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Welcome to Sunset Valley

Almost 10 years after the Sims 3 came out, I still prefer Sims 3 over Sims 4. I'm currently stuck at home with a broken leg, so I have a lot of time on my hands ;) . I have given the townies of Sunset Valley a makeover and started a blog about their lives. The plan is to work my way up to the storyline of The Sims (25 years later) and The Sims 2 (50 years later), but mostly the plan is just to have fun.

Today I uploaded a new post about Pauline Wan and Hank Goddard:, and Thornton Wolff had a confession to make to Morgana:



  • MarshMarsh Posts: 47 Member
    I love playing the premade sims. They all have stories that they start out with and then I get to expand upon them. I like what you've done with everyone! Especially Agnes. I've always had a soft spot for her because her story is so sad. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens now that she's seen Erik's ghost! Or are you just doing one entry for each sim?

    I still prefer 3 over 4 too. I feel like I'm more in control of my game and I miss being able to change the colors of all the furniture and I just think the sims look better too. (love sims 4's building tools though)
    Marshall. California. Been playing since 2004!
  • comasyouarcomasyouar Posts: 21 Member
    I'm starting out with one entry for each Sim, but as you can see, I've already writen more about the Wolff family. I have a soft spot for Morgana at the moment. Agnes will come back too, I'm actually not sure yet what I will do with her.

    I checked out your blog as well. It looks very good and you write really well. Makes me feel like such an amateur :D
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