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    Yes, that’s my plan :blush: I like that as a reader as well, especially in English (that for me just still takes more effort to read than my own language). And it still gives a great impression of your game and the life of your sims.
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    Josh got Jaxon up and ready for the day :)
    Josie got a new hairstyle while the family slept :)
    Josh woke with a wish to use the stroller.
    Josie's waking wish was to fish and Paul is working towards his wish to catch every type of fish. Ian was in the kitchen working towards his wish to level up in cooking.
    When Josh and Jaxon returned they got started on talking lessons :)
    Ian joined Paul when he finished preparing some pancakes.
    Josie pulled out her violin when I released her from fishing :)
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    I sent the family to Moonlit Stroll Park because it is closest to their home. I noticed there is a Sunlit Stride Park on the other side of town.
    I was very happy when Josie joined Jaxon at the dollhouse :)
    I noticed Jason and Josh heading around the corner to play catch but something must have stopped them and when I checked on them Jason was boasting about his gardening glory :)
    Although I think it's sweet that the game pushes sims to watch children playing with toys, I do find it a little creepy when strangers do it :# Since it was Pepe Moretti I forgave him as I played him a while back as a partner for Jordan and he is a nice sim :)
    Josh and Jason met new sims :)
    Josh rolled another stroller wish!
    Josie must have instigated the game of catch because they were using her ball.
    Paul rolled a wish to eat at the Bistro so I sent him with Ian since they have been neglected since the babies arrived.
    The rest of the family ate at home.
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    @Mikezumi I love Josie's braids!
    The pond in their yard is lovely <3 . Wish I had a yard to have a pond in :). I've lived in buildings without having even a balcony for far too long... :#
    Cute picture of Josie playing her violin while her parents are getting lovey dovey behind her :).:
    Nice to see the siblings playing with the dollhouse together :). I'm still loving Josie's dress but I haven't said it in this thread yet so I can say it now :p .
    Their garden looks great - Jason has a good reason to be proud! ;)
    Yeah... In real life it might not be a good idea for a stranger to stop by watching kids play when their parents are not around, but he looks like a nice guy.
    Josh seems delighted to meet a new sim :).
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    @meerkattime Thanks for the lovely comments :) I am very happy with Josie's new hair :) I downloaded about 8 new child hairs just yesterday and was only going to try them on Josie but when I saw the braids I had to keep them :)
    I have a large yard, always have, but have never had a fishing pond (or pond of any kind). I doubt I would want one anyway because I hate mosquitoes ;)
    I love Josie's dress too! I have used that dress and pattern on many a child sim in my saves over the years. The pattern is from the studio of one of my oldest simming friends (we are still friends on Facebook) and I use many of her patterns in my game :)
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    @Mikezumi Yuck! Eating a sea sludge. I wouldn't let my sims eat them either! ...Loved the pics of Jason teaching Jaxon to walk. Nice scenery there too. ...I see the bake sale table in the front yard. ...Those spring rider screenshots of Jaxon were darling. What a face! ...It looks like Josie likes to play dress up. ...I love Josie's new hairstyle! It looks awesome on her.

    ...The fishing pond in the yard is pretty. It's a nice size. ...Fun pic of Josie playing the violin. ...Aww, the screenshots of Josie and Jaxon playing together with the dollhouse were adorable! ...Lots of sims spending time at that beautiful park. ...Glad that Paul and Ian got to eat at the Bistro as a special treat. I imagine the younger kids are taking up more game time getting them skilled up, etc.
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    @lanlyn Thanks for the lovely comments :) Monte Vista is a really beautiful world so it's not hard to find nice scenery.
    Josie wished for the bake sale table and when she got a toy oven skill point on her field trip to the Bistro she rolled a wish to sell a baked good but I haven't done anything about it yet. She will be a child for a long time so I am in no rush. She does seem to roll a lot of wishes to play in costume and I am happy to oblige but that bake table is a different kettle of fish as it is dependent on other sims.
    Jaxon and Josie went to the dollhouse autonomously which made it sweeter :)
    Paul and Ian have been left to their own devices a lot since the kids were born. They are not unhappy about that since they spend a lot of time woohooing :D
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    “Josie got a new hairstyle while the family slept.”

    Only Sims :D Do you have a link by any chance? I love it.
    I notice you follow a lot of their wishes, do you try to follow them all or do you make a selection?
    Lovely pictures, I very much enjoy the family vibe.
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    @JoAnne65 Thanks :) I grant most wishes unless I don't want them going in a particular direction or when it seems totally out of character. An example of a ridiculous wish, for me, is when they roll a wish to sing karaoke with someone when they become friends. I don't know about you, but when I become friends with someone the last thing I would wish would be to sing with them :D
    The hair can be found HERE
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    Jason got Jaxon up and ready for his last morning as a toddler. I only decided later in the morning when Jaxon maxed his xylophone skills.
    The family enjoyed pancakes for breakfast :)
    Josh had a wish to attack Jaxon with the claw and to take him for a stroll :)
    Josie's waking wish was to preside over her royal court :)
    The boys get a lot of exotic eggs! :)
    Josh got his stroll :)
    Josie chatted with him when he got home :)
    When Jaxon maxed his xylophone skills, I let Jason take him for his final stroll :)
    I can't remember what the boys' waking wishes were but they got them and then were left to their own devices. I found them doing what they do best :p
    Someone got in Paul's way as he was heading to the cake so he didn't celebrate with the rest of the family.
    I made him stay close so he wouldn't wander off when it was time for cake.
    Oops ... paused too soon ;)
    He's a cutie! :)
    But cuter after new hair and clothes :)
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    The family ate cake outside while I was deciding how to set up the kitchen for an extra chair for Jaxon.
    Jaxon got Angler on his birthday and his first wish was to learn the fishing skill :)
    His first fish was a minnow :)
    Jason wanted to chat with Josie so I left them to it. When I checked on them they were hugging :)
    I found Josh exercising in front of the TV.
    Ian had a wish to meet someone new so I sent the boys to the park after the birthday. When I checked on them they were playing catch :)
    Back at home, I found Jason and Josie playing catch too :)
    Josie rolled a wish to play in the treehouse :)
    The teens got to know Jaxon when they returned from the park :)
    I saw Jason and Josh heading upstairs so I stayed with them until I established who had instigated it because Josh is family oriented and is not to be trusted ;)
    Josh was responsible but there were no chimes and I double checked with MC when they were done.
    After chatting with Jaxon, Josie wanted to become good friends with him so I had them play tag :)
    Jason summoned Jaxon's favourite, cheesesteak, for dinner :)
    I might have to put the table back on the deck to stop the boys from watching the house instead of the stars :D
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    @Mikezumi Congrats to Jaxon on maximizing his xylophone skill.
    Ian and Paul know how to spend their sparetime usefully :tongue: .
    Happy birthday, Jaxon! He's a great-looking child :).
    The kitchen table is getting crowded...
    Aww, cute picture of Jason and Josie hugging each other.
    Your sims love their ball games...
    No new pregnancies yet then ;)... But I suppose there will be in the future?
    Lovely family portraits. In the last one Jaxon looks like he's starting to get bored with posing though ;).
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    Exotic eggs..? I’ve never seen those!
    I’ve just recently started to follow your story, how exactly are Ian and Paul related to Josh?
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    @Mikezumi Nice pic of Jason getting Jaxon up in the morning. ...Cool that the guys are finding lots of exotic eggs. That always adds money to the family funds. ...Last strolls for Jaxon. Sniff. ...Congrats on Jaxon maxing the xylophone skill. ...Happy Birthday, Jaxon! Definitely a cutie. He even looked good before his hair and outfit changes. ...Angler is a good trait for him. ...I liked the screenshot of the teens visiting with newly aged-up Jaxon. ...LOL at not trusting Family Oriented Josh with instigating woohoo. It's probably a good thing that there were no chimes this time. Give the family a little more time without toddlers! ...Watching the house instead of stars. So typical of sims. Ha! ...Fun family photos.
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    @JoAnne65 The quality of eggs harvested from the chicken coop is random, ranging from putrid to exotic. If your sim finds a bad egg they will get the nauseous moodlet and their hygiene will take a hit. I am not sure what the exotic egg is meant to represent because I have raised chickens and never found any crystal eggs :D but they are good in that they can be sold for §1,500 and give the sim a positive moodlet. You can't keep them, though, because they go bad if kept. I am not sure how long it takes.
    Josh has no relationship to Ian and Paul. My original save was just meant to be with Ian and Paul so I could get them ready for a future save as YAs. I was thinking it was sad that when I start a new save my YA sims are unskilled because sims that are born in game are well skilled by the time they reach YA and I also enjoy playing the teen stage so it was just for something different. When I decided to try a genie it triggered my natural simming instinct to start a family so Josh was just added so Jason could have a family :D

    @lanlyn Thanks for the lovely comments :) I have some saves where my sims will only rarely find exotic eggs but this save has been very generous :) Jaxon surprised me by aging up with an almost acceptable look ;) Family Oriented sims will sneak in a try for baby whenever I let my guard down ;) Although my settings don't allow autonomous try for baby I have noticed that FO sims will try on occasion and I suspect it has something to do with my auto romance mod because it started at around the same time as I installed it.
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    Jaxon wanted to fish before 6am. I bet he's regretting that wish ;)
    It took over an hour to catch a goldfish! He was using perfect lettuce as bait and he's an angler so I have no idea why it took so long!
    I am thinking the house might need a separate dining room because there's lots of arm waving before everyone gets to their seats :#
    Paul's waking wish was to watch the Cooking Channel and Ian's was to buy a new recipe. I gave Ian the multitab to save him a trip to the bookstore.
    Both Josie and Jaxon woke with fishing wishes :)
    Jason and Josh also had fishing wishes. They got their wishes when the gardening was done :)
    They caught excellent salmon at the same time although they had very different reactions to their catch :D
    Neither was impressed with their next catch :D
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    After several fish wishes were fulfilled, I released the boys and Jason struck a pose :D
    Josh has eight athletic skill points but still has difficulty catching Jason's throws :D
    Ian and Paul did their homework before going to the Prom :)
    While I was watching the boys get in the limo I saw Jason heading to the chicken coop.
    That's one tough bird! :D
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    The kids got home late because of Scouts.
    Jason summoned Josh's favourite for dinner :)
    Josie came home with a wish to dress up :)
    Jaxon came home with a wish to set a booby trap :D
    The boys had leftover burgers when they got home. Burgers are their favourite as well :)
    I let Josie have some fun after making her defuse the whoopee cushion ;)
    Jason and Josh got it right this time :)
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    @Mikezumi It looks like Jaxon wasn't quite awake enough for fishing! ...The family is growing, eh? So they need more space for family meals? Sounds about right! My houses usually need expanding too. ...All the guys seem to like fishing. Most sims do, I think. ...That is one crazy chicken! I never checked the stats, but does Charles the Evil Chicken always win the fights? ...LOL at the booby trap and Josie's expressions. ...I love it when more than one family member likes the same meal. It makes it easy to please! ...Glad Josie was able to have fun with the violin to help forget the whoopee cushion embarrassment.
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    So they kind of adopted the boys, I like that idea. It’s a nice way to also keep developing them while you’re playing another household. Your pictures make me long for a fisherman again! And that’s Charles the evil chicken, him I know :D
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    @Mikezumi , Keeping up with the boys and kids, will leave feedback soon, dead tired. (Not sleeping again)
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    @lanlyn Thanks for the lovely comments :) I knew that the family would need a bigger house when Jason joined the household hence their first move when he was freed. When Josh joined the household there was no doubt in my mind that there would be kids but I loved their house so I extended it so I could make a bedroom for kids and an area for toys. I also put it on a larger lot so there would be room for playground toys :) What I didn't think of was how small the kitchen was. It was fairly tight when Josie aged up to child but now that Jaxon is also a child getting to meals is frustrating for all. Fortunately there is a study next door to the kitchen which is only used for painting so I think I will add an arch between the rooms and make it a dining room.
    Jason is my first sim to autonomously fight with Charles so I have no idea if he ever loses but I suspect he doesn't :D I don't even know why Jason fought with him as his traits wouldn't make him an obvious choice. Josh has argued with Charles a couple of times and he has sweet traits so I don't know what's different about this save.

    @JoAnne65 I kind of see it the other way around in that the boys adopted the grown ups ;) They do seem to see Jason as a father figure and both are constantly vying for his attention and rolling wishes to talk with or play catch with him :)
    All my sims fish! It's been something I have made my sims do since I first started playing. It is an excellent source of entertainment, food, fertilizer and excellent for LTH points. For example the wish to catch every type of fish is worth 7,500 LTH points :)

    @Charlottesmom Sorry you aren't sleeping :( You can always text me if you need to fill in those late night/early morning hours *hugs*
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