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My Sweet Apocalypse - Done! ✿

Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,046 Member
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Hi :)

I thought I was asked a few months ago about the rest of the family. If I was going to finish this Apocalypse. I thought, why not- so I started, last week. I see I was asked about a year ago. I am quick to get things done. :lol:

Anyway, My Sweet Apocalypse will be finished.
Way back-


Here's a link to my old blog-
It has links to SlideShare where I uploaded the PowerPoint chapters. It does loose a lot of quality once it's uploads, sorry about that. :(

*Updated - Written to :

Week 20 (11/27/18)
Week 21 (12/3/18)

It's done! Finally. :cookie:
Week 22 - 1/9/19
Week 23 - 1/9/19
Week 24 - 1/9/19 :cookie:

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