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Do you usually your give your sims house phones?



  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 1,773 Member
    No, almost never
    I'm glad technophobe sims don't get a negative moodlet from using their cell phones, though. First time I have played one, and I never realized how much I used the MultiTab 6000 and other electronic devices before. :) She even gets a negative moodlet around the plumbot!
    I'm a 43 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, two cats, and a simverted personality.
  • jillbgjillbg Posts: 3,672 Member
    Yes, almost always
    Granny hates tech things, so naturally there's an old contraption in her home... :)
    Simpkin wrote: »
    Breazona wrote: »
    Simpkin wrote: »
    there's housephones in s4!?

    Nope, none in 4

    Holy cow! I never realised the link lead to this part of the forum. I'm outta here!

    *shooing* :joy:
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