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Minus Manners - The Unlikely Legacy Founder

A couple of weeks ago I created a Sim named Minus Manners. She's a bit different than most other Sims - not because of the way she looks but because she's... well how to put it? Bad mannered, irresponsible, insensitive, argumentative and very bad at keeping her emotions under control - She's also Hot-Headed, Slobby and like to swipe pretty things.

She sounds like a horrible Sim, right?
The thing is - she's actually the most fun Sim I've ever played and so I figured she should have the honor or creating her very own Legacy.

I cheated to get her the negative character values and I do play with MCCC installed because otherwise the game drives me crazy (in a bad way) but besides that I'm trying my very best to follow Pinstar's rules for a classic Legacy Challenge.

I'm documenting/writing a story about Minus Manners' adventures - you can read more here:


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