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A recreation of my Sims 3 sims in Sims 4

This was a family I did a story on in Sims 3 remade for Sims 4

The matriarch of the family, Ava Sinclair had a daughter with Boyd Wainwright and also one with Hank Goddard.

Next is Hank Goddard himself. Note that I downloaded him from the gallery so he is not mine.

The daughter Ava had with Boyd is Avery Wainwright-Keaton.

Her husband, Jayson Keaton, son of Marty and Justine Keaton.

Jayson and Avery's daughter, Carrie Keaton.

And Ava's second daughter, Brittany Goddard.

I may do a Sims 4 story on these characters but I only have the base game, Dine Out, and the movie pack.
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