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Breed Out The Weird/Ugly Challenge Official Rules & Thread

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 5,299 Member
I didn’t invent this challenge, but I noticed that nobody has written up official rules for it. I thought that was a shame as it’s a really fun challenge, so I took it upon myself to do some rules in the hope that will inspire more people to try this. I’ve playtested the hard version myself. It’s a bit like a prettacy in that you try to breed pretty sims. But, you specifically start with a really weird looking sim and there’s no compulsion to play it as a legacy challenge and to follow legacy challenge rules (though you can, if you wish). I’ve also formulated different levels of difficulty.

Compulsory rules for all versions:

- Start with a founder who is as ugly as possible. I mean REALLY ugly (if you don’t make them ugly enough, the challenge will be completed in only a few generations). For example, my breed out the ugly founder:

Founder, Ramona Belle:
- No editing of offspring’s features in CAS

- No editing of spouses’ features in CAS

- (Obviously) no editing of founder’s features in CAS

- Your founder (and thereafter your heirs) MUST marry either premades, townies or descendants of premades and townies. You cannot make them a partner or download one from the gallery [ETA: On reflection, this rule may perhaps be ignored if you are playing the easy or medium version. But, be aware that being able to download or make a really attractive spouse for your founder and each heir will make the challenge less, well, challenging!]

- Your founder can marry or remain single and they can have all their children either with the same partner or with multiple partners.

- No money cheats allowed.

- Your founder can start with the default 20,000 simoleons (unless you decide to also follow legacy challenge rules) and can get any job.

- You cannot age up children before their birthday.

- Normal lifespan and aging on for played household.

- No fertility reward trait or lot trait and you may not use mods to increase the likelihood of a multiple birth. I think there’s a fertility massage as well - if there is, you can’t use that either!

- Adopted children cannot be heir. The heir of the next generation must be the biological child of the heir of the previous generation.

- If your founder or current heir dies with no children, the challenge ends and you have to start over.

- If an heir dies while still a child or teenager and they have no siblings, the previous heir (i.e. their parent) has to have another child, or the challenge ends. If they do have siblings, one of them must become heir. In easy/medium versions, you can choose which, but in the hard version it must be the oldest.

- If your founder marries, they must not change their surname and their spouse must take your founder’s surname. Any children born must have the founder’s surname. This is to carry on throughout the challenge.

- Your founder may be an alien or vampire and may have children with an alien or vampire.

- Children from alien abductions are eligible to be heir. If your founder/heir’s firstborn is a child from an alien abduction and you are playing the hard version of this challenge, then that child must be heir (this, of course, excludes cases where the alien child is born to your heir’s SPOUSE).

- The Challenge is completed once you get a normal looking heir.

Easy Version additional rules:
- Aging off for unplayed households (you can have your family marry premades as the challenge progresses)

- Have as many children as possible and choose the most attractive one as heir (warning: you will finish the challenge quickly this way).

Medium Version additional rules:
- You may switch aging off for unplayed households (you can have your family marry premades as the challenge progresses). But, for more of a challenge, switch aging on for unplayed households.

- Have up to three children and choose the most attractive one as heir

Hard Version additional rules:
- Aging on for unplayed households

- One child per generation. If you want, you can have more than one child, but the firstborn must always be heir. Likewise, if twins or triplets are born, the firstborn must be heir. This rule is intended to prevent you from choosing the most attractive child as heir.

Optional rules for all versions:
- No influencing the gender of babies while a sim is pregnant.

- You can’t check how many/what gender babies a sim is going to have while pregnant.

- When a baby is born, click on the name randomizes button once. Whatever name it chooses, the baby gets that name. Don’t like it? Tough luck!

- Choose toddler traits with this random generator:

- Choose the traits and aspirations of children/teens/young adults with this random generator:

- You can’t peek at what a child is going to look like when they are older in CAS.

- If you want, you can try to complete your sims’ aspirations and get to the tops of their careers.

- You may also follow Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge rules on top of the core breed out the ugly rules, if you so wish.

- You May use the MCCC mod to enable premades and townies to get married and have children autonomously. This is especially useful for the hard version where aging must be on for unplayed households.

Here is the thread for my attempt at the Breed Out The Weird/Ugly Challenge, for inspiration:
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