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How often do you play with pets in the household?

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How often do you play with pets in the household? 204 votes

All the time
16% 33 votes
26% 55 votes
31% 64 votes
25% 52 votes


  • Evie0602Evie0602 Posts: 634 Member
    I never play with pets because I can't turn off their autonomy and control them. Even with the playable pets mod, pets still have autonomy which doesn't work with my playstyle.
  • BlueSeaWavesBlueSeaWaves Posts: 3,948 Member
    I rarely play with pets because I tend to forget I own C&D’s. I thought pets would spawn in the other worlds besides just Bridleton Bay, BB isn’t my go to world and I’ve never played a household there at all. I adopted a dog and the gameplay wasn’t fun. I had the food bowl filled but they kept begging for food. When he passed of old age I didn’t adopt a next. I tried months after with a cat and again similar problems. It just felt like more chores for my sim to take care of pets. Maybe if pets were controllable it’d be different but who knows. Luckily I only got C&Ds cause it was on sale for half.
  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,559 Member
    I am waiting for small birds as pets.
  • thatsnotswegthatsnotsweg Posts: 695 Member
    edited October 2018
    Very, very rarely. They can be annoying to play with and I can't stand to do it often.
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  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,380 Member
    I love them, but I just like having a lot of sims in my household.

  • Kita5399Kita5399 Posts: 2,096 Member
    I really want to like them, but they just aren’t fun in this game. The dogs have to be bathed daily it seems, the cats don’t do much, and they are all constantly sick..
  • Winifred_WillowWinifred_Willow Posts: 423 Member
    Just about all my families have pets. I have the mod that allows me to see their needs so that helps maintain the flow of the game. I enjoy having them in my households. They do add something to the game for me.
  • KathykinsKathykins Posts: 1,875 Member
    I very rarely play with pets. So far only the Heckings and Catarina Lynx. The dog needed a bath at least twice a day, and the Lynx cats are really the most needy cats ever. And all the pets I've played have constantly been sick. The bug where the pets fill up the queue and then some, doesn't help either. I can't play the Lynx house long before I just quit because I'm so frustrated and annoyed. They really are not fun to me, in this game.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,825 Member
    I'm in the seldom space.. but I play a lot of sims and only some have pets. I probably have more families with pets than toddlers though.
    That's me saying I like them all even if I don't play with them frequently... it's a different kind of play.
  • LustianiciaLustianicia Posts: 2,486 Member
    I honestly never cared for pets in The Sims, but the cats and dogs in Sims 4 have A LOT of major problems that recent games never had...

    1) They live for way too long... it's honestly ridiculous how a pet's adult and elder stages are the same length as the actual sims' life duration. In reality, a pet does NOT live as long as their owner. Previous Sims games never had this problem... especially Sims 3 (since we could actually choose the duration of their lifespans). In my recent save, I had my adult Sim get a kitten... and that kitten remained an adult until several days after my Sim became an elder. The cat is literally probably going to outlive my human Sim... which is very irritating. Their life spans need to be shortened. We should at least be given a separate option for them VS human Sims.

    2) There are way too many bugs that come with cats and dogs... it's impossible to fully enjoy having a pet. They're constantly being too needy... always filling up my queues with hugs, kisses, and pets. They're always whining about their food bowl being empty (despite the fact that I just filled it). Cats are always whining about wanting a clean litter box, despite the fact that the litter box is already clean.

    3) I still don't know if this is a bug, but non-played households with pets are ridiculously irresponsible. Their food bowls are NEVER filled. They NEVER clean the litter boxes for their cats. And their pets are almost ALWAYS sick! It's honestly sad to see this happen. I mean, I know they're virtual pets... but still... did the developers think that would be a funny thing to add or something? Because it's really not. Non-played households literally neglect their pets. And it's disturbing.

    4) There are also way too many stray cats and dogs around 'Brindleton Bay'... and that also breaks my heart. I mean, I expect to see stray animals in the game... but they happen way too often. This is especially saddening when you see a stray animal during a thunderstorm (if you have 'Seasons') and they're crying. And it doesn't help that 'Brindleton Bay' has a lot of rain and thunderstorms.

    When I first saw the trailer for 'Cats & Dogs', I honestly thought this would be my first time actually wanting pets in the game. They look so adorable! I'll admit that... however, the overall gameplay with them has been a HUGE headache to deal with! Even Sims 3 pets didn't glitch up as much as these ones do... and there are some pretty frightening bugs in that game involving pets... but even they don't come close to this one!

    If the developers decide to get around to fixing the bugs and overall issues with pets in this game, then maybe I'll reconsider my choice here... but it really seems like they honestly don't care. Until then, I'm going to refrain from having any pets in my game.
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  • LizzychicagoLizzychicago Posts: 870 Member
    I don't play that often, I'm a builder. I don't have the patience for pets or toddlers though.
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  • alanmichael1alanmichael1 Posts: 5,316 Member
    Other than in TS3, I love the TS4 pets and use them all the time.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 3,260 Member
    Sometimes, but I'm just so busy with my Sims that sometimes I tend to forget about the pets.
  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,623 Member
    edited October 2018
    A lot of people don't seem to like them but I'm actually quite happy with my sim dog. I've been playing with him since C&D release. I like playing with the pets way more than I like playing with children or toddlers, that's for sure.
  • tsuntsuntsuntsun Posts: 26 Member
    so far all my files have pets with them.. it's kinda lonely without them at this point tbh !!!!
  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,956 Member
    Oh I’m surprised that actually many of you rarely play with them. Thought everyone love pets! Like me! :D
    All of my households have pets. I also added some pets to the pre made families.
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  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,066 Member
    edited October 2018
    I rarely play with pets. I don't own pets in real life and as a result my sims also don't. I'm just not a pets kind of person, can't explain it. I know some people think the exact opposite and can't imagine their life without pets. I don't mind other peoples pets, I just don't feel the need own a pet myself. Same goes for my sims.
    I do like the world and the objects/CAS from the C&D pack.
  • PinkHairGuitarPinkHairGuitar Posts: 44 Member
    @Busufu : The problem is not the pets, but the bugs (i.e. the "behaviour by design") that came with them and keep on coming. It's neither fair nor realistic how the game handles them (for example the neglected and ill pets in unplayed or active households, if you switch to another household for just two sim hours), and I find that very sad for players. Dog walkers with ill pets, stray pets that are always ill and you can't help them, can't treat them, bring them to a vet or anything. If you "distribute" them all into households, the game just generates new ill creatures. Can't stand that as it is at the moment.
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  • simtorioussimtorious Posts: 66 Member
    I don't play with pets unless I have a pet lover in the house. Otherwise they seem more like a chore than fun for me. I've only had this problem with the pets in this game. Maybe if they weren't as needy and interacted with people and things more it'd be more fun? The only time I enjoyed a them is when watching them obsess or get scared over and object and when loyal pets run to sleep or be around their owners.
  • SimmerMarsSimmerMars Posts: 242 Member
    I never play with pets. Only the first few days after I bought C&D and then I deleted them from my save. I kind of find them a bit boring and too needy. As excited as I was for cats and dogs it just didn’t do it for me. But I will say that when I see a stray around I always send my sim to interact with it. That’s the animal lover in me lol just like RL always trying to pet someone’s dog. :smiley:
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  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,985 Member
    I love pets. I’m surprised how many people dislike them in this game. I honestly don’t have a ton of issues with them. My cat has never been sick and she is an elder and I have a family with a dog and the dog has only been sick once (the bathing every time they roll in a puddle is annoying though). I rarely have the pet queue bug and my townies seem to take care of their pets. Maybe not feeding but they aren’t often dirty or sick when I see them around. So I don’t know what’s up with that but pets are enjoyable to me. Only had the pack for a few months but I like it so far. Not my favorite and not every family has a pet but I enjoy having them with certain families for sure.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 27,196 Member
    I don't like the fact that a pet takes up a spot, when we only get 8 to a lot.
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  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 4,545 Member
    The darn things are too needy! Who needs to wash their blooming dog every other day and the darn things need to go out like every 45 seconds, even with a doggy door they're standing there crying almost constantly. I love Brindleton Bay and the CAS & BB catalog. But I almost never play the pets anymore.
  • AlbaWaterhouseAlbaWaterhouse Posts: 3,953 Member
    I really don't like pets in this iteration but I have households that look like they should have pets so I sometimes give those families their pets. Since I play a lot of households in rotation I can get a break from pets whenever I play one of the households without any (most of them) and it doesn't make it too bad when I go back to the ones that have.
    If cats and dogs would be different than what we got, probably 80%of my households would have but with what we got, only about 20% do.
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  • mikamakimonmikamakimon Posts: 458 Member
    All the time, but only cats (and the occasional raccoon). Nothing against dogs in real life, but they are too needy in this game, require baths too often, and I can't stand dealing with their poop and pee puddles getting everywhere.
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