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Trying to do ghost stuff

In my current S3 game, I started off with a single guy sim. I didn't finish off his house completely right away, and since it was summer he had an unfortunate habit of spontaneously combusting and he died (it may or may not have been intentional after the first time he caught on fire because I wanted to play with a ghost family). Once he died, I decided to make a girl sim (with the coward trait for extra challenge) and have ghost kids. So I make her and wait for him to show up, but when he does she has no interactions with him available at all. The only one was like ask to pose, but even that's disappeared now. Is it because she didn't know him before he died?
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  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,558 Member
    I'm following this thread.I have the same exact issues, so I can never work on my stories.Glad you asked this.I asked in the past but never really got a fix for it.:(
  • CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,299 Member
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    Have you tried

    testingcheatsenabled true

    Sliding the relationship meter to max

    After that seeing if you can pick up his grave "If outdoors" or urn if "Indoors"

    You can pick up graves of high relation sims.If so after that place it again in your yard or house and see what happens.

    Secondly if that does not work when you get a visual of the ghost out and about with testingcheatsenabled Hit ctrl+shift+c then type in

    Resetsim Bob Jones

    Whatever his name is in place of Bob Jones then hit enter

    If he moves or dissapears altogether then try interacting next chance you get
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  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,929 Member
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    It’s been years that I played ghosts and I recognize the problem but it did work in the end... I believe you have to interact with them the second they leave their grave. When you wait too long the options disappear for some reason. I really seem to recall it was all about timing. Hope you’ll get the Oh My Ghost opportunity, then you can add them to your household.

    As for ghost babies (in general,, for people reading this topic, you won’t have this because with two ghosts the baby will always be a ghost obviously): when a ghost has a baby with a living sim and the kid turns out not to be a ghost, closing and not saving and then restarting the game can have a different outcome.
  • SeaDragonSongSeaDragonSong Posts: 2,310 Member
    Well, I've tried resetting the ghost, and still no interactions, but I was waiting for him to show up again after moving his tombstone when I discovered this save is VERY dangerous for my Sims. I'd had the girl sim doing stuff, and decided to have her do a little inventing as she wanted to raise her skill in it (the original sim wanted to be Da Vinci's Descendant: Sculpting, inventing, and painting) when she caught on fire and died as well. I hadn't even noticed as I was watching something on TV at the moment until I glanced back at my screen and she had JUST turned into the ashes. So now I've got two ghosts.
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,191 Member
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    I don't play with ghosts much but I think you're trying to make him playable. I did this once with the Philosopher's stone. I don't know which Expansion it comes with but think it's from Ambitions. If you use it to bind a ghost the bound ghost joins the household. There are two ways to get it. You can use a lot of Lifetime Happiness points to buy it as a reward. I've never done this. The way I get it is to master a skill. I think it's inventing. This will lead to a series of opportunities to deliver things. I think there were a series of 3 opportunities and when they are all complete you will find the Philosopher's Stone in your family inventory. You must have room in your household to add at least one more Sim to successfully bind a ghost.

    EDIT: See @Auroraskies post below for correct info
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  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 600 Member
    Philosopher's Stone comes with Supernatural according to sims wiki, and the opportunity line is Master Alchemist :smile:

    It's a little unclear what has been done to fix the problem :smile:

    It sounds as if it has got more to do with missing interactions than ghosts, so it could be conflicting mods or bad CC.
    I've found two accounts of conflict between mod Disaster & Blessing and Pose player, if those are in place.

    I tested in Sunset Valley with Agnes Crumplebuttom and she could interact with the ghost that has its grave on the lot, Erik Darling, all options were there, it just took a couple of nights for him to show up.

    The trait coward makes sims faint when seeing a ghost.
  • SeaDragonSongSeaDragonSong Posts: 2,310 Member
    Whoops, heh, I forgot about this until tonight. I don't have any cc or mods, and I currently don't have have the supernatural expansion for my original account. I'll have to test it again soon.
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  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 600 Member
    If you are are as interested in finding a fix to this as I appearantly am :smile: :
    If you have jam from Premium item Grandma's Canning station, remove it from inventory and perhaps lot too.
    Sell cameras (just a guess). If they are stuck, move out then in to clipboard in Edit Town.

    Change clothes, regular resets (especially move out then in, in Edit Town), clear cashes.
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