Get Famous: Can you act everyday?

Anyone know if there's a way you can go to work everyday as an actress? I'm sick of waiting 2 days in between. Also wondering if there's a way to turn this stupid celebrity walk off permanently but haven't found anything so far. Why not make it a controllable option like the vampire dark form? I'm constantly having to click on my sim to turn it off because it takes forever for her to get anywhere! It's the slowest walk ever! As if just make it take over and not just stay off once you've selected "use normal walk" >.<


  • To7mTo7m Posts: 5,024 Member
    No. And I hope it stays that way, *real* actors wait months between jobs at times. Try looking for a mod if you use them (I don’t so have none to recommend, sorry)

    The celebrity walk is bugged. They’ll probably patch a fix... eventually.

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