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Dexaard Natyre - A Sims 3 pets RP game!

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Dexaard Natyre
DN is only a few months old, though it is developing at a very high speed! We are a dog forum based around a newly created "breed" - Dexaards! Our goal is to allow people to find and express their creativity, fantasy is a huge factor playing and so are many other creative elements. DN comes with it's entirely new world created for the forum - Alotre. You may choose to play a wild pack, or a handler with their dexaard companions (or both, if you just can't decide!). We do not support forced activity in our forum, for we believe sims is a game people should play at their own pace entirely, so you may come, enter what you like when you like, chill with us, and go again for a couple of days, we do not mind at all! Our activities are often not restricted by time, though I would like to mention our team sports event leading from November to the end of December, there will be all sorts of fun: collaborations, prizes, games, activities,... so it is just about the perfect time to come check us out! Come show us what you've got, we are all very excited to see you around!
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-Click on the images to get the full view! I made them really small so I don't take up space.-

Wild Activities!
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Wild dexaards in hunting

My dex fighting my friend's dex in a brawl!

Some water fun! - Photo by Natyre Wolf in the DN forums.

Some creature chase :) - Photo by Fantasy in the DN forums

Foraging - Image by NatyreWolf in DN Forums
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Domestic Activities!

A dex lounging around instead of doing field work!

Some domestic dexaards hunting with their handler! - Photo by NatyreWolf in DN Forums

A dexaard foraging with his handler! - Photo by NatyreWolf in DN Forums

Dexaard herding

Two dexaards racing! - Photo by NatyreWolf in DN Forums

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