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Hotel/Vacation EP (without beaches)

I think I understood the expansion pack method of The Sims 4 - They take gameplay from previous expansion packs (like TS3, TS2) and they break them apart. Think about it. Three expansion packs of Sims 4 - Get Famous, City Living and Get Together - Used to be one expansion pack named Late Night.
I must admit that I like this idea. I love taking one theme and putting it in focus, instead of combining everything together and missing a lot of details.

That's why the future of the game really intrigues me, and sometimes I think about expansion packs I'd like to see in the game.
I really like to feel the Vacation Vibe with my Sims. The Sims Vacation was one of my favorite TS EP. Also, really liked Bon Voyage. But in TS3 - I think vacations was sucks. In WA the destinations were cool for action and antiques but not for a romantic or family vacations. They were boring. In IP the hotels were just a rabbit hole and you could only visit a hotel in your neighborhood.

I think this EP I am going to present to you can be a refreshing and cool addition that any Sims player can enjoy:

Take a break from everyday life and take a vacation with your Sims!
Plan Your Sims Dream Vacation - From honeymoon to Spring break.
Choose where they will stay - Whether it will be a luxury hotel or a cheap hostel.
Go to new places like casinos, theme parks, magic shows and other events that suit every kind of tourist.
If you wish, you can start your own hotel empire, hire the staff and provide special services for your guests.
The New World will be inspired by Las Vegas of course, if a wide range of hotels and tourist attractions.

I try to take some from each pack. Like the carnival theme from TS Vacation and Makin Magic - carnival games and prices, rollercoaster, circus magic.
Of course the hotels that will be similar to Bon Voyage - a new lot that you can build and design. The hotel management can be like other retail management in the game.

The beaches/tropical theme can be another EP that focus more about ocean and beach stuff

I really want to feel a tourist!
What you think about this idea?

Sorry about my english. I hope you all understand (:


  • KingdomHeartsKingdomHearts Posts: 11 New Member
    A fair/carnival GP is what I've always wanted!

    Having a Circus in town, Carival holiday (works well with Seasons update!), a complete fair...
    This with a hotel/vacation EP would make not wanna leave my computer lol!

    I miss making my own huge hotel like I did with TS2.
    TS3 was not really it with those ugly rabbit holes you HAD to use, ALLTHOUGH it wasawesome you could finally OWN your own resort but instead of owning a resort, I want to be able to own your OWN HOTEL.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 18,782 Member
    I feel like they could pull a Dine Out with hotels by adding hotel functionality AND letting your sims manage their own hotel, and maybe even add new hospitality skills. It would be nicer though if it also came with its own destination world(s), because it would be a bit iffy if all the vacation GPs/EPs didn't have hotels because they were sold separately.
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,153 Member
    I want hotels/resorts to come in a Vacation Pack but I also want to be able to place them in any world after we get them. They come in handy if you have sims cheating on their partners.
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