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Mikezumi's Odds and Sods


  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,230 Member
    @Mikezumi Great star watching pics. ...And I loved Jason's flying belly flop dive! ...LOL at going to the cemetery to meet someone new. Newly departed? Ha! ...Josh is progressing quickly in mixology. He looks very pleased with himself now. ...Why did you turn off autonomous basketball challenges? Do they get mad at each other or do they just challenge each other too often? ...Love those will-o-wisps. You found another pink one! Aren't they the rare ones?

    ...Good planning on the kids catching bait fish for the adults' death fish wishes. ...Congrats on the gardening service awards! ...Cute pic of Morty and his daughter Sheena. ...Nice sparring screenshots too. ...Interesting about Jason preparing meals faster. I'll have to see if my genies do that. Although I rarely have them fix meals the old fashioned way. ...I like the shy kiss too.

    ...Lots of folks at the party. Poor Connor though. Awkward! ...LOL at the boys fishing in their undie sleepware. ...Love the scenery around the chicken coop and pond. ...Happy Birthday to Paul and Ian! So handsome. ...Paul ordering a round of drinks to celebrate his birthday. Fun! ...Wow, that guitar is almost as big as Josie! ...I like your version of Don Lothario. ...Great pics of Jaxon bowling.

    ...Ouch! That pool trick sure backfired on Jason. ...I wonder why the kids think money grows on trees! Haha! ...Another party at the Svard home? LOL ...I like Josie's yellow dress pattern. ...Congrats on Ian's and Paul's graduations. I think both of their "most likely" predictions will come true!

    ...I enjoyed the wedding screenshots ...Good attendance. Too bad Jared had to leave. At least he made an appearance. ...The Svards seem to have become good friends of the family's . ...Really nice ceremony with everyone seated, not wandering off. ...Another Party Animal! Paul. ...Fun shots of everyone socializing at the reception. ...Loved that screenshot of Jason with a drink in hand, the lighthouse in the background.

    ...Josie is a virtuoso, right? She's learning lots of instruments. ...That painting will look great in a child's room. ...Fun hot tub pics. ...Another flying belly flop dive. This time, Josh! ...Loved all the family photos. ...Sorry to hear that Josie and Jaxon won't be around, but I understand what your goal is. Big households can be a pain to deal with too. ...Wow! A robot fish! I don't see them very often. ...Happy Birthday, Josie! Lovely young lady. ...And nice updated photo with teen Josie. Jaxon's birthday will come soon. ...Enjoyed all the family activity pics too.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    @lanlyn It was my Jason Momoa sim that I turned into a genie :) I didn't really know that I would use him when I made him but when I decided to try a genie for the first time I knew he would be perfect. It would seem I enjoy playing him way more than I thought I would :)
    Thanks for the lovely comments :) What a huge catch up! Thank you :)
    Josie is a virtuoso. It's one of my favourite traits :)
    Although Josie and Jaxon will be leaving the household when they grow up and get married, they will still be in town so I can keep tabs on them :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Josie got in Jason's way when they were coming to the breakfast table. I must have a real problem with female sims because when she (or any female sim) gets in someone's way I scream "get out of the way you silly girl!" but when one of the boys gets in another's way I say "oops" or "never mind" :D Mind you, Jason looks as unimpressed as I felt ;)
    He can't have felt too bad, though, because he wanted to play catch with her ;)
    Although all the money trees were ready for harvesting, the boys didn't get another promotion. This means they must be getting pretty high if it takes more than a few thousand simoleons for a promotion.
    Jaxon had a wish to catch a 500Kg fish locked in.
    Maybe Jason was annoyed with Josie after all :p
    Jaxon caught his first robot fish (a level 9 fish) just before he reached level 9 in fishing :)
    Paul and Ian had wishes to level up in Athletics. Both got their wish and are now level 8 :)
    Jason had a wish to take a photo with a friend :)
    Paul looked pleased with himself on leveling up :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Ian had a wish to meet someone new so I looked around the map and found Gwendolyn was the only sim out and about. I knew instantly that she was on maternity leave because I would not have dressed her like this!
    I sent the other boys as well :)
    All my boys are totally shameless and spent most of their time skinny dipping in each of the pools :D
    Josh rolled a wish to give Gwendolyn a friendly introduction and as soon as he got his wish Jason rushed in for a kiss :D
    Paul's waking wish was to have a baby with Ian :) Immediately after I heard chimes, Ian rolled a wish to have his first baby :)
    Josie did her homework when she got home from school. It almost looked like she smiled which I would never have done during homework ;)
    Ian and Paul were enjoying romantic drinks when Jaxon got home from school :)
    Jaxon and Josie played a game of catch :)
    Jaxon came home from school with a wish to get attention from dad but they were busy ;)
    Jason summoned Jaxon's favourite for dinner :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    The family attended a party hosted by Mortimer Frio. This is Cort, now a teen. He is the son of Morty and Connor and was a child when I played the family recently :)
    It was a swimwear party and they do have a hot tub :D
    Jared and Alec (I think I called him Alex in previous updates) had another son, Jake :)
    I wanted Josie to see if she found Cort attractive but he wouldn't stop playing chess :#
    Jason had been chatting with Alec when Jared swooped in for woohoo :D
    Alec is chatting with Cait from one of my previous saves :)
    Mikezumi and Don Lothario were also there :)
    Sheena, Morty and Connor's youngest, is now a child :)
    I wasn't surprised that Jason and Josh found the hot tub :D
    Ian and Paul found Jared and Alec's bed :D
    Josie must have pulled out her violin when she couldn't get Cort's attention :D
    The party was really hopping :)
    The boys did some star gazing before going home :)
    Jake must have wanted attention from his dads :)
    Sheena asked Josie for a bedtime story :)
    Paul rushed to the bathroom just before I closed my save :)
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,511 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    Alec is chatting with Cait from one of my previous saves :)

    Yesterday I was reading your "I love genetics!" thread and I think Cait is gorgeous. Jordan and Cliff's granddaughter, right? Beautiful sim (actually I think all of Jordan's descendants are :love: - sad that the Jordan & John legacy had to end as I loved it)

    Also I cannot wait to see Ian and Paul's kid :smiley:

    |Origin ID: afai1261|
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Thank you @afai1261 :) Yes, Cait was indeed the granddaughter of Jordan and Cliff :) I agree that she is pretty which is why I chose her as a town filler :) She's one of my rare feminine beauties. I mean, a lot of the girls are lovely but not particularly feminine because they often have quite strong faces.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    edited January 2019
    @meerkattime Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    Josh and Jason have both rolled wishes for more children but Paul and Ian take precedence since they already had two. I might end up relenting :D
    Gwendolyn is Goodwin Goode as a female! Bet you would never have guessed that! :D I never have enough females when seeding towns so some of the males in my bin have to have gender switches at the start of new saves :p
    I just came out of game and you will see that Josie didn't need to learn chess to get Cort's attention ;)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,736 Member
    It’s always so special when you bump into sims you played before. And weeee, another pregnancy, really curious what genetics will do!
    I must have a real problem with female sims because when she (or any female sim) gets in someone's way I scream "get out of the way you silly girl!" but when one of the boys gets in another's way I say "oops" or "never mind"
    :D:D It’s just true. Girls forgive boys, boys forgive girls.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Paul was craving spaghetti so I had Jaxon summon some for breakfast :) Once again, Jason and Josie got in each other's way on the way to their seats. This time I held my temper in check ;) I think it was because Jaxon served the meal again and it throws out the normal seating arrangement and the distance between the new seats and their bedrooms mean they cross paths. (Or it could be that my theory that female sims are pains in the butt has some truth to it ;) ).
    Jaxon's waking wish was to catch a bug. The beach below their property had an active spawner :)
    Josh's waking wish was to weed. I like practical wishes :D
    Josie wanted to meet someone new so it was off to the cemetery for her! :D My population is quite small and sims are always busy at this time of morning so I am glad I didn't TA the SV ghosts, although I probably will as the population grows.
    It really is sad that there is a child ghost at the cemetery :(
    Paul's waking wish was for a massage. After Ian took care of that, the boys joined Josh in the garden. I didn't take a pic but Jason was playing catch with Jaxon when he returned from his bug hunt.
    The massage must not have been enough because Paul rolled a wish to visit the day spa :D
    Josh and Jason flirted a little after the kids went to school but soon went their own way. Josh grabbed a drink from the bar and headed for the hot tub and Jason chose to practise MA.
    Ian had a wish to catch 5 different types of fish locked in so I sent him fishing while Paul was at the Spa.
    Ouch! :D
    Jaxon had a field trip to the Police Station. Stein Svard was chaperone. I couldn't help but worry that he might have forgotten his clothes when I saw him like this :D
    Fortunately he was in his athletic outfit ;) It actually makes sense because I know my teens often get an athletic skill point on field trips to the Police Station.
    I like my boys to be well matched so I got Josh out of the hot tub to work on his MA skills as well :)
    Paul joined Ian at fishing when he got home from the Spa but it didn't last long :)
    Of course he got the lame thumbs up :#
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Josie came home from school with a wish to kiss Cort for the first time - not surprising given he is the only teen male in town :D
    I invited Cort over while Josie did her homework :)
    I had her use the flirtatious greet because I felt hand shaking is not something teens would normally do but I didn't quite expect such an intimate move :D
    Oh well, it was done and it served its purpose :D
    I heard foot stomping and yelling from inside the house and found this! No, Josh and Ian were not about to woohoo! My sims are incapable of cheating because of my mod settings :) Both couples went for the bed at the same time! :D
    Paul came out to check out the new object (birthday cake) while Jaxon did his last homework as a child :)
    Jaxon came out to fish just as Josie and Cort were having their first kiss! :D
    Because Josie had used the flirtatious greet I forgot that she needed to invite Cort in. She was doing that as the rest of the family gathered around the cake.
    Cort joined the celebration as soon as he came in :)
    Because I had interrupted Josie to let Cort in, she just waited while Jaxon aged up.
    Nope! :#
    Much better :)
    He's a handsome one! Although he is very much like Josie, he is not quite the same blend. I thought he might be until I did a gender swap in CAS to check but their face shapes are different.
    He seemed excited at the prospect of eating cake ;)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Paul and Ian briefly attended Mortimer Frio's party :)
    Ian tried to talk to Morty but he was more interested in video games :D
    Back at home the couples watched the stars :)
    Jaxon went straight to the fishing pond. He was using his piranha as bait in the wrong part of the pond so I had him move.
    Back at the party, Ian asked Paul to watch the stars :)
    Ian loves to party! :D
    So much for young love!
    Jason introduced himself to his daughter's new boyfriend :) Josh also introduced himself but I must not have taken a pic :|
    Mikezumi joined Jaxon at fishing :)
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,736 Member
    That poor drowned kid at the cemetry... Too bad Ambrosia is the only meal a genie can’t summon.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    @JoAnne65 I saw that genies can't summon Ambrosia but I probably wouldn't have used it on a townie ghost anyway. With all the anglers in my household and with Paul and Ian getting quite high in cooking now I imagine it won't be too long before wishes to make Ambrosia are rolled.
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,736 Member
    Jaxon sure looks good!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Jaxon rolled a wish to fish before 6am :)
    I was a little disappointed that he only caught several red herring with the piranha bait I gave him from Paul's inventory. I was hoping he would finally get his wish to catch a 500Kg fish out of the way.
    The family enjoyed pancakes cooked by Jason :) Ian rolled a wish later that day to increase his cooking skill so there will be more home cooked meals in the future :)
    I let Jason have the wish to teach Jaxon how to drive since Josh taught Josie.
    Paul had to take a cab to go to the Day Spa for his massage. The family can afford several cars but I don't have anywhere to put them.
    Josh and Ian did the gardening and Ian and Paul got another promotion :)
    Josie had a wish to level up in painting locked in.
    Just after I got a popup that Jaxon had reached level 2 in driving I found them on the side of the road :|
    Josh continued his quest to create a new drink. He actually got it this time :)
    When I got the popup that Jaxon had got his licence I found them like this. Jason looked excited that it was over and Jaxon looked embarrassed :D
    "Quit it, dad!" :D
    Paul and Ian got their wishes to read pregnancy books when Paul got back from the spa.
    Jaxon's waking wish was to visit the local pool. I sent him with Josie.
    Jason had a well earned drink when he got home from teaching Jaxon how to drive ;) Paul finished his book and rolled a wish to eat cookies. Fortunately there were cookies in the fridge that Jason had cooked previously :)
    Ian rolled a wish to catch a bug :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    I had the grownups join the teens at the pool.
    Jaxon and Josie were happily playing in the water when the grownups arrived :)
    I don't know why but the grownups actually kept their clothes on this time :D
    Baby bump! :)
    I saw there were lots of sims at the Frio house so I sent the family for a visit. I wanted Jaxon to meet Lara :)
    I wasn't sure if their traits would be compatible but he rated her 10/10 :)
    Because I was getting Jaxon and Lara set up, I missed the proposal but Josie and Cort are now engaged. I guess I will find out when they get married who popped the question :D
    Not surprisingly, Josh found the hot tub :)
    Jason was making a new friend :)
    These two were heading to a bedroom :D
    Jaxon and Lara were getting on famously :) She didn't seem to find this goofy face off-putting ;)
    I saw Jaxon had a wish to kiss Lara so I stepped in and gave them their first kiss :)
    I nearly missed this! At least I could see it wasn't my Josie who had instigated it ;)
    Jaxon must have been taking a break from flirting and was downstairs chatting with Alec :)
    Jason joined Josh in the hot tub. They were totally oblivious to what was happening in the bedroom behind them :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    I had Jaxon summon two group servings and call the family to meal.
    I found Jaxon and Lara watching the stars by the side of the house :)
    Lara is cute! That is definitely Jared's mouth but the eyes and nose are from Alec :)
    The grownups were watching the stars on the upper deck. I didn't know that Connor was into painting!
    Josie and Cort watched the stars from the lower deck. Alec and Jake were playing tag :)
    Jason received a text that Gwendolyn's party was about to start. I left the teens to finish what they were doing and sent the grownups.
    Gwendolyn had a son the day before. His name is Cristopher.
    LOL Those Frio kids are bad! Lara instigated this but I guess my kids are guilty too because they didn't say no ;)
    Quit looking at your cousin through the window, Cort! :D
    Gwendolyn came outside to complain about something. When I looked inside I saw there were dirty dishes so she was probably complaining about them. I had Jason magically clean the house :)
    Josh picked up Cristopher and I saw "tickle" in his queue but Gwendolyn also appeared in his queue and the action was cancelled.
    I had Jaxon and Josie join the others. Jaxon was asking Mikezumi if she was single! :D
    When Josie arrived I had her magically clean Cristopher because he had soiled himself and then feed him.
    Not surprised by this at all! :D
    Jason and Josh watched the stars while Mikezumi watched them :D
    Josie made a new friend. Beitris is from a previous save. I sent the family home to bed shortly after. What a long and chaotic day! :D
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    I had Jason summon Eggs Machiavellian in the hope Ian would roll a wish to prepare some. He already has a wish to level up in cooking locked in but I like getting more than wish in one go :D
    Jaxon looked as happy as Josie when I had him get started on the cooking skill :D
    Paul and Jason woke with a wish to catch a great fish :)
    Ian and Josh got stuck with the gardening ;)
    Jaxon's waffles were perfect :)
    Josie had a wish to level up in painting locked in. She didn't get it with this painting but she did with the next. She sold this one for §378 :)
    Jason and Josh had been in the bathroom when they realized they didn't have room to flirt so came out to finish the interaction. Jason seems to have taken one or two steps too many :D
    When I saw Ian and Paul dancing, I knew it wouldn't be long before the baby came :D
    I was right! :D
    Paul must have been amused at Ian's reaction ;)
    I don't know if it's just me that can see the smug look on Josh's face. While I was concentrating on the baby dance I heard baby chimes! :#
    Jaxon missed the labor because he was doing what he does best :D He mastered fishing with this black goldfish :)
    Because Josh came out after the baby arrival popup had come he didn't react and went straight to the bar for a drink :D
    Welcome Pia :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    Ian got his pre-age-up snuggle :)
    I sent him to the bar to keep him out of the way when Pia was aging up, but he came over anyway :D
    She won't be the prettiest girl but she's not a clone :)
    She is mostly Ian but has Paul's nose :)
    Jaxon rolled a wish to learn the guitar skill. I had bought the guitar earlier when one of the boys wanted to spend money. Jason and Josh were left to their own devices and I had Paul play with Pia before putting her on the spring rider, a wish he rolled when she aged up :)
    She didn't want to get off :D
    Jaxon was getting into his music :) I was surprised when he rolled the wish to learn because he is an athletic angler.
    Paul chose an awkward spot to teach Pia how to talk :#
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 47,791 Member
    edited January 2019
    Ian also had some Pia wishes so I let him have them including one to put her on the spring rider. I forgot to take pics :(
    The family enjoyed spaghetti which Ian cooked while Paul was in labor :)
    Ian got started on the potty training :)
    The bathrooms in this house are very squeezy!
    Jaxon autonomously trained on the MA training dummy :)
    Ian and Paul had a well earned break :) Josie took care of Pia's needs and settled her for the night :)
    Josie got her wish to level up while painting this :)
    Jaxon got his first belt :) He got his second before he went to bed :)
    Serves you right, Josh! :D
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