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Upcoming Patch - Python Decompiling Info

ScumbumboScumbumbo Posts: 148 Member
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For those script modders who are playing along at home: There are two script decompilers being worked on for the Python 3.7.0 patch, and both are showing excellent results - around 60% of files decompile "perfectly" which exceeds the accuracy of the old unpyc3 decompiler.

"Perfectly" in this case means that the resulting decompiled code, when recompiled, matches the compiled code from EA's zip files exactly - and is guaranteed to work exactly the same way. There may be some odd differences with exactly how the uncompiled code appears, but it functions identically.

So, we're in good shape for Tuesday - there will be two decompilers available, and a nice script that works with both decompilers that generates a source code tree. A big thanks is in order to both Andrew (from S4S), and Fogity for working on these two decompilers and the fine results they have achieved so far (and both can only get better).
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