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    Thanks @JoAnne65 :) I have taken so many of those eyes between legs toddler pics because I think it's too adorable to pass up :)
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    The family enjoyed another home cooked breakfast :)
    Ian and Paul did the gardening.
    Josie continued working toward leveling up as did Josh :)
    Jason prepared more pancakes to replace what the family had eaten. He rolled another wish to level up which I am happy to oblige ;)
    Jaxon's waking wish was to practise MA :)
    I got Jay started on the fishing skill :)
    I had Pia sell the last painting she did and when the easel was empty she autonomously painted :)
    I finally remembered the special seed in Jason's inventory and had him plant it because I wanted to see what it was.
    It was a plasma fruit unfortunately. I don't remember the seed glowing when he collected it so I don't know what's up with that.
    Jaxon leveled up :)
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    Jaxon interrupted Pia's painting to share some gossip :)
    Paul and Ian danced. Not sure who asked who but it could have been Ian because Paul was heading inside to have a drink.
    Jaxon must have been checking out his new glasses ;) It's a mystery to me why the level 4 teen MA outfit comes with glasses :|
    It was Saturday and I had no idea what to do with the family so I had a look around in map view. I added picnic tables to one of the fishing spots and sent the family.
    I didn't have to direct anyone because sims will always autonomously fish at fishing holes :)
    Not sure if Pia is upset because she can't get to the fishing spot she wanted or because there's a fishing pole through her head :D
    Jason, Paul and Josie chose to fish away from the others.
    When I saw that Pia was not able to find herself a clear spot on the outcrop that Jay had chosen I had her join Josh.
    Ian joined Jaxon and Jay.
    The family fished for hours and many fish wishes were fulfilled :)
    When all the spawners had been fished dry, I stopped them from fishing and they must have had enough because they were happy to find other things to do.
    Jaxon, being an angler, decided he wasn't done with fishing :)
    Ian and Jay hadn't had enough either :)
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    I wanted to send the family elsewhere before dinner and found Jared, Lara, Cort and Jake at the park. Jake is Lara's brother. I was about to send the family to join them but they all scattered to other parts of town.
    The family only had a couple of hours until dinner so I sent them to the Art Gallery.
    Everyone squeezed into the clown car to go to the Diner :D
    They must have seating in the trunk :D
    They arrived at the Diner as the sun was going down.
    As they were pulling up at home I saw that Connor was about to make use of the family fishing pond :)
    Paul and Ian had a little late night dip :D
    I found Jaxon and Josie chatting inside :)
    Jason and Josh watched the stars from the front yard :)
    Jay played in the treehouse :)
    Paul and Ian watched the stars after their dip :)
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    Another nice family picture, I like your family pictures.
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    Thanks @wsteffi30 :) I like doing the family pics. It's a challenge as the family grows larger to get a good one but I am determined to do it with just what the game gives me. I know I could get some fancy family pics with pose player but that's not my style.
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    There were only pancakes in the fridge, so I had Jaxon summon Eggs Machiavellian for Sunday breakfast :)
    Jaxon rolled a wish to take a photo with a friend as he slept. I think it happened when he got hearts for a girl who had aged to teen the previous evening.
    Jaxon looked quite intimidating! :o ;)
    Jay's waking wish was to go for a joyride :)
    Pia's waking wish was to preside over her royal court :) "Go forth and multiply!" Fortunately Jason and Josh were not trying for baby this time :D
    Paul and Ian did the gardening. Ian maxed his gardening skill :)
    Jason autonomously trained on the MA dummy. He rolled a wish to level up which I locked in.
    I must have forgotten to have a sim harvest the eggs the previous day so the chicks hatched.
    I sent Jaxon over to spar with his dad to help him with his wish to level up. He also rolled a wish to level up.
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    When the paper arrived Jay rolled a wish to read the baking report.
    It triggered a wish to bake something :)
    He didn't burn his first attempt :)
    Paul was on his way to the bedroom when Jay interrupted to tell him a story.
    I sent the family to the bowling alley :)
    Ian met Pedro Herrerra :)
    I was following Jason and Josh upstairs and found Josie playing pool and Jay playing an arcade game.
    I know what you've been up to boys! ;)
    The family also did a lot of bowling :)
    I didn't watch them the whole time so I don't know if anyone else fell but at least I saw Ian when he did :D
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    Jaxon and Jason were heading upstairs at the same time but for different reasons. Jaxon was going to an arcade game and Jason was meeting up with Josh who was already on his way to the photobooth :D
    Josie tried her hand at a pool trick :D
    Ian and Paul surprised me by not going for photobooth woohoo while at the bowling alley. They had been flirting before I found them dancing but didn't take it further.
    I sent the family to the Bistro for dinner :)
    When I was lining up a pic of Jason and Josh I saw that Jay was playing on a spring rider :)
    Ian and Paul watched the stars after a quick dip in the pool :)
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    The family enjoyed another home cooked meal :)
    Jaxon's waking wish was to find a seed. He found a special seed which turned out to be a life fruit plant.
    Ian, Paul and Josh did the gardening.
    Father and son cooking together :) Jason was preparing pancakes to replace what the family had eaten and Jay's waking wish was to bake something.
    Josie wants to master painting and Pia had a wish to level up in painting.
    Jason, Ian and Paul all woke with a wish to catch a great fish.
    Josh had a wish to make a crazy drink :)
    After Jason got his fish wish I let him go and he practised dunking.
    While fishing, Ian rolled a wish to catch a bug.
    Paul interrupted Jason's dunking for a chat.
    I'd heard woohoo earlier but when I got to the boys they were already heading off to do other things. I thought the boys looked cute - Jason with his eyes crossed and Josh with a sweet smile :D
    Paul worked on a painting he had started the day before.
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    Ian danced while Paul painted :)
    Josh must have thought it was a great idea because he interrupted Jason's TV viewing to dance :)
    Jason's giving Ian the stink eye for giving Josh ideas ;)
    Ian and Paul rolled wishes to skinny dip :)
    The teens did their homework together.
    The kids did the same when they got home from school.
    Jaxon came home with a wish to jog. When he got home he autonomously mopped up the woohoo puddle left by Ian and Paul :D
    Jason and Josh were late to dinner ;)
    Paul rolled a wish to play a game with Pia :)
    Josh rolled the same for Jay :)
    This boy loves mirrors! :D
    Josh has a wish to be worth §1 M so it was appropriate that he and Jason watched the money trees ;)
    Ian and Paul watched the stars :)
    Ian had to make a mad dash to the bathroom before going to bed :p
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    Another pancake breakfast for the family. Jason has a wish to level up in cooking locked in. I believe he is now at level 8. It won't be long before he will be able to prepare French Toast! :)
    Jason's waking wish was to weed so I had him help Paul with the gardening.
    Jaxon rolled a wish to take a photo with a friend when he got hearts for girl who had aged up to teen during the night.
    Jay's waking wish was to chat with Josh which he got over breakfast. He played on the spring rider until the bus came :)
    Ian's waking wish was for a massage so I had Paul take care of it :)
    Josh's waking wish was to find a seed. He found a special seed which he hasn't planted yet.
    Josh worked on his mixology skill and Jason chose to work out in front of the TV.
    The teens had a field trip to the Science Facility. Clifford was chaperone :)
    I'm sure Jaxon was happy that Lara went too :)
    Paul and Ian were about to woohoo when Ian stopped mid-stride. I thought he was stuck for a moment but he was getting his notice :D
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    Paul had given up waiting for woohoo and wandered off to the bar. I had Ian go out to announce the pregnancy :)
    Josh and Jason photobombed on their way to woohoo :D
    Jason was the victim of Jaxon's booby trap :D
    Not sure why the beard didn't turn blue when the rest of his body hair did!
    I think Jason blames me ;)
    Ian had a craving for grilled cheese. The teens did their homework when they got home from the field trip.
    Jason and Josh both have wishes to level up in MA so I had them spar.
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    The family gathered for Josh's birthday. Paul was there too but he's off screen.
    Josh was happy to get his old hair back :D
    Jason got a text that Gwendolyn's party was about to begin.
    Josie and Pia stayed home but I sent all the boys because they had rolled wishes to attend.
    Morty was also there. He aged up the night before as did Beatris.
    When I saw that Gwendolyn had burned the mac and cheese I had Jaxon summon a cheese plate.
    I wasn't surprised to find that Paul and Ian were making use of the host's bed :D
    Mikezumi came too :)
    Gwendolyn's son, Cristopher, is now a teen :)
    She now has another son, Gordon :)
    The girls painted while the rest of the family partied.
    It must not have been Gwendolyn's day. First the burned meal, then the sink :D
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    @Mikezumi Lol @ go forth and multiply. Pia's kingdom looks filled with love ;). She's got a lovely skirt by the way.
    Congratulations to Ian for maxing the gardening skill.
    I know the chicks hatched by accident but they are so cute that I like seeing that kind of accidents :D.
    Jay looks very serious reading the baking report - a proper young business man!
    Pedro Herrerra is not bad-looking at all ;).
    They are always so shocked about the photobooth pics - no matter how many times they see them :D.
    Nice bowling pictures!
    Josie's pool trick didn't seem to go too well...
    Looks like Pia's painting will be something cute - I'm not sure yet what the white thing is that the little girl is lying on.
    The little pond is so crowded that the fish would have to be very smart to avoid all three hooks ;).
    Interesting basketball face ;).
    Not sure what's going on in that Alice in Wonderland painting...
    Lol @ Jason's stink eye.
    Poor Jaxon - having to clean up the adults' mess :# .
    The mirror loves the boy too - he looks great in it!
    Not sure if money grows faster in the trees when you stare at it but it could be ;).
    Congratulations - looks like there's a baby on the way :).
    Josie is giving Pia a very strict look at the breakfast table - I wonder what the poor little girl did or said.
    The massage lip looks awkward :# .
    Paul looks a bit terrified by the pregnancy news ;).
    Jason must be using some thick wax on his beard... I bet he wishes he had put the same wax on all hair.
    Happy birthday Josh! He still looks great :).
    Morty <3.
    I hope Gwendolyn appreciated the genie help with party food :). I know I would!
    Nice to see Mikezumi participating.
    Poor Gwendolyn ;).
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    @meerkattime Wow! Now that is a lot of comments! Very much appreciated - thank you :) Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Yesterday was too hellishly hot so I didn't spend any time on the computer. Fortunately it will be much better today.
    I agree that Pedro is cute, which is why I stole him from Aurora Skies :) Of course he was given the Mikezumi treatment before he could join my town first :D
    I could be wrong but I thought the white thing in Pia's painting was a whale.
    Thanks again for the wonderful comments :)
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    Ian was craving spaghetti and ice cream so the family had spaghetti for breakfast.
    Ian got his ice cream after the dishes were cleared away.
    Jay's waking wish was to catch a bug :)
    Josh and Paul did the gardening.
    Pia didn't have a waking wish but she rolled a wish to play a game with Jaxon over breakfast :)
    Josie brought out her violin after collecting the eggs :)
    Jason didn't have a waking wish but he has a wish to reach level 8 in MA locked in so I got him started on breaking oak boards towards the Timber Terminator Challenge.
    Ian and Jay shared a joke when Jay got back from bug catching :)
    Ian's waking wish was for a massage and he also rolled a wish to spend §400 at the Day Spa so I sent him for a massage.
    Paul had a wish to read a pregnancy book. He looked so lovely as he was about to sit down that I had to take a pic :)
    As I was lining up the pic of Paul reading, I noticed that Josh was relaxing in the hot tub :D
    I had Jason join him after he got a wish to break 10 more boards :)
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    The children had a field trip to the Science Facility. Under-dressed Shark Racket was chaperone :D
    Shark's daughter, Audrey, also went :)
    I went into map view to see where I could send Josh and Jason as a treat and found Don, Connor and Morty at the Gym.
    Josh wanted to give Don a friendly introduction. He stood there for ages before I realized that Don wouldn't stop until Connor did so I initiated an interaction between Josh and Connor first. Jason started working out as soon as they arrived.
    Connor must have been relieved about being released from Don's training and wandered off with his laptop :D
    Josh chatted with Don until they were friends :)
    I found Ian dancing when I checked back at the house :) Paul was having a drink and about to go to the hot tub for a skinny dip but I stopped him so he could finish off reading the pregnancy book.
    When I checked back at the gym, Don was gone and Josh was working out.
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    Jaxon got home first because he had no after school class.
    I invited Lara and Cort over and Jaxon wasted no time in getting romantic with Lara :)
    Jay came home with a wish to chat with Josh and another to hang out with him :)
    Ian was craving cheesesteak so I had him prepare it since he knows the recipe.
    I couldn't keep tabs on what everyone was up to but I did notice that Josie and Cort had found her parents' bed :D
    Although I placed another table, Lara and Cort were doing their homework when the meal was served so some of the meals were served outside.
    I saw Paul and Ian flirting after dinner but instead of woohooing, they danced :D
    Lara and Jaxon watched the house :D
    Cort and Josie joined them a few minutes later :D
    Jaxon reached level 5 in MA and rolled a wish to meditate :)
    Jason and Josh had been watching the stars but when I checked on them they had just finished woohooing :D
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    edited January 27
    @Mikezumi Forgive any typos. I had to type fast because of being so far behind with feedback! :D Always enjoy your updates though.

    Page 13
    Love the robot fish that Jaxon caught. ...Gwendolyn is a pretty sim. I like her hair. ...LOL at all the public skinny dipping. ...Looks like a good party at Mortimer Frio's place. Fun seeing Mikezumi and Don Lothario there. Josie loves her violin! ...Josie looks cute doing her genie stance. ...It is sad to see a child ghost in the cemetery. ...LOL at Stein going shirtless as a field trip chaperone! ...Happy Birthday, Jaxon. ...Really nice family photos. Wonder what they were looking at off to the side? Finally got them all looking forward! ...Love the night pics of fishing with the lighthouse in the background. ...Jaxon and Lara look good together. She's a cutie. ...And now Josie and Cort are engaged! ...A house full of love and romance! ...Gwendolyn's son Cristopher looks as gorgeous as she is. ...I love how genies can quickly clean townies. ...Welcome to the world, Pia! Fun name. She makes a cute toddler. ...Looks like you had better luck this time getting folks to grin at the camera. LOL

    Page 14
    Pia looks so sweet in her page-boy hairstyle. ...Great screenshots of Jaxon setting a trap in the shower. ...I still think Jason is the most handsome in this household! ...Strange about Josh and Jason getting upset about Josie and Jaxon becoming BFFs. ...Happy Birthday, Pia! Lovely little girl. ...Josie's latest painting of the mermaids was very pretty. ...Loved Josh's look in the last family photo in the middle of page 14, before Jay's birth. ...Congrats on Baby Jay! LOL on that first hairstyle! Your choice is much better. ...Cute shot of Jay playing with the sheep toy. ...The family is growing! ...Nice shot of Jaxon tossing his little brother Jay in the air. ...I liked the screenshots of Jay learning to walk in the park. Looking through his legs as he stands back up! ...That teddy bear is bigger than Jay is! ...Pretty pics of star watching. ...Congrats to the kids for being crowned King and Queen of the Prom. ...LOL at those basketball pics of Jaxon! ...Happy Birthday, Jay. ...Looks like everyone had a good time at the bowling alley. ...Two young lab scientists! Cute.

    Page 15 to here.
    No toddlers in the family photos at this time! Wonder how long that will last? ...The family all seem to like martial arts, art, and music. Very nice. ...LOL at the fishing pole going through Pia's head! ...Great fishing pics. Love the scenery. ...Cool shot of Jay in the tree house. ...I think it's great that Jaxon and Josie are such good friends. ...Very active household! Joy rides and holding court, taking selfies, dancing, gardening, simfu practice, and kissing! ...Loved the shot of Jaxon with the baby chicks. ...Your kids take the baking report very seriously! ...Fun times at the bowling arcade again. Nice place for family fun. Great pics of Josie doing pool tricks! ...Josh looks very pleased with the crazy drink he made. ...Jason with his tongue sticking out while doing a basketball dunk shot! Ha. ...Now Ian is pregnant! ...Jason triggered Jaxon's shower booby trap! Hilarious screenshots. ...Great sparring pics of Jason and Josh. ...Happy Birthday, Josh. Still looking good! ...A summoned cheese plate sure beats burned mac and cheese! And then the sink broke! Bad day for Gwendolyn! ...I liked that closeup pic of Paul. Those blue eyes! ...Good heavens! Another shirtless chaperone! this time Shark Racket. ...Fun seeing Don, Morty, and Connor at the gym.
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    @lanlyn Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and the huge effort you put into catching up <3
    I am enjoying this family very much even though it is getting quite hectic with so many sims in the household, all with wishes that I feel compelled to fulfill :D My sims end up with so many LTH points that they will never be able to use so I don't know why I put myself through that :D

    I wish I knew what sims look at when they all look in the same direction when I am lining them up for a family photo! It's not like there's another sim or anything of interest to look at.

    It won't be long before there is another toddler in the family photo. I have actually played through the birth but haven't put together updates yet because I have just come out of another heatwave and not spent as much time on the computer as I usually do.

    Thanks again for reading and commenting :)
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    Jaxon wanted to fish before 6am but was not very happy about being woken up :D
    Fortunately his mood improved ;)
    Ian was craving cheesesteak :)
    Although I don't like sending my sims gardening when they are so close to giving birth, Ian's waking wish was to weed so I let him do enough to get his wish.
    Jay collected the eggs and got a rotten one. I removed the nauseous moodlet before he left for school. Can't have my kids going to school sick! ;)
    Jaxon's waking wish was to watch the Cooking Channel. I had Josie join him because she will be aging up soon and could do with more cooking skill since I will probably be removing the genie trait when she ages up because genies live too long and I don't need her going through several husbands once she leaves the home. Jaxon leveled up before the school bus came :)
    Jay played on the spring rider after collecting the eggs :)
    Pia rolled a wish to play catch with Josh over breakfast :)
    I saw Ian heading to the hot tub with a drink and decided to let him go because I knew the baby was due soon and wanted him to have a little fun.
    He changed his mind before he got off the deck and came back inside to flirt with Paul but didn't make it :D
    I had Ian move to the other side of the room so he wouldn't block the fridge.
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    I missed the wink :( but welcome Pan :)
    Paul got his pre-age-up snuggle :)
    Pan is mostly Ian but has Paul's face shape.
    I used the Consort Hair Colour Mod to give him a blend of his fathers' hair colours but changed my mind later and gave him Ian's hair colour.
    Ian took Pan for his first stroll :)
    Paul and Josh danced while they were out :D
    When they got back from their stroll, Ian put Pan on a spring rider :)
    He got off without a fuss :)
    Josie got home first because she had no after school class.
    Pan got started on his xylophone skill :D
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