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Mission accomplished

Recently I've been playing a female Sim, Celeste Fournier, who had a son, Hugo, with Father Winter. As he grew up I decided to see if I could get him to achieve all of the positive character values; responsibility, compassion, manners etc, as well as become a llamacorn scout so he achieved the scouting aptitude trait. We'll yesterday he finally aged up to YA with his character values maxed out & as a Llamacorn scout! Some of the character traits were quite easy to get - his mum helped with the responsibility & manners & the doctor set was fantastic for raising his empathy level. The hardest value to keep raised was conflict resolution; I couldn't get it up high enough initially to get the positive character trait. Luckily he has a younger sister & she went through a mean phase. So she had lots of arguments with their mum & eventually declared her an enemy which gave Hugo the opportunity to fix their bad relationship & finally get his conflict resolution value high enough. I found the "life lessons" that pop up from time to time during the school day a hassle as although they raise one value they also give another quite a hefty hit. So I allowed Hugo to take his last few days of school off as vacations - which of course all Y12 students get to do! He did wake up on the day of his birthday to find that he was going through a rebellious phase but a morning birthday cake put a stop to that - I didn't want anything harming his good character that late in his development!

Achieving llamacon level in the scouts was pretty easy - having the whole of childhood & the teenage years to achieve the badges means there was plenty of time for Hugo to gradually get them. I forgot to add as well that he also got through his toddlerhood with most of his skills maxed out & three of the four childhood traits maxed out too - he's pretty smart! Having a stay at home mum helped - Celeste is an archaeologist & writer who has been able to work from home authenticating artifacts & writing books. As a result she has very high parenting skills & Hugo, who is extremely close to his mum, is very grateful for the support she has given him throughout his life. Now he's almost ready to move out into the world on his own; he's just got his first job as a waterperson since he has hopes of eventually being either a pro athlete or a bodybuilder - he's not quite sure which path to choose yet. He's also gregarious & hopes to have many friends. Hugo didn't have much time for girls through his teens but I'm sure that with his well rounded personality he will be quite a catch.

Quite what the future holds for Hugo's sister, Isobel, is less certain. When she aged from toddler to child it was noticed that she talked to herself a lot & told herself stories. Sadly extensive medical testing has shown that Isobel has an "erratic" personality so her future is less certain. As Celeste has finally become an elder, after previously making full use of certain mysterious potions of youth & Isobel is still a day away from becoming a teenager it seems likely that eventually Hugo will have to take over parental responsibility when their mother eventually dies. It will be interesting to see how their lives play out - will Hugo have married & started a family before his mother dies & how will the addition of Isobel with her troubled personality affect his wife & family?
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