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Ava Sinclair - A Sims 3 Story.

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@all Okay, so I decided against doing a superhero story for the time being so I can focus on Ava Sinclair. As such, I renamed the thread to show that change. A lot of you know her by her married name but since this is where I will post the story in one thread, I am using her maiden name. Because I am just copying and pasting what I said and re-adding pictures, some of you have already seen these pictures so that is why the early photo's look so bad.

This is the family but since I wasn't planning on posting this originally, it may not be the best quality. From left to right: Jayson Keaton, son of Marty and Justine, Avery Keaton, her mother Ava Sinclair-Goddard and step-father Hank, and Ava and Hank's daughter, Brittany.

Ava Sinclair-Goddard is the founder and the Vice President in the political career.

Hank Goddard is Ava's first husband and father to her second child, Brittany Goddard

Avery (Wainwright) Keaton is the first born child of Ava Sinclair-Goddard and Boyd Wainwright. She is in the singer profession.

Jayson Keaton is the husband of Avery Keaton and the son of townies Marty and Justine Keaton. He was a Snitch in Law Enforcement but his lifetime wish is to be a Master Thief so I changed his career. I don't play them, but Jayson has two brothers, Keith and Tommy Keaton.

And Brittany Goddard is the second child of Ava's. She is still a teen but has been leveling skills to be a doctor.

And that is my family so far. When baby girl Keaton reaches toddler, I will post her too. I haven't thought up a name yet. (Originally posted November 7, 2018)
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    So the last updates I posted, I had my graphics settings low. I changed them for a bit and added a little CC to Ava. This is a close-up picture of her I took in an empty world. I don't think my computer will handle it for my actual game but I wanted to better show what Ava looks like with CC and better graphics.
    (Originally posted November 7, 2018)

    I just happened to find Marty Keaton in the park near the Landgraab's. The man behind him is named Tommy Keaton, the brother to Jayson Keaton. I'll get a better photo of him when I go in game tomorrow.
    (Originally posted November 8, 2018)

    Here are my updates from my game.

    This is Avery Keaton holding her new daughter, Carrie Keaton. I had to snap this quick before Avery got in the car, so Jayson hadn't made it out the door yet.

    This is Avery feeding Carrie for the first time. I love the stupid look on Avery's face as she is doing this.

    Avery practicing for a concert as Ava is trying to watch tv.

    I have no idea what Brittany did but Ava was not happy with her when she got home from school. I did forget to turn off headline effects.

    Ava: I don't know what you did, but you are in big trouble, missy!

    Brittany: Calm down, I didn't do anything!
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    This is Jayson holding his daughter, Carrie.

    The adults went on a free vacation, leaving Brittany alone with Carrie. But Brittany called a babysitter so she could go to school. The babysitter decided to swim instead of taking care of Carrie.

    As it was also Carrie's birthday, Brittany had to take her to the cake after relieving the inept babysitter.

    Carrie immediately went to play the xylophone. But instead of playing, I think she spent more time chewing on the mallet than anything.

    Aunt Brittany decided to teach Carrie how to talk.

    And that is it for now. In the next update, Brittany gets a new friend who becomes very helpful to the family.

    (Originally posted November 12, 2018)
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    Ava left this old lamp at home when she left. Brittany decided to check it out.

    The genie, Dudley Page, granted Brittany 100,000 simoleons for her first wish.

    Ava after becoming Leader of the Free World.

    After returning home, Ava apologized to Brittany who was so happy she wanted a hug from her mother. The guy sitting at the table is Gordon VanWatson, which I assume you know who his mother is. ;)

    And shortly after that, Jayson aged up to Adult. The look of surprise says it all.

    And that is all for now. I got some screenshots saved for tomorrow so I will probably post them in the morning sometime. It will just be some of the locals in town, now that most of the original townies have died off.

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    Here is a quick update of a few townies that came to Jayson's party.

    Tristan Ziegler, the proprietor at the concert park is the one on the left and Colin Steel is the one on the right.

    This guy is William Ballard. I believe he is a randomly created sim.

    And this one is Kellie Goddard, Hank's daughter with Pauline Wan and half-sister of Brittany's.

    This is Avery's concert. I couldn't get very good pictures of it and the family didn't attend.

    But little did Avery know, her stepfather, Hank, had passed away. RIP Hank Goddard.

    So with Hank gone, there are five sims living in the house. I temporarily put his tombstone in the backyard but then I realized I had something in my possession that might help ease the pain of his death. Stay tuned to see what that is.

    (Originally posted November 13, 2018)
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    Ava was heartbroken over her husbands death. She knew it was coming but she didn't expect it now. For some reason, none of the other family members got up to watch him die. And the Grim Reaper was outside on the other side of the house instead of inside.

    Jayson was so sad he decided to steal this light from Kellie's house. Yep, he's a kleptomaniac.

    Brittany decided to ask Dudley if he could do something to help the family out with their sorrow. Dudley had a surprise in store for the family.

    Dudley brought Hank's spirit back. But that wasn't all he had up his sleeve.

    Hank was resurrected as an elder. But Hank didn't want to die again so soon.

    Hank knew that Ava had perfected a young again potion, so Dudley conjured it into Hank's hand and Hank threw it on himself. (Ignore the walls of the garage, I forgot to put walls back up.

    He's back, baby!

    And that is probably it for today, unless I go into the game later. I hope you enjoyed Hank's resurrection and next time, he will reunite with Ava.

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    Okay, so I finally got Imgur to load my photo's so sorry for the double post.

    Brittany: Oh my gosh, it actually worked!
    Hank: Hello, my beautiful daughter. *hugs his daughter
    Brittany: You don't know how much we've missed you, Dad. I can't wait until Mom sees you again.

    Hank let go of his daughter and headed into the house, running down the hall to the nursery where Ava was playing with Carrie.

    Hank goes into the room and takes Ava by surprise. Hank grabs her and spins her around as the maid watches.
    Hank: Hello, gorgeous.
    Ava: H-H-Hank? (said in surprise)

    Hank replies by going in for the kiss. The maid decided to clean out Carrie's potty at the same time as the photo was taken. Way to photobomb, dude!

    The couple headed for the bedroom for some alone time together.

    And had a little fun under the sheets. ;)

    Then the couple talked about their future together and their vow renewal ceremony.

    And now I am all caught up on screenshots. I may have an update tomorrow but I have to think about how I want to do the next part of the story. As for Hank, as you probably know, when you start up Sunset Valley, Hank has facial hair but since he was de-aged, he is supposed to look like what I imagine he would when he graduated high school.

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    Brittany summoned up the genie in her bedroom. She wanted to thank Dudley for bringing back her father.
    Brittany: Thank you, Dudley. Mom was so happy to see Dad, so I really owe you one.
    Dudley: (Shaking Brittany's hand) You don't owe me anything. You gave me a chance to stretch my legs out again and see what has changed in this era and for that, I thank you.

    At that moment, Jayson walked into Brittany's room. He had heard a man's voice and he wanted to check to see who was in her room. Apparently, he thought it was a burglar. When he saw Dudley, he looked in the mirror and pretended to look at his wrinkles.

    Jayson: My gosh, Avery was right! I am getting old!

    Later, Hank met the man who brought him back to life and thanked him
    Hank: Thank you for giving me another chance at life. I promise you, I will make the most of it.
    Dudley: I know you will. I see a lot of you in your daughter.
    Hank: Funny, I think she looks like her mom, but okay.

    Hank and Ava went to the fall festival together. Ava's favorite song was playing on the speakers, so Hank asked her to slow dance with him.

    I just threw in elderly Connor Frio just because he is an original townie.

    Hank and Ava picking pumpkins for the whole family.

    The happy couple bobbing for apples against Madison (VanWatson) Sinclair, Ava's sister-in-law and mother to Gordon VanWatson. Hank ended up winning the contest.

    And while her parents were on their date, Brittany decided to read about genies. What she found out was interesting, and gave her an idea on how to repay him.
    Brittany: I'm going to make Dudley's greatest wish come true, and I don't have to be a genie to know what that is.

    And that is it for tonight. Stay tuned for the next update when the final wish is made.

    (Originally posted November 15, 2018)

    I am playing on normal with 90 sim days, I just made baby stage 2 days and toddler 6, then added the two days to both adult and elder.

    Ava-56 but since she is a fairy, she would technically look younger. Her real age is 94 days which isn't too old for an immortal.

    These are their ages at the end of my last update. They are a few days older in the next update.
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    So for the third time, Brittany summoned Dudley Page, the genie who brought her father back from the dead.

    Dudley was surprised by Brittany's third wish.
    Dudley: Brittany, are you sure you want this as your last wish? Wouldn't you like more money or a long life?
    Brittany: I am sure, Dudley. And you can't question my wish, you just have to grant it.
    Dudley: Very well, your wish is my command.
    And he used his abilities to make his master's wish come true.

    Dudley: It didn't work. Why didn't it work? My spells never fail.
    Brittany: Well, this wish has a few parts to it. According to Simipedia, your master has to put the lamp in the refrigerator with you in it.
    Dudley: What!? You can't be serious! That would be cold.
    Brittany: Hey, to finish my wish, you have to do this.
    So Dudley reluctantly entered the lamp and Brittany carried him to the fridge.

    Brittany didn't summon Dudley again as she didn't want him to complain about the cold. But they both felt a powerful surge of magic that seemed to come from the lamp itself. The next step was to put the lamp in the oven.

    Brittany dreaded the next step but she knew she had to or the wish wouldn't be complete.
    Brittany (talking to the lamp): Okay, Dudley, now we go to the cemetery.
    But before she could go, it came time for Brittany to become a young adult.

    This is Brittany as a young adult. I hadn't had time to change her clothes yet.

    While Brittany was preparing to head to the mausoleum, Jayson was heading to jail. That's what happens when you join the criminal career. They took his high school diploma as they didn't want the inmates becoming jealous. I guess the must have dropped out of school or something. When Brittany exited the mausoleum, she didn't look very happy.

    She quickly headed back home to complete the wish.

    (Originally posted November 16, 2018)
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    Brittany summoned Dudley who was very excited about being free from the lamp. He couldn't contain his excitement.

    Dudley looked down as he was enveloped in magical energy and as this was happening, his lamp was forever destroyed. Brittany could even see the magical binds on Dudley break as the magic undid itself.

    Dudley: Oh, thank you, Brittany. I have never met someone as selfless as you. You forever have my gratitude.
    Brittany couldn't help but feel like Dudley was more than just a friend and she was so excited about freeing her new friend that in the heat of the moment, she kissed him.

    Dudley had never been kissed before and he was shocked by this development. But he could not deny the attraction and he kissed Brittany back.

    The two continued to kiss before they finally broke apart.
    Dudley (yawning): That kiss was amazing, but I'm really tired. Where am I supposed to sleep? The lamp was the only place I have ever slept.
    Brittany: You can sleep in my bed, but no funny stuff. If we are going to be in a relationship, we are going to do it on my terms.
    Dudley: I swear, I won't try anything. I promise.
    So Brittany led Dudley to her bed and for the first time, Dudley was able to sleep in a bed.

    And that is where we leave off for tonight. Tomorrow, Hank and Ava go on vacation or a second honeymoon before I start a few updates on Brittany's college days.

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    Okay, here is a quick update.

    Hank and Ava decided to go to France for their vacation. Ava quickly decided to check the bulletin board for some tomb raiding.

    They got one where they had to find an object Albert Fouchier left in a tomb. This is them talking about plans outside the goods shop.

    Ava got right to it, using her pickax to clear the doorway.
    Hank: Really, you're wearing that to tomb raid?
    Ava: Yep.
    Hank: Not that I'm complaining, I love how you look in it.

    As they travelled farther through the tomb, Hank found a pressure plate and stood on it. Ava, seeing the door unlock went ahead and went in.

    Hank stepped off the plate and the door locked itself again. Hank started to freak out.
    Hank: Oh no! I locked Ava in the next room! I didn't come back to lose her.

    Voice in Hanks head: Hey, all you have to do is put a statue on it, dummy.
    Hank: Hey, that actually makes since, whoever you are.
    So Hank listened to the voice in his head and did what it said, which allowed him to go through the door.

    Eventually, Ava found the lost object and the two of them exited the tomb.

    And then they went for a little swim to cool off.

    Okay, I know there wasn't much story there but I didn't really know what I wanted to do once I sent them to France. I'll probably just take a few pictures over their vacation for the next update and try to get something up about the rest of the family.

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    Hank was eating supper while Ava played chess. But he was curious when a man came into the kitchen to take his picture. It was a paparazzo named Pierre Goncalves. Thanks to his step-daughter Avery, Hank was a celebrity (fame leecher) and this was his first encounter with one.

    Hank thought he would try and talk to Pierre. But that might have turned out to be a major mistake.
    Hank: So yeah, I am Avery Keaton's step-father.
    Pierre: Wow, she is such a good singer and hot.
    Hank: Thanks, I'll be sure to tell her husband you said that.

    Hank and Ava decided to have a little quality time together.

    Afterward, they went to sleep. But one of Pierre's paparazzi buddies, Claude DePardi, snuck into the room to take photos of them sleeping. He must need the money, his pants are torn up.

    Pierre met Claude in Hank and Ava's room. I guess they were conspiring together.
    Pierre: Man, we are going to make so much money!
    Claude: I know, I can't wait to be rich.
    But they were in for a rude awakening because Hank heard them talking.

    Hank got out of bed as quick as he could and got in Pierre's face.
    Hank: How dare you sneak into my wife and I's bedroom and take pictures of us! Are you some kind of sick freak?
    Pierre: Whoa man, I didn't mean anything by it.
    Hank: Get out of here, and don't let me ever see you again, got it?
    Pierre: Y-Y-Yes, Mr. Goddard, I hear you.

    After they got up, Hank found out that Pierre and Claude had begun to spread rumors that Hank slept with an occult. Hank was mad as that occult was his wife. He wasn't very happy but Ava suggested they go and pick some grapes to try nectar making.

    I have more photo's but I thought I would save them for the next update, just in case I don't play tomorrow. Also, Pierre had on a really goofy shirt and a kilt on so I changed his clothes because he looked kind of weird. With Claude, I decided to just leave him as is. Something about him made me think that Pierre would be the real brains of the operation. Anyway, that is it for now.

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    Hank and Ava both took the grapes they had collected into the building and began to stomp their grapes.

    While they waited for their nectar to be finished, they decided to get some sun in the backyard of the Nectary.

    Some woman hired Ava to ask a guy out for her. Ava realized that the man was in the Nectary so she hurried inside to ask him.

    After getting their finished Nectar, Hank and Ava did some fishing. For some reason, Ava switched into her swimwear.

    The vacation ended and Hank and Ava headed back home for Brittany's high school graduation. Here is the happy graduate.

    She looks very happy to be done with high school. She is looking forward to college and her future. And on top of that, she was Valedictorian!

    She was so happy, she paid for the family to eat at the Bistro. Apparently Hank didn't like the rain.

    To top off the day, the server brought Brittany the wrong food which she promptly sent back. Due to the mistake, the owner made the meal free, saving Brittany from spending §200.

    ***That is my update for now. I may have another one later as I am going to play here in a bit. I'm actually looking forward to getting Brittany alone so I can spend some time on just one sim. The next update will include Carrie in it as her birthday is really soon.

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    The next day, Brittany got the college aptitude test from Sims University. Since she has the genius trait and because of all her skill building, she got a partial scholarship to the school. She did best in technology but since she wanted to be a World Renowned Surgeon, she went with Science.

    Today was also Carrie's birthday so Brittany stayed to watch her niece age up. Carrie's grandpa (step-grandpa, actually) took her to the cake.

    The family cheered as she blew out the candles. But for some reason, some of the guests went to different parts of the house instead of watching the ceremony.

    Carrie sure was happy to be out of diapers. Her grandma, Justine Keaton, must have thought the Goddard's kept a dirty house as she changed their garbage. Apparently it rubbed off on Carrie as she gained the neat trait.

    Here is a quick picture of Carrie as a child.

    When the party ended late that night, the family went to sleep, knowing that Brittany was leaving in the morning. As Brittany prepared to leave, Jayson and Dudley waved goodbye to her. Unfortunately, the other family members didn't make it out the door in time.

    Brittany arrived at university, hoping to get good grades so she could skip the low job levels in the medical career. A woman named Tiffany Angles arrived at the same time, the other ladies arrived later.

    And just a closer look at Brittany.

    ***I didn't show her in this update, but Kellie Goddard married Colin Steel, a son of Christopher Steel's recently. Hank will probably become a biological grandfather to their child before Brittany has one. As for why Dudley didn't go with Brittany to college, I'm just pretending that since he never went to school, he could not enter college. While his lady is away, Dudley hopes that she doesn't meet a cute guy at college.

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    College: Meet and Greet and First Day of Classes

    As soon as Brittany picked out her dorm room and put away her things, she headed to the student union building. She really wanted to try out their science lab so that was the first thing she did.

    She didn't get level one skill because the Meet and Greet started. One of the first person she met was the school's mascot, whose name I forgot to get.

    She didn't stick around the Meet and Greet very long because she decided to protest about unskilled sims.
    Brittany: Unskilled Sims are useless! Even as a toddler, I learned skills. There is no excuse!

    People must have liked what she was saying as she got a pretty big crowd.

    On Monday, Brittany had a full schedule. I almost missed getting a screenshot but I caught this one before she went in. I also didn't take any other photo's of day 1 of classes.

    By the time she got done with classes, Brittany stunk and needed to eat but she had done very well in class and her performance bar was 3/4 full.

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    Brittany's College Days, Part 2

    On Tuesday, Brittany had a much easier schedule. She got up to eat breakfast where she sat next to Shantell Tanning. Shantell chose to eat the spoiled food on the counter which made Brittany which she had eaten in her room instead.

    Brittany attended her lecture that morning. A few of her fellow classmates chose to doze off but she wanted to soak in as much knowledge as she could. She seems to know that college is important, even without my help.

    Instead of leaving after the lecture, Brittany decided to start studying the science skill. She started with gene splicing and successfully changed basil to a maui bean.

    She heard from a friend that one of the Dormitories was on fire. Brittany rushed to Malan Hall, hoping that it was not her dorm.

    But unfortunately, it was Malan Hall's kitchen that was on fire. Someone started cooking but left to go to class. Maybe they should have turned the stove off before they left.

    Brittany rushed into the kitchen at the same time that the firewoman, Zoie Jarvis arrived. They both pulled out fire extinguishers and stopped the fire. The women in the nightgown, Kris Theed was freaking out. But personally, I think she is actually an arsonist, as you will see in a bit.

    Brittany used her parents credit card to refurnish the kitchen, with their permission. But Brittany purposefully didn't buy a stove, for obvious reasons. On Wednesday, she only had time to attend class and then head home to fill her needs. But early Thursday morning, the arsonist struck again.

    This time, Kris left food on the grill and didn't watch it. But with no smoke alarm outside and no one except Kris seeing the fire, no one knew about it until Brittany smelled smoke. She once again rushed to the scene to put out the blaze, this time in her nightgown. Luckily, Whitney Harry also helped put the fire out. Brittany junked the grill and this time, she didn't pay for the damages.

    Later that morning, Brittany attended her Thursday classes, brushing up on her anatomy.

    And afterward, she worked on the group science project while some Avery wannabe sang Avery's songs not too far away.

    ***Brittany is on her fourth day of college and is doing extremely well. Because the skills she needs to do well in college have tabcasts on the MultiTab, I can have her listen to those skills while she does other things. Doing this caused her to completely fill her performance bar on day 3, so now all I have to do is keep it there. Actually, I have no idea who started the fires but that Kris Theed being there both times makes me wonder.

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    Random picture from when Brittany was in college.

    Today was a Friday (that's funny, today actually is Friday) so that meant it was final time. Brittany was running late for her first test so she had to run to get there.

    Brittany passed all of her tests but she sure was really tired and hungry. After eating supper, she headed for bed. The next day, after breakfast, Brittany met a new friend.
    Woman: Hi, I'm Cade Macklamoor.
    Brittany: Brittany Goddard, nice to meet you.

    Cade: Wait a minute. You're Brittany Goddard? You're the Presidents daughter! Wow, I can't believe I got to meet you.
    Brittany: I guess word must have gotten around. I was going to go bowling, if you want to come along.
    Cade: I'd love to! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I get to hang out with Ava Goddard's daughter!
    Cade was extremely happy to have a new friend and she couldn't wait to bowl.
    Brittany went first, choosing the perfect ball.

    She carefully aimed her ball, hoping to get a strike.

    She swung her arm forward, sending the ball down the lane.

    She only hit five of them, but for her, that was an accomplishment. Next, it was Cade's turn. She didn't do very well on her first try, only getting one.

    Brittany ended up winning, although not by much. After changing back into their own shoes, Brittany heard someone singing so she decided to check the singer out. For some reason, Bernie Butler pointed at her. I guess he was singing to her but she only gave him a small tip.

    Later on, Brittany met up with Kriss Theed. Brittany had learned how to mind meld and wanted to try it out. Somehow, this convinced her that Kriss was indeed just a careless person, not an arsonist and did not mean to set the fire, although she was a rebel.

    The next night, before term started again, Brittany held a kegger. She had never done a keg stand before but she thought it was kind of fun.

    She had so much fun, she decided that she didn't need clothes anymore. Believe me, she wasn't the only one.

    Once the party ended, Brittany went to sleep. She forgot to refill the keg so everyone left in a bad mood.

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    After partying so hard the night before, Brittany didn't want to get up to go to class. But she if she wanted to be a doctor, she knew she had to go. She tried to eat her autumn salad but her roommate left a nasty plate of spaghetti on the table.

    It wasn't time for class yet so Brittany decided to play on her MultiTab. Kriss Theed was just waking up from sleeping on the couch. She must have partied harder than Brittany did.

    Even Patty Hong, whom Brittany had invited to the party, couldn't stay awake.

    Brittany was always inquisitive as a child and teen and was always asking the professor interesting questions, showing that she was paying attention. She liked her new professor, Professor Archibald.

    After the lecture was over, Brittany spent more time in the Science Lab, where she researched fish d.n.a.

    She was starting to get a little hungry, so she head to Roasted Toasted Beans Coffee Shop.
    Brittany: I would like a brownie, please.
    Cashier: Alright, that will be 10 simoleons.
    Brittany: Seems kind of high for one brownie

    Brittany decided to hit the gym because she had heard that sims live longer if they exercise and she knew that her mother wouldn't let her use a young again potion.

    Brittany was kind of busy and didn't notice anything outside, but someone did.

    Kriss Theed: What in the heck are those lights doing in the sky?

    Kriss: Hey, put me down! Help, someone help me!!!
    Maybe this is Kriss' problem. Who knows what damage their experiments cause?

    Bye bye, Kriss. See you when you get back.

    This update was halfway through the second week. I've got more screenshots saved so I will post them later. I was just trying to rush through the week so I could get her home for a day.

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    This guy showed up to class with no shoes. His name is Brian Petersen.

    Brittany met another sim today, her name is Cindy Hong. They were both surprised to learn they shared the Genius trait.

    While the students were learning about anatomy, Brittany's two friends, Cade Macklamoor and Kriss Theed showed up to class without taking care of their hygiene, which certainly didn't make Brittany happy. You may have to look closely, but they have the green funk coming from them.

    Then Brittany saw that the guy with no shoes, Brian, had hooked up with Manisha Kapoor. I guess she's into guys who go to class barefoot.

    Finally, the week was over and Brittany got to go home. On her report card, she got all A's and was 6 credits short of graduating. Before she left, she made sure to say goodbye to Cade who smelled a lot better today.

    And there she goes, heading back to Sunset Valley before her final week at university.

    As soon as she got home, Dudley and a few family members were waiting outside to welcome her home. Dudley was so happy to learn that Brittany didn't cheat on him that he pulled her in for a kiss.

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    While Brittany was home from college, Hank decided to rejoin the police department after his recent resurrection. Unfortunately, he couldn't start where he left off as he had quit the job before his death.

    The whole family decided to finally carve the pumpkins Hank and Ava had picked out. But Ava had to work and Carrie had school so it was Hank, Avery, Jayson, Brittany, and Dudley.

    Hank and Dudley had a little talk. Hank wanted to get to know his daughter's friend better.
    Hank: I can't believe you lived in that stupid lamp for 1000 years.
    Dudley: Believe me, it wasn't fun.
    Hank: I bet it wasn't.
    Dudley: Yeah, I was only used as a wish maker. But not anymore, no one tells me what to do anymore.
    Hank: Binding a genie to a lamp to only grant selfish wishes should be outlawed. I bet Ava could get that to pass in Congress.

    Hank and Ava then decided to sit with Dudley to discuss his future during supper.

    Ava and Jayson decided to play video games together. Hank had told Ava they needed to get to know their daughters' significant others better.

    Brittany had an idea she had been toying with during her time at college. She surprised Dudley in the kitchen with some red roses.
    Dudley: For me? No one's ever gave me flowers before.
    Brittany: I hope you like them.
    Dudley: I love them, thank you babe.

    Brittany decided to make it official.
    Brittany: Dudley, would you like to go steady with me?
    Dudley: I would be honored to.

    They then shared a look of love between them. Congratulations Brittany and Dudley. May your future be bright.

    And then that morning, Brittany left for her last week of college. Her class schedule is a lot lighter this time around as she only needed six credits to graduate. I ended up moving her back into Malan Hall but I am not posting too many photos from uni because it kind of gets repetitive. I kind of plan to rush through it so I can get back to Ava and family.

    (Originally posted November 25, 2018)
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    So we left off with Brittany heading back to college. One of the days she was there, a plantsim visited with Brittany's roommates. He looks kind of interested but Brittany is already taken.

    While they all slept, some stupid burglar tried to rob the place. Luckily, Allison Kramer was on the job and the burglar ran away with nothing.

    Brittany thought she would talk to this woman but she wasn't impressed with Brittany's jokes.

    While waiting to graduate, Brittany made a snow angel outside the annex/sports complex.

    Ava showed up for the graduation without fairy wings. I don't know if she found a way to hide them or what.

    A whole bunch of people tried to crowd the door. I don't even think half of them made it in the building.

    Brittany had passed college with straight A's and gained Charismatic as a trait.

    Now Jayson informed Hank that people were saying Hank was a cheater. Apparently, Pauline Wan thought there was still something between them. So Hank invited her to the park to break up officially. For some reason, Kellie Goddard-Steel and Colin Steel stared the whole time.

    Hank decided to have a chat with his daughter as they don't spend much time together.

    After that, Hank went home to his family and they ate supper together, except Jayson who was at work. Jayson got promoted to thug but I was busy and didn't get to him in time for a picture. Tomorrow things will be a lot better since Brittany is home. She just joined the medical career at level 4 Medical Intern so it may be a bit before her and Dudley can start their future.

    (Originally posted November 27, 2018)
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    Remember how in my last update, Hank official ended things with Pauline? Well they were still friends so Pauline followed him home. Jayson was getting ready to mock Dudley's appearance when this happened.

    Pauline's days were up and the Goddard family was shocked that she died in their house.

    Even Ava was upset by her death, even though they were not friends. Just so you know, Pauline and Hank were only dating when Ava got with with him so many sim weeks ago. They weren't married as she still has the Wan name.

    Hank was very upset by what had happened. It was almost like she had hung on to hope of them reuniting but the breakup must have broken her will to live.

    The next day, Dudley and Brittany went on a date together but this woman shown her, Charity Butler, had medical issues.

    Dudley's heart filled with love as he watched his girlfriend take care of Charity. He had a reason for why he wanted to go on this date.
    Dudley: Brittany, I love you so much. You have given me freedom to be the person I want to be. Will you do the honor of becoming my wife?

    Brittany: Yes, I'll marry you!
    Dudley slipped the ring on his fiancee's finger. It was a perfect fit.

    Congratulations Brittany and Dudley!

    @all So I am getting a bit overwhelmed with seven people in the house. I am thinking about moving out one of the daughters and keeping one as an heir. I know who I am leaning toward keeping, but I wanted to see which characters are your favorite. And don't worry, whoever leaves will still play a part in the story.

    This thread is now up to date.
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    No update today, as I didn't play very long. I will post the update here when I get one ready.
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    This story is over. However, Ava will appear in my new story eventually.
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    Ava is getting a rebooted story, which is in my signature. It will lead up to where this story starts but won't be exactly the same as I can't recreate every single person that was needed in the story.
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