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Life and Death Legacy Challenge

liznjasonliznjason Posts: 24 Member
Life and Death Legacy Challenge

Welcome to the Life and Death Legacy Challenge. This is a 10-generation challenge where each generation’s traits are chosen for you. Each generation has a list of tasks to complete before they pass on in the way indicated. Yes, that’s right you must cause the death of your heir every generation, but don’t worry you have plenty of time to spend with them while their alive and you’ve always got a new generation to tend to. You can start with a Male or Female sim, you can live on any lot you choose. No cheats allowed, except you can gift each generation after the first, 10,000 Simeloneans as a “trust” if their parents have more than that in their funds, you can use the kaching cheat for this only. You do not have to deplete funds from the other household. Aging must be on but, you can set the lifespan to your preference, though normal makes it more challenging. Most expansions and packs were used in the making of this challenge, if you do not have them, you may have to skip or modify certain generations. Good Luck, Happy Simming!

1st Generation: Wasting Time

You are a relaxed laid-back sim. You like to go about life at your own pace and as such you never get a job. Instead you hone your talent of woodworking to pay the bills. You spend your young adult life dating your soulmate, finally tying the knot and moving in together when you’re adults. You have one child whom you raise together in your laid-back ways. Your spouse doesn’t work either though he/she spends his time harvesting random plants and collectibles to pay his share.

a. Your sims traits must be Lazy, Creative and Cheerful
b. Your sim must max out the handiness skill by using the woodworking table and complete the grilled cheese aspiration (you will have to change to this after you earn it)
c. They must make their living off the land and/or by creating items to sell.
d. Your household must complete 1 collection (ie, plants crystals etc)
e. Have at least 1 child with the evil trait and at least 2 poor social skills, such as No compassion or Emotional Control
f. Your sim will die of *embarrassment or anger as an elder after realizing they raised a corporate goon. (*edited to add Anger as choice for emotional death)

2nd Generation: Moneytalks

Your parents were hippies and you’re anything but. You can’t believe you had to grow up with people who lived off the land and never worked a “real” job. You will begin living in the city, but later build a mansion on a lot of your choosing (or place a ready made mansion). You will join the business career while trying to pretend your parents don’t exist. You will succeed in completing the Business career and Mansion Baron aspiration, because you earned it!

a. Your sim’s traits will be Evil, Ambitious and Materialistic
b. Your sim will marry early to a “trophy” sim who will stay home to raise the family, your sim will not spend any time with their family, outside of meeting their own social needs.
c. Your sim will complete the business career and the Mansion Baron aspiration
d. Your sim will build a mansion or complete a game supplied mansion to the needs of the aspiration.
e. Your sim will commit to doing evil or mean actions daily
f. Your sim will get divorced, decline any invitations from their children, they don’t want to see them anyway and your sim will die alone in their mansion of old age.

3rd Generation: Lust for Life

You saw what a loveless marriage looked like and swore to never repeat it. You also knew what it was like to be the child of a workaholic and decided children and corporate life were not in your plans. You date several different sims but never find one to settle down with. You instead pour yourself into your interests, working by day as a painter while traveling and partying at every chance you can. Late in life you will have one unplanned child and try your best to raise it.

a. Your sim’s traits will be Non-committal, Romantic and Art Lover
b. Your sim must complete the Painter Career and the Serial Romantic Aspiration
c. Your sim must travel at least once a week to a party or gathering and take at least 3 vacations.
d. You must have at least 4 exes and have received both gold and silver date rewards
e. Late in life (Adult. almost Elder, for Female or Elder for Male) you will have a child from a passionate night with one of your exes. You will move the child into your household and raise him/her.
f. Your sim will die from the over exhaustion of too much woohoo as an elder. People will say he/she died doing what they loved.

4th Generation: Breakers
Traveling with your mother/father was exciting but you’re ready to set some roots down. You’ve dreamed of the day you would have your own home and family. You will marry very quickly as a young adult to a sim you have not gotten to know (you can’t ask). You will get married at the Romance Festival on a whim. You will work in the Social Media career, so you can work from home as often as possible. Think Mommy Blogger!

a. Your sim’s traits will be Family Oriented, Outgoing and Perfectionist
b. Your sim must complete the Big Happy Family Aspiration and the Social Media Career
c. Since your sim didn’t know their spouse very well before marriage they must argue once a week on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are soooo stressful!
d. Your sim will max out the parenting skill and go into Full Parent Mode
e. Your sim must change their interior decorations for each season, the house must be Simstagram worthy.
f. Your sim will die of hysterical laughter as an adult because being perfect takes its toll

5th Generation: Young Pilgrims

You grew up with too many siblings, your house was too loud, and you could never get a minute to yourself. Seeking some “me time” you’ve moved yourself out of town to a small humble place to live on your own. You find learning to be the most interesting activity and as such have become a jack of all trades because you also find decisions difficult You have a hard time with the opposite sex and as such you might not get married or you might, you haven’t decided yet.

a. Your sim’s traits will be Loner, Bookworm and Unflirty
b. Your sim must complete the Renaissance Sim Aspiration and get half-way through 3 careers, but you don’t have to complete them or you can, maybe
c. Your sim can date and maybe get married or not, but they must have a total 2 children, 1 bio and 1 adopted. They must raise the kids in their own house. Either child can be the heir.
d. Your sim must read and finish 10 books
e. Your sim must get 8 skills to half way
f. Your sim will die of drowning when they can’t decide if they want to just keep swimming.

6th Generation: The World at Large
The indecisiveness of your parental upbringing has left you a bit erratic. You were never sure of what was going on or not in your house and as such never felt very stable, hence you still feel a bit like a child. You have found a way to calm yourself through archaeological discovery and a deep love of all things musical. You spend a lot of time in Selvadora traversing the jungle. You meet and marry a local and raise at least 1 child together.

a. Your sim’s traits will be Erratic, Music Lover and Childish
b. Your sim must max out the Archaeology and Selvadorian Culture Skills and complete the Archaeology Scholar Aspiration
c. Your sim must travel frequently to Selvadoria, bringing their children at least once
d. Your sim can work any career to be able to afford travel
e. Your sim must complete the relic collection
f. Your sim will unfortunately die in jungle related accident, poisoning or relic curse.

7th Generation: Summer in the City

Your upbringing wasn’t necessarily normal, your parents traveled and explored, and one was a bit eccentric, but it did help you become the confident city explorer you are. You live in the heart of San Myshuno and you love eating out, so much so, you never learn to cook. You live for parties and love to be the center of attention. You never marry but do have a lifelong partner whom you live with and raise children.

a. Your sim’s traits will be Foodie, Self-Assured and Insider
b. Your sim will complete the City Native Aspiration as well as the Critic career
c. Your sim will visit all the festivals and get a t-shirt as well as start a club for festival goers.
d. Your sim will eat at all the food stands and try all of the food, your sim will win the Spicy Curry Challenge.
e. Your sim’s family will go out to eat once a week to a restaurant, your sim must send food back at least once and never learn the cooking skill.
f. Your sim will unfortunately die from a bad batch of pufferfish (made by himself or someone else)

8th Generation: Anyone Else But You

There was never a dull moment in your house. Living in the city was fun, your parents took you to the best restaurants and outings, you look back on it fondly. However, as an adult you find life hard to navigate, your lean to the darker side of life some might call you goth, you might call them dumb. Your obsession with the darker side of life brings you to discover vampires and you know you must become one. You will move to Forgotten Hollow and marry a human (obviously you need a constant plasma source). You will have a child even though you don’t like kids to appease your spouse.

a. Your sim’s traits will be Gloomy, Hates Children, Snob
b. Your sim will complete the Master Vampire Aspiration and Doctor career.
c. Your sim must marry a human and try for baby in a coffin
d. Your sim will max out in the Pipe Organ Skill
e. When you feel gloomy you must tend to garlic plants or create garlic braids, wreaths...
f. Your sim will die of sunlight exposure, you are not allowed to choose Sun Resistance for your vampire trait.

9th Generation: Been Caught Stealing

Growing up with a parent who didn’t want you in the dark and drafty Forgotten Hollow made you want nothing more than sunlight, even though it's what killed your mother/father. Isn’t it ironic. After watching all of the plasma drinking you have decided a plant-based diet is more your speed. You enjoy tending to your own garden, but you can’t shake the devious side of yourself altogether. You often find you have “accidentally” swiped items and you just love a good prank. You marry a sim you are good friends with and become Partners in Crime and have at least 1 child.

a. Your sims traits will be Vegetarian, Kleptomaniac and Loves the Outdoors
b. Your sim will complete the Chief of Mischief Aspiration and the Gardening Career as well as maxing the Flower Arranging Skill
c. Your sim must swipe something at least once a week and have a treasure room in the basement to keep and admire all their loot.
d. Your sim must perform a prank action daily, this can include Partner in Crime Pranks and gifting cursed flower arrangements
e. Your sim must resurrect a sim using voodoo once, toying with death
f. Your sim will accidentally die (as an elder) after being gifted a Scent of Death flower arrangement they made, by their significant other. (you will have to make the arrangement and have the other sim place it in their inventory to give as a gift.)

10th Generation Stray Cat Strut

Your parents were weird. Always pulling pranks and stealing things. It’s like they never grew up. The effect of all those pranks left you a bit squeamish and now the thought of a clogged toilet makes you shiver. You find solace amongst the animals especially cats. You might even grow up to be a crazy cat sim! You decide to open your own veterinary clinic because you like to work your own hours, or all of the hours because there is always an animal that needs you. Your family consists of you and 6 cats, just in case you ever decide to have a real child. You also have a rodent, but you just can’t seem to love him as much as your cats. hmmm.

a. Your sim’s traits will be Geek, Cat Lover and Clumsy
b. Your sim will complete the Friend of the Animals Aspiration as well as Maxing the Veterinary skill and own a vet clinic. (clinic can be in their home)
c. You must adopt your cats as strays. If one dies you must replace it, always keeping 6 cats.
d. Your squeamishness may be a problem around sick animals but you power through. Be sure to reward yourself by playing video games when you get home, even if you’re too tired. Max the Video Game Skill.
e. Your sim can not get married or have a live-in partner because of all the cats. However, if you want to continue your legacy you may have 1 child. (Otherwise your game will end with the death of this sim)
f. Your sim will have an unfortunate encounter one night and be bitten by the rodent. Because of this your sim will die of the Rabid Rodent Death.

Congratulations you have completed the Life and Death Legacy challenge. Now what will you do? There are still so many opportunities and deaths to explore? Will your next heir own a sauna or go for a walk in a thunderstorm? Will they be an astronaut who dies when their rocket plummets or possibly ask the wishing well a poorly timed question? Happy Simming and Thanks for playing!

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  • liznjasonliznjason Posts: 24 Member
    Update. In Generation 1 you may choose Embarrassment or Anger for the death. I had reports that some simmers were frustrated with the difficulty of the Embarrassment death. Have fun, Happy Simming!
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,323 Member
    edited January 2019
    Very intrigued. I like the idea of this one. :)
    Generation five feels like you intended to have noncomittal as a trait, not unflirty.
  • cauliflowersimscauliflowersims Posts: 35 Member
    I love this!! I’m starting it right now!
  • cauliflowersimscauliflowersims Posts: 35 Member
    @liznjason I have a suggestion for Gen 1! Every Saturday I’ve been having my sim have a yard sale! I thought it could be a fun addition. 😄
  • liznjasonliznjason Posts: 24 Member
    I love that idea.
    Shadami wrote: »
    Very intrigued. I like the idea of this one. :)
    Generation five feels like you intended to have noncomittal as a trait, not unflirty.

    I can see that. The personality is not so much non-committal as it is some one who has a hard time making decisions. They are un-flirty and relunctant to make a choice of a relationship. Plus it makes finding the right sim more of a challenge. 😁
  • liznjasonliznjason Posts: 24 Member
    @liznjason I have a suggestion for Gen 1! Every Saturday I’ve been having my sim have a yard sale! I thought it could be a fun addition. 😄

    That is a cool idea! I've never thought of doing a yard sale before.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,323 Member
    Noncomittal is also for sticking to a job, not just a relationship xD hence why I thought you might have meant the other one. But okay I get it now. I was going to start this soon as a little side game I think where I don't take as many screenshots as usual.
  • cauliflowersimscauliflowersims Posts: 35 Member
    @Shadami I can’t wait to see that!! I was actually going to do a story about this challenge too, but I have this big legacy project I’m working on that takes up all my time. Lol.
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,323 Member
    Progress on gen 1: my sim has completed the grilled cheese aspiration by talking to the grim reaper when the spouse of her soulmate died in mysterious circumstances. And had nothing to do with my Sims hungry cowplant. Or that she wanted to be with her soulmate.

    Just waiting for that nice age up to get them actually together. He already has two children but that shouldn't matter. Right? XD and about half a bar to level 10 in handiness.

    She's gone overboard with gardening,fishing, and recording it. I can't seem to complete any of the collections. Rng not being friendly. I just need 3 more trophies.
  • bookishsimsbookishsims Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm so excited to try this challenge! Whenever I start a legacy, I always make cookie-cutter perfect founders. This forces you to have flawed sims and have a really unique storyline. I named my founder Hamlet after one of my favourite procrastinators :D
    I will update every generation :)
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