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What do we all think of The Sims 4 Get Famous Pack

I personally like it alot of stuff has gone into this game and the update that came out with it i am enjoying the terrain tool and the new celebrity status is pretty good to.
I hope to see the sims 4 gurus next update to be bout game play so better interactions with pets so being able to control them and babies being made into actual people would be awesome and of course cars i dot even care if they make us pay for these things i just want them to enrich my game experience.

what do you want to see come next ?


  • giggler36giggler36 Posts: 815 Member
    I haven't got the pack yet, tho I am loving the terrain tool in the current update of game
  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,231 Member
    I am not interested.
  • giggler36giggler36 Posts: 815 Member
    I caved and got it, I do like the new career, and the buy/build objects too
  • Dellimaccas123Dellimaccas123 Posts: 94 Member
    i have all of them other than the sims 4 cool kitchen stuff but im not interested in tat one o be honest cause not one for ice cream makers
  • To7mTo7m Posts: 5,259 Member
    It’s... enjoyable. At the moment.

    It’s going to get repetitive and boring real fast though, unless they patch in more gigs/movies etc...

    They also need to make it so if you get a part on a tv show, you *stay* on that tv show until it either ends or you quit and find a new gig.

    Doing the same ‘Tea and Crumpets and Despair’ episode more than once is going to be a killer in the long run.

    They need to be continuously adding more jobs and gigs, which they’re not going to do.

    So yeah, it’s ok. For the time being.

  • gabington_gabington_ Posts: 3 New Member
    I'm holding out on buying it - from what others have said it seems like the new acting career lacks continuity, like the ability to work on a TV series and see the plot develop over time. I'm over the silly novelty factor/fun to play it once approach from Sims 4. Give meee storryyyy (please) 😅
  • jewel47isgreatjewel47isgreat Posts: 2 New Member
    I am finding it hard to play as what to do is not easy to figure out. The in-game tutorial for get famous is not very helpful at all! I already have a bug with the game where the videos from my drone are not being transferred to the video station but they end up in my household inventory. Once the videos are in the household inventory the only thing you can do with them is put them on the floor. Once they are on the floor the only interaction is to rename the files. I can't drag them to the video station for editing. So my Sims waste time making these videos with drone only to have them wasted.
  • kateoverendkateoverend Posts: 7,984 Member
    I love it! ❤ It is my favourite EP to date d(^‿^)b *TᕼᑌᗰᗷS ᑌᑭ*
  • spaghetti_simsspaghetti_sims Posts: 4 New Member
    I have it and I love it, but a friend of mine who also plays sims (she plays on PS4) says she can't get it on PlayStation? Is it only available on PC?
  • ClassicalSimClassicalSim Posts: 1,505 Member
    I have it and I love it, but a friend of mine who also plays sims (she plays on PS4) says she can't get it on PlayStation? Is it only available on PC?

    @spaghetti_sims According to SimsVIP.com the Get Famous EP was released for console (PlayStation and XBox) on February 12, 2019, so your friend should be able to get it now.
  • roysu_roysu_ Posts: 28 Member
    Wish they had more lots, the area is nice just wasted potential.
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