NRaas > OW > Settings > Clean Up All Homeless > False

    If you have the StoryProgression Population module in play, then NRaas > SP > General Options > Options: Sims > Options:Immigration/Emigration > Replace Service Sims With Immigrants won't make your town's Service Sims go poof, but they will stand to kind of morph into a sim with a different name and appearance as per the genetics options that become available on the same menu.

    But there are never any guarantees with homeless NPCs. On the Role Sims, we can move those into proper households and they will retain their role assignments. On Service Sims like your pizza delivery friend, we can't do that without them no longer being Service Sims as you said. But in ongoing games, these sims will age and be volatile in other ways that we cannot really control.
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  • GoulsquashGoulsquash Posts: 642 Member
    I believe I have the overwatch settings for managing the homeless also off.

    Hmm, maybe my sims dream of being on a first name basis with pizza man will have to be a pipe dream :D
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