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Limelight a TS4GetFamous Gameplay Challenge by EQCreations

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Limelight a TS4GetFamous Gameplay Challenge by EQCreations
*Currently no #TS4GetFamous spoilers.
Created to be played using #TS4GetFamous but can be adapted to play without it.
Defined as a type of theater lighting or a person being highlighted by such a light.
Being in the limelight means being in the center of public attention.
Synonyms: Noun catbird seat, center stage, spotlight, top billing
= = = = =
The limelight challenge follows two different paths.
Becoming the center of attention or staying in the sidelines.
*In the limelight: Become popular and well known.
>>Complete one or more popularity aspirations.
>>Complete one or more wealth aspirations.
>>Reach the top of any career.
>>Max charisma and at least three other skills.
*On the sidelines: Become a supporter while avoiding becoming too famous/well known.
>>Complete two or more aspirations under any chosen category.
>>Max at least three skills of your choice.

Founder/First generation:
Create a young adult single Sim with no skills.
For an additional challenge start with either a teen or adult/elder.
Gender and appearance are your choice.
Species such as alien, vampire or hybrid are your choice.
Custom content (CC) allowed if you prefer.
Aspirations and traits are your choice. I tend to choose aspirations based on the bonus trait.
Choosing a knowledge aspiration adds the quick learner bonus trait. Popularity aspirations add a gregarious bonus trait. Nature aspirations add the Collector bonus trait making them more likely to find rare collectibles. Food aspirations add the Essence of Flavor bonus trait which increases the quality level of the food and drink they create. You can always switch aspirations when you play.
How to play:
Can be played as a single or multiple generation challenge.
Aging on Normal lifespan (with Youth potion allowed).
Aging can be off un-played households if you wish.
No money cheats unless used to remove funds.

Humble beginnings for your founder regardless of which path you choose.
Starting a new save place your Sim in your choice of worlds.
If you want to be really humble (or evil) start on an empty lot with no more than a trash can and mail box.
Otherwise a starter home with minimal necessities is good as long as it is affordable with no money or freerealestate cheats. A City Living apartment is also allowed.
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