no longer able to login to origin offline

I don't have internet at home so I have always played The Sims 3 in origin offline mode without any issues. Today I take my pc to work to download the free trial version of TS4. I did not end up having time to install TS4 however now I am unable to log in to origin offline. even when I log in online, switch to offline mode and disconnect from the internet. As soon as I reboot my pc I am unable to log in offline. I don't have internet at home. I have taken my pc to my friends house to try and resolve this issue but no matter what I do origin overrides my offline settings whenever I reboot my pc. How do I resolve this? I am unable to play my game at home.
I've got 99 problems and TS3 glitches are 98 of them


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    Same here. I can't log in offline anymore.
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    @Lilypink79 and @daenerystubborn This may have something to do with the most recent Origin update, although I just tried updating myself and had no trouble logging in while offline. (You should also still be able to launch TS3 while offline, but as I have a Steam install, I can't test that myself.)

    But since you can't login, try disabling your network adapters. Do this right after rebooting your computer, with Origin fully closed out. According to someone who knows much more about Origin than I do, you need to make sure that there is no working network adapter left before launching Origin. Here are some instructions (with pictures) on how to do it:

    You might want to do some testing while you have access to the internet, in case more troubleshooting is required. After all, if Origin erases your login data, you'll need to reestablish the connection in order to restore it, since it won't verify a "new" user while offline.
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    thank you @puzzlezaddict I'll try that now
    I've got 99 problems and TS3 glitches are 98 of them
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    Ok so that didn't work, thank's for the suggestion though :)

    I rang EA and explained my situation, they said they would investigate further and call me back in 15-20 mins. 45 mins later and still no callback. As I knew the helpline would close to the UK in 10 mins I requested another callback. The guy who I spoke to the second time (bless him I did rant) was very helpful however what it essentially boils down to is EA don't care, they already have your money.

    Everyone was blamed except EA when I mentioned EA have breached the user agreement. When the game was purchased (last EP was released 3 years ago in 2015) it did not state that in order to play TS3 you will need an internet connection.

    I requested a full refund which was denied - EA said to take it up with the retailers I bought my games from. I said how is that possible when such a long time has elapsed and it is not the retailers that have breached the agreement, they are only a third party who sell on your behalf. The user agreement is a contract between EA and the purchaser. Origin was then blamed, again I mentioned the user agreement and added that is it not illegal for origin to have control of how I use my own private and personal pc with a game I purchased many years ago that EA essentially wiped their interest in once TS4 was released. Again this fell on deaf ears.

    So, to anyone who owns any games through Origin, you no longer have control of the game or your own PC. It is controlled by Origin. You are controlled by Origin. Origin = CONTROLLING DUE TO GREED

    Big Brother is well and truly here folks.
    (read George Orwell's 1984; also Ben Elton wrote one similar too, however the name escapes me)

    Edit: after hours of messing around, I've been able to tether my pc to my mobile and use that internet connection to log in then go straight into offline mode. After all of this and no support from EA, it's safe to say I won't be buying anything from them or Origin again. They've lost a customer

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    I've got 99 problems and TS3 glitches are 98 of them
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    @Lilypink79 (and @daenerystubborn if you're still having issues) After asking around, the answer seems to be... that this isn't how Origin is supposed to work. The recommendation is to do a clean uninstall and reinstall of Origin only, then login while online once, then go offline and test again (and see if restarting your computer prevents you from logging in again). When redownloading Origin, be sure to delete the old OriginThinSetup from your computer's Downloads folder first.

    The other possibility is that you have some kind of cleaner app on your computer that's clearing or otherwise messing with Origin's cache each time you restart. If you're not sure, booting into safe mode should prevent this app from opening on startup.

    If neither of these help, please post back saying so. This is good information to be able to pass along to others in your situation, and perhaps someone will be able to offer more ideas going forward.
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    @puzzlezaddict I uninstalled origin and deleted all of my caches using tutorials I found online and what you previously suggested. I don't have any cleaner app that I am aware of? How would I find out if I do?

    The guy I spoke to at EA customer support said that after the latest origin update it is now a requirement the user is online each time they initially log in. The only way to bypass this is to log in online and then don't shut your pc down.

    It is incredibly frustrating that Origin seem to have control over certain aspects of your private life. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it is a massive invasion of privacy.

    Edit: I also tried installing an older version of origin however the latest update still applied. Do you think the update files sit somewhere in the game files so they will be overlooked when uninstalling origin? Hence why once you've updated you can't reverse it?
    I've got 99 problems and TS3 glitches are 98 of them
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    @Lilypink79 Alright, after another expert consultation, this still isn't how Origin is supposed to work. So if you could try these steps, you should be able to login while your computer is offline.
    • If you haven't already, clear Origin's cache, then uninstall Origin the hard way.
    • Delete the OriginThinSetup from your computer's Downloads folder, then download Origin again and install it.
    • Login to Origin while connected to the internet. Check the option to "keep me signed in."
    • Launch TS3 while online. This may have been the missing step.
    • Quit TS3, put Origin into offline mode, and close it. You can disconnect from the internet now.
    • Do not clear Origin's cache again, or it will erase your login data.
    • Restart your computer and try to login to Origin while offline.
    I'm sure this is a real pain to deal with, and it has to be frustrating. But if you follow this procedure exactly, and you still can't login to Origin while offline, then there's something very strange happening. But just to reiterate, this should work. If it doesn't, please let me know.
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