March 5 - Maxis Monthly today! Check this out for more details!

D.N.A. Request Team S3 - Designing Nature & Architecture Just for You! ~CLOSED~



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    It's that time again, moving day!
    Our December thread is now closed. Please join us on our January thread here.
    Happy Simming!
  • xnicholas12xnicholas12 Posts: 31 New Member
    > @xnicholas12 said:
    > Username:xnicholas12
    > Preferred builder* (If none, leave blank):Sandrella
    > Type of build (Modern, Traditional, Victorian, Gothic, etc. or leave blank): traditional?
    > Which EPs and SPs do you have? all
    > If you have Showtime, which edition do you have (basic, Limited, or Katy Perry)? basic
    > Lot size (dimensions): 64x64
    > Number of bedrooms (No more than 10):7
    > Specific instructions on decorating the bedrooms (gender, age, etc.)?
    > Number of bathrooms:12
    > Favorite color schemes: traditional/ white
    > Colors you dislike: green
    > Do you want it furnished and decorated? yes please
    > Can patterns from Create-a-Pattern be used? yes
    > Required - Please list the owned Store content that can be used: u can use anything you feel that fits
    > Please list the Dr. Pepper and T-Mobile promotional items that can be used:
    > If you will be placing this lot in an EA world, which one? custom world
    > Link to specific house or plan://
    > Special requirements (garden, pool, hot tub, etc.)? pool, hot tub ,dressing room
    > Is communication required before the builder begins work? if needed
    > Additional instructions? furnish like the pictures please
  • DNARequestTeamDNARequestTeam Posts: 4,291 Member
    @xnicholas12 I've updated your request. Please visit our January thread here as this thread is now closed.

    Our thread is closed.
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